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Hello Lovely,

Have you too experienced the weird side effects from Covid? UGHHG! Am I right!?

Just when I thought I was over it, last week I had a relapse of some yucky symptoms. 

To make matters worse the low frequency of the virus got me down and I was hardcore judging myself for being angry and sick.

I literally had so many low vibe thoughts running through my mind that I started to follow their destructive story lines.  

I was in a low place filled with anxiety and I was feeling really, really sad. 


Can you relate to this?

The Good News...

I’m sure you too have felt so many uncomfortable feels at one time that you can’t tell which way is up. 

That’s how I felt, like I was falling out of myself and into someone I wasn’t. 

The good news is that with the support of my Angels and guides and the spiritual practice that they helped me create I was able to catch myself before totally sinking.

I prayed and talked it out with God.

Following the same guidance and Holy wisdom I offer my clients, I went inward with my meditation practice.

I prayed and talked it out with God. 

I looked straight at all the yucky stories.

I let go of trying to heal. 

I gave every emotion over with no agenda or worry left inside of me. 

I let go and let God handle it. 

And guess what happened … the healing came.

I was set free from the grip of Covid darkness.

This was my reminder.

This was my reminder that we are our own healers and it is our internal energy that creates our outer-world. 

It’s not easy to look beyond what’s wrong with the present moment or our discomfort.

It takes practice to be embodied in love.

We get so used to the aspects of our pain we can’t see our way out. 


That’s where I come in.


I see beyond the physical, past the suffering, griefs and pain to where God illuminates your next right move. 

The methods I use with my clients are directly from Source- they are not of earth; they don’t always make sense but the results are Heavenly and effective.  


It’s the mystical, effortless way that God heals each person that I work with in the exact manner that they are meant to be healed.



This is what lights me the f***up! 

One opening left!

I have one opening for my  Awakening Angel Coaching that is available for the person who is ready to transform and transcend the shit that no longer serves their soul.

If this is you and you are serious about investing in your healing journey, send me an email at

You are loved!


xx Jeanne

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