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Your Body Remembers

March 24, 2022


I work with clients who have experienced trauma with a healing method I call a Soul Fragment retrieval. This is the first step for releasing the energetic imprint of the trauma from their body. 

The body remembers, even though our minds may have forgotten. 

Trauma looks different for each of us. And where it is stored in the body is unique, but the aftermath of the energy is what we have in common. 

This stored energy creates sensations, and feelings that become triggers of remembrance. 

The topic of this week’s Angels Don’t Lie centers around the understanding

that our body remembers the pains and experiences throughout our life, especially when the experience happens early on.

For most trauma affected people, they have either forgotten the memory of this experience, or quite the opposite – the memory just keeps replaying over and over for us. 

When we live in angst and suffering – even if we had made peace with what has occurred, we may not have completely healed from that experience. The body holds that energy within our chakras and meridians and we live in low vibration; we aren’t flowing through life with ease but rather are feeling stagnant and stuck. 

To help explain this a little further, think of how we experience muscle memory for riding a bike or going swimming – emotional wounds are stored in our body as well; the body remembers these things. Trauma is stored within our energy centers.

Our bodies have been designed to replay and remember habits,

patterns and belief systems that we are taught early on in life. As a medium, teacher and healer – the one thing that comes up when channeling a departed loved one is that they tell me in heaven, they are no longer in pain and suffering. And more importantly, they want their earthly loved one to start their healing, now. They don’t need to wait until they enter Heaven.

Inside you will find helpful tips to help you transcend these traumas- because if you are healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually, everything else is going to line up. We access our healthy, wealthy and wise energy!

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We can access the healing of these deep emotional wounds

by first understanding that we are reacting and acting from an unhealed fragmented piece of our soul. 

We can do this with:   

  • Trauma Release Therapy – choosing to work with someone who specializes in trauma release
  • Emotional Freedom Technique by using tapping, you can release energetic blocks within your body.
  • Guided healing sessions –  In healing sessions, I use a combination of sound, aromatherapy and channeled  energy.
  • Hypnotherapy-  I’ve found this to be really beneficial in my own healing journey.
  • Acupuncture- I love this modality. It’s supported me with both physical and emotional balancing.
  • Cycle breathing – Take a deep breath in to the count of 5, hold for the count of 5, release breath to the count of 5 then hold for the count of 5; repeat until you feel connected to your body and you have released the anxiety and stress.

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