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Clarity vs. Chaos

March 16, 2022

I asked God…

I asked God to illuminate how best to describe the difference between clarity and chaos and servitude and helping. You see there is a fine line here that can really confuse us. This fine line I am speaking of is Shemgo (your fear based thoughts guy)’s way of convincing us that our actions are needed or wanted for or from another. But when we see it from this vantage point of taking an action in order to help another we then find ourselves within chaotic energy.
God gave me this passage to share with you…
“Whoever serves me must follow me”-
Here, John shares how Jesus taught the disciples, He speaks directly to us in that we are to serve God by following Jesus’ lead.
On this week’s Angels Don’t Lie Podcast I guided my live viewers to identify with what or whom they are serving. It was a lovely conversation with the addition of a beautiful reading for a mother of twins.

I know this topic may seem a bit heavy. I get it.

But I also I want to encourage you to dive in, because as healers our soul’s have come to learn, evolve, heal and serve and in order to show up fully for our work in this life, we have to do our “you work”, to check ourselves before we feel wrecked or worse, before we lead another astray. 
These Angel inspired questions will help illuminate if you are serving yourself, your emotional wounds or that “Shmego” guy.
  1. Whom or what are you allowing to guide you? 
  2. Where or who are you turning to for support and understanding of what you are receiving? (messages, signs so forth)
  3. Where or what are you placing your faith on or in?

So, if we are serving our emotional wounds rather than God we will find this leads us to become emotionally & physically exhausted with our energy. We can experience feelings such as guilt and shame which trigger deeper feelings that touch our emotional wounds causing us to feel insecure, unworthy, incompetent, and so on. 

This is because the amount of energy we pour out trying to help is draining our physical being of our life force vitality. 

Our life force energy is renewed only by God. 

When we are out of our soul’s alignment, the emotional wounds are waiting to be healed so we inadvertently search outward to feel better. This becomes a cycle of addictive behavior where we focus on the things we believe will fill us back up such as; people-pleasing, enabling or over giving to others. 

What happens next is that our well-being is compromised, our mindset becomes scattered and we start searching outside of ourselves for answers to the lack we are inwardly feeling. This begins the cycle of strain to pain, pain to illness, illness to isolation, isolation to suffering.

Are you with me here? Where do you see yourself in this cycle?

Serving isn’t meant to be an imprisonment,

or a way to decrease our energy by emptying our internal well through over-giving, doing and trying.  

This is where most sensitive souls and empaths land, on a proverbial island of lack. Such as in our:
  • Mindset
  • Health
  • Wealth 
  • Relationships

The good news is that we have been given the answers. 

On the subject of serving we can find in the second part of this section of John 12:26 – “where I am my servant will also be. My father will honor the one who serves me.” 
This passage is clear and to the point by saying that where you stand as a believer, a healer, a sensitive soul, empath… so shall Jesus be there with you. That God will honor you. This means in all ways His love is with you to support you and fill your cup with unconditional love. Your healing & work in this life matters.
When we seek God’s guidance for our path, the chaos dissipates and our vision becomes clear. 

We can also further this with Matthew 2:24, “You cannot serve God and wealth.”
For me, this part of the passage also speaks of chasing all the goals; forcing, trying and doing which totally consumes our energy.
It’s a reminder that as energetic souls we tend to value physical things because they give us a sense or feeling of safety.
It’s not saying that having or desiring money or wealth is bad, however, we are Divinely guided not to have it as our idol, or the thing we focus on.
Rather when we lean inward, turning toward God, our path will illuminate and our cup will “runneth over” from the well of His eternal love.
This is where we will find our soul’s abundance of health, wealth and wisdom.

Watch this week’s Angels Don’t Lie podcast for more on what you need to know to get out of your own chaos.

And Loves,

I know I am not the only one who is broken up by the devastation and the horror of the war in Ukraine. I believe that together we can take action to support the people there by offering them a sense of being held with our prayers, solidarity and with our donations.

This is how LOVE will win. 


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


Pandemic of Love– 

I am an ambassador for this wonderful organization. This means you can purchase items from my Pandemic Of Love Ukraine Wish List on amazon and they will go directly to those in need.

*Please note they ask us not to deviate from the list they created for us to use.


You can help host families who are in need of shelter by donating to Airbnb. I first found out that this was available through one of my cousins posting it on Facebook and I was immediately inspired to donate!

Together Rising– 

At Together Rising, their mission is to transform collective heartbreak into effective action.

Your donation will help meet Ukrainian families’ most urgent needs on the ground right now.


Pray for Ukraine with the Hallow App- it’s my most used app lately! 

I pray this serves you.

xx Jeanne

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