Coffee Girl or Green Tea Girl….who do you identify with?


Coffee Girl or Green Tea Girl?

Who do you identify with? I’m not talking about the actual beverage. This is actually an amazing exercise for identifying our trauma identities. So, if you’ve ever felt like you’re two people or if you have caught yourself wondering why you reacted so differently to something than you normally would, most likely it’s because you have experienced trauma in your past and a younger version of yourself is silently shielding you from experiencing what that younger version of you perceives as more pain.

Healing trauma isn’t for the faint of heart.

As you are in the process of healing you’ve most likely noticed that you feel extreme highs and lows. This is due to either the holding onto or the releasing of energy.

Listen, let’s be real about trauma for a quick sec.

We have all experienced some form of trauma

in our lifetime. To be able to come from the place of an empowered person, it is important that we address our trauma gently and compassionately without shame, blame or persecution for either ourselves or the offenders of our pain.

My Angels have always provided me with unique methods for understanding the teachings and lessons from God, and this is exactly how Coffee Girl and Green Tea Girl came to be!

The energy around people speaks the truth for each of us, that is if we understand what it is we are picking up.

I teach this method from what I’ve learned from my Angels and how to trust our senses and to back up what we receive by confirming it with God, before we take any action. This is the key for working in alignment with God and delivering only that which has been approved by Him!

As I’ve grown in my gifts and in how I learn,

I found my way to healing my soul fragments. These were the blocks to why I wasn’t receiving the yumminess God was sending me. The energy of past persona’s was the issue.


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