Demystifying Mediumship


I hope you’re soaking in the yumminess, renewal, rebirth and awakening of Spring!

The trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth – we are healing as the world around us comes to life.

I’m so excited to share this week’s Angels Don’t Lie episode with you where my guest, Intuitive and God-based Medium Kristen Bly and I have a deep conversation on demystifying mediumship and how this gift is not something unusual or to be feared, but is a pathway to find hope and healing.

At first she considered herself a “closet medium,”

afraid of what others might think or how she would be perceived if she shared with the world that she could communicate with Spirit and Heaven.

She notes having had this gift since she was a little girl, but similar to many other mediums, she didn’t fully understand it. She kept her gift as a quiet secret for many years where it remained a thin thread throughout the busyness of her life. But after asking herself, 

“What if I got to the end of my life without ever accessing and utilizing this gift I have been given?”

Kristen realized that if she were to get to the end of the road of her life, she would question why she spent so much time worrying and would wish she spent more time effortlessly accessing and sharing her gifts.

And now after much healing and self-discovery, Kristen has awakened to her purpose and accepts that she is meant to be a voice for souls to communicate to their living loved ones. She is fulfilling her soul’s legacy, channeling wisdom and guidance for her clients to serve and support them in navigating the intricacies of their life.

I know you are just going to love this Angels Don’t Lie episode because there are so many yummy takeaways inside. Communicating with Heaven isn’t hard, bad or even wrong. God desires to be a part of our everyday lives. When we seek answers from outside of ourselves it can sometimes bring us out of our faith based life. This is probably the most common way we lower our energy. The good news is that there is a safe and HOLY way that you can communicate with Heaven.

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