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Healing Her Inner Feminine to Find Freedom

May 6, 2022


I have a view on stress that may shift how you navigate life from here on out.

Stress is our personal interpretation of the energy we are experiencing.
Stress looks and feels different to each of us. The way our bodies either break down or retain the energetic debris of stress are also uniquely individual. 
Anyone who has experienced great stress is ONE with God. 
This is a shocking revelation to most people!

You see, our soul must experience different forms of challenges.

In our life in order to create change, we experience challenge because this is how we learn, heal, grow and evolve.

Stress can dwindle our life force energy. But it also can reveal, clarify and purify our thoughts, body and soul.

Stress, when approached with God in the forefront, is how we can transcend ANYTHING.

I recently sat down with Jessica Scofiled-Chichester, owner of Haute Healing Oasis premier luxury wellness spa, where she reveals her journey through her own personal feminine healing that brought immense self-discovery that she relates to as her “rebirthing”.

Having known Jessica for several years now, you will hear me share with her the message from the Angel’s saying how “soft” her energy is now that she is embracing her Divine feminine.

And there is a huge reason as to why…

Jessica shares how after a personal feminine healing experience that brought immense self-discovery, she lost something – but gained so much more. Considering this experience her “rebirth,” Jessica expresses how she gained deeper access to her guides and a clear vision of her life’s purpose. Feeling strength and beauty in her newly found femininity and vulnerability – she is unafraid to hear God, and has found her truth, healing and freedom by listening to His guidance.

Jessica shares that she is “Relearning my own internal boundaries and boundaries with others; my boundary of thoughts – learning to select thoughts like we select clothes….”

A freedom seeker & adventurer, Jessica is someone who desires love, passion, purpose and community in EVERYTHING. Her deepest desire is to help others on their freedom journey! Tune in to today’s episode for deep inspirational wisdom, enlightenment and honest, raw feminine vulnerability. 


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You are loved!

xx Jeanne

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