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The Goddess You Interviews [Parts 3 & 4]

May 18, 2022

Today, I was reflecting on life

and all the sadness that feels as thick and heavy as the air on a hot summer day.

The reality of suffering, of loss and unfathomable violence that is in our midst weighs heavy on my heart, as I am sure it is on yours. I asked God this morning
“Lord, what is of importance?”
The suffering, loss, hate, violence and despair it’s all just too dang much.
I begged God to provide me with the wisdom to write in support of others who are hurting and selfishly, also to heal in me the deep angst that is constantly shaking my insides. 

I sat in my blue writing chair

waiting for his response, knowing that I could not find the meaning without his help because the world had broken my spirit.
And I was reminded how much I love my writing chair. 
The soft blue and creamy white print, its high supportive back and cozy comforting fabric provide a warm and welcoming feeling as if the chair is waiting to wrap me in a loving embrace.
This chair holds many memories and cherished moments for me.
I can just sit in my chair, close my eyes and call-up a visceral memory of holding my sweet Raegan, our newborn grandbaby, of writing the failed manuscript that I subsequently discarded and of the one that made it all the way to print.
I remember sitting in my cozy chair the time my dear friend called just so we could hear each other’s voices.
Countless times I’ve sat here wrapped within the comforts of my happy blue chair meditating and praying. 

Suddenly I became filled with the glory and grace of The Holy Spirit.

Here the Holy wisdom of Jesus filled my entire being, as I was guided to write these words for and to you….

“Blessed one, the power of The Holy Spirit is with you now.
My father in Heaven will adorn your thoughts with His Love and Grace.
Blessed are you who pray and yearn for righteousness.
For it is through you that my Father in Heaven
will lay open the path for others to flow into His arms….

….You are similar to the birds singing praises day and night.
Take flight sweet one, fly out of despair and sorrow and into the arms of God
for He is the air, the sky, the sun and earth.
Step forward confidently with hope and in faith
that the knowledge you hold within your heart
has been renewed by God’s grace and gentle care.”


Some takeaways for today….

  • You are a healer. Amen! 
  • You can commune with God and the Heavenly realm and heal that which pains or torments you. Yes! 
  • Your struggles are real and you GET to process them in your own unique way. Free will is groovy! 
  • Fear will do its best to interfere with your joy, disrupt your happiness and block love from flowing freely. Don’t let it! 
  • You have the opportunity to show up in your life today as the version of yourself that you WANT to be. You GET to choose! 


My Angelic team and I concluded our Goddess You Interview Series this week!

If you missed Parts 1 & 2, click here to catch the first two episodes of this series – Living in Soul Alignment, The Goddess You Interviews: sharing intimate conversations where my team is interviewing me!

And as of this week, Parts 3 and 4 have been released!

The episode above is Part 3 of 4, covering principles/chapters #7-9:

7. Chakra Basics

8. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

9. Keep Calm


The episode below is Part 4 of 4, the final episode – covering the final 3 principles/chapters, #10-12:

10. Help, I’ve Lost my Balance

11. Mind, Body and Spirit

12. Intuitive, Gifted You


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You are loved!

xx Jeanne

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