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April 8, 2022

Lovely One,

Lately my phone has been blowing up with texts and calls about how the collective world energy from the war overseas is leaving my friends and clients  feeling sad, isolated, scared and anxious. 

I was guided to lean into this topic in a big way for this week’s Angels Don’t Lie Podcast to support all who have been feeling this heaviness.  

I’m sharing inspirational and encouraging messages from God’s angels that will elevate and support you to shine your internal light as bright as you possibly can. Thereby your light will act as a beacon of hope and love to illuminate the path out of our darkness for others.

You’ll also hear me share a passage that came to me in 3 different ways and how God spoke to me and how He is also speaking to you! 

It’s so important that we understand our signs as a remembrance of God. I’m sharing how when I see the number 3, I know God is with me. 

For me the number 3 is significant as this is when I know that The Holy Spirit is guiding me. When I receive 3 as double digits 33, this symbolizes that Jesus is guiding me. When it is tripled, 333 this is significant of God, and that HE, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are all with me. 

I share this because it’s easy to feel alone and afraid during difficult times. Especially when we witness evil, we can question where God is and feel as if we have been abandoned. We each have the ability to communicate with God and receive signs and symbols from Him and from our departed loved ones.

Below is the passage God sent me last week.

“For he will put his Angels in charge of you to guard you in all your ways.” -Psalms 91:11

This passage came to me in 3 different ways during my morning routine and reminded me that I have the power to create change through my choices and actions. 

Following the blessings of 3, I invite you to follow along with my top 3 choices for action, or to choose your own! 

  1. Up the prayer- leaning in further to prayer with the Blessed Mother and rosary. I highly  recommend the app Hallow as a great tool for daily prayer. 

  2. Listening more to God’s continued wisdom and messages that I receive through my senses.

  3. Donating to organizations to support the people of Ukraine:

Love actions heal our angst.

These are the organizations that I found to be great for helping to support the people of Ukraine.

Pandemic of Love– purchase items from a wishlist on amazon, items will go directly to those in need. 

Airbnb- You can help host families who are in need of shelter by donating to their Airbnb. 

Together Rising – an organization with the mission to transform collective heartbreak into effective action. Your donation will help meet Ukrainian families’ most urgent needs on the ground right now. 

Your inspired actions might be different from these as they match your life. 

Either way, I would like to remind you that your Angels are with you; that God has assigned them to you!

He has not left you alone to suffer.

Whatever worldly heaviness you might be feeling today, let the light of God’s love remind you that you are unconditionally loved and held, and that you have the power of choice to make a change!

Angel Healer Party!

On April 26 at 5:30 pm ET I am hosting a sampling and informational session about my Angel Healer Program.

I’m calling this event the Angel Healer Party because it’s going to be fun and full of surprises!

While I impart messages and guidance, I will also be demonstrating how I pair channeling and teaching by asking random attendees to join me in the “Angel Seat “. This will showcase what it looks and feels like to be a student inside the Angel Healer Program. 

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I have been guided by my angels to ask for a small exchange for attending. You will receive many valuable takeaways for you to implement into your life. The fee for this session is $22.00. 

Your Angel Healer Party ticket includes:

  • Learning my Angel Healer method for working with Ascended Masters

  • A chance to be guided to sit in the Angel Seat, for a one on one session with me!

  • An opportunity to win Divinely inspired prizes! 

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I’m also thrilled to offer a second way for you to attend!

It’s what I am calling the VIA ticket (very important angel) For the exchange of $44.00. 

The VIA Session includes:

  • Everything included in the Angel Healer Party ticket


  • A beautiful heart opening guided meditation that I will email to you.

  • A personal video angel card message that will be emailed to you.

  • 30-minute VIA after party session!


My team and I have the highest intentions for you as an attendee of the Angel Healer Party!

I promise to serve, support and inform.

You will leave feeling lit up and confident to step into YOUR soul’s path with ease. 

You are loved!


xx Jeanne

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