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What do the signs and messages mean?

February 12, 2022

Once you’ve set your energy to align with God, you are now ready to receive Divine signs and messages. 
Next, you want to prepare to receive your sign or message by placing the call to Heaven.

You can do so with a prayer asking God to assist you with something in your life. Such as asking to receive a message or sign from a departed loved one. The key is to be specific in what you would like to receive.

For example: “Hi God, my heart is lonely and I am really missing my grandfather. Can you please ask him to send me a verbal message letting me know he’s still around me? Thank you, I really appreciate this!”
Key points to do:
Speak to God just as you are. Don’t be overly formal, be respectful, kind and be YOU. 
Tell God what’s bothering you, don’t hold back, let it all out! (he already knows).
Ask for what you want.
Don’t skirt around or leave it up to chance. Thank Him. 

“But, Jeanne, I think I am already noticing signs and I want to know what they mean?”

Stay with me here!

I know you are already receiving signs, the biggest problem I see for people is that they are not asking for answers from the right source, God.
They are leaving their energy open to receive from the universe or nowhere in particular.
So yes, unless you are aligned with God first, signs will come but they will be low vibe ones, with scattery energy.

Basic rules of manifestation are that we receive the energy in which we currently are. Therefore, if you are in the energy of trying, worrying, doubting or questioning then you will receive signs that match that energy. 
The good news is, that when we are in union with God and His light has filled our heart, mind and being, we then attract His loving and gentle guidance through signs and messages. 

With God your signs will be on point and direct. You won’t question, doubt or wonder if “it” was meant for you, you will know and trust it is because you believe in the power of His grace!

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