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5 Steps for discerning energy like a PRO!

February 20, 2022

Have you ever received a sign from Heaven only to find yourself doubting or second guessing it?
This happens more often than not. 
I’ve got great news! Today I am going to teach you how you can discern energy and your signs like a PRO!
Let’s start with energy.
You may be wondering, why start here? Well, it’s because this is a fundamental step we can’t skip over. We are made of energy, and everything around us is also made of energy. When we speak about connecting to Heaven, what we are actually doing is aligning with Divine energy.
In order for us to receive our signs, messages and guidance from Heaven our senses and chakras must be attuned to a heightened frequency.
When we are in doubt like we spoke of earlier, we know that our internal energy isn’t lined up in a balanced state. Therefore the energy we receive confuses us and we easily dismiss it.
And, for those who are highly sensitive to energy, well, they’re dialed wide open and receiving energy on double time which is why they feel exhausted and drained.
I could write an entire book just on the Messy Empath & Sensitive SouI, but for now I will promise to share more about this important subject in another email….
Now let’s talk about why and how you can discern the energy that you are receiving. It’s important to discern the difference between the low and high energy frequencies that we connect with everyday. I’m going to keep this as simple as I can… as we discussed, our chakras automatically receive the energy around us and then our senses work to make sense of the energy. When we are not in alignment, meaning our mind and body are not aligned with Spirit, we will experience a lot of static. This means our chakras and senses are dialed fully open all of the time and we are constantly running energy through our body. This is why we feel exhausted.
There’s a better way! 
We can choose the frequency we align with and receive from, this makes receiving what we want to experience a whole lot easier! 
In order for you to discern the energy you receive you first need to identify with your own being and do what I refer to as adjusting the frequency of your energy centers. 

Now you are able to tune your senses into the frequency you choose to align with instead of the default energy that you pick up from being a sensitive and empathic soul.

In this weeks Angels Don’t Lie I broke this system down for you with my 5 Steps For Discerning Energy Like A Pro


  1. Ground & protect your energy

  2. Cycle breathing to balance your chakras

  3. Adjust the frequency of your chakras

  4. Awaken your senses

  5. Write it out

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