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May 2021 Divine Forecast

May 1, 2021

May 2021 Divine Forecast


This months painting began with a peaceful hike in the woods, where I came across a fallen Birch tree. The Birch tree is highly revered by many for the numerous healing properties.

I immediately felt compelled to harvest some bark to work with. As my husband and I worked to persevere each piece we took, we blessed the tree thanking her for all she has offered and will continue to offer our world.

As I lay the bark out to dry, my Angels brought my sight to the beautiful knot in the center of the bark that I was to paint on, and impressed the wisdom and depth in which we can lean in and learn from all of nature.

This paintings name is Angelic Embrace.

The first thing to appear was her wings spreading wide with love and embracing energy. The message that came from Angelic Embrace is our inner wisdom is our greatest asset. With care and gentleness this month we can open and bless each area of our life. Notice the eye inside the heart. This speaks of our inner wisdom, and how we see the world from a perspective of our internal energy. The word Grace is to her right side. This signifies our Divine feminine energy and reminding us to lean inward to soften our thoughts and beliefs and trust our soul journey. The crystal on her left are our Divine masculine. The sparkles remind us to again lean inwards to connect with wisdoms and knowings that are love based rather than being overly logical or fearful.

The first week in May will be filled with new insights brought forward with last weeks full moon. The Angels are impressing to hold these insights closely, nurture each one with care. Pray, write about them in your journal and meditate on them. Keep them close to your heart with great care.

As the second week comes in the Angels are showing your energy will be increasing with freshness and vitality. Each day will feel brighter and clearer with the insights you’ve been Divinely gifted.

During week three, expect the world wind of Covid to show up in new ways. Don’t panic rather Ffnd ways to still your energy in nature. Run, walk, hike.. do whatever you must to get fresh air in you body this week. All will be revealed and healed my loves.

Winding the month down in week 4 the rise of abundant energy will be yours. Stay the course of your spiritual practice. Thought the outside world will not make sense, your inner guidance will magnify truth, love and purity.

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