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Powerful and Positive Experience

July 2, 2024

I first met Jeanne at Sassy Shoe, a neighborhood shop that she owned and operated in town. At the time, I was working at a local nonprofit, organizing community impact programs and principally coordinating the collection and distribution of clothing and school supplies to local children in need. Jeanne kindly hosted a fundraiser at her store to promote awareness and financial services for our program, and later donated dozens of children’s shoes to the charity after the store’s closing.

Several years passed, and I unexpectedly ran into Jeanne in town. She immediately sensed that I was struggling. My daughter had fallen ill and was silently suffering from a chronic, undiagnosed illness. I had left my work at the nonprofit to care for her, and she and I were both seeking answers and peace that medical doctors were unable to provide us. Jeanne immediately insisted that we visit her home the following day so that she could perform her healing techniques on my daughter. Our visit was overwhelmingly emotional, but through it all, Jeanne was gentle, loving, patient, and knowledgeable. We left with a profound sense of peace and hope for a future diagnosis, which we ultimately received from doctors less than a month after visiting with her.

When Jeanne opened her studio, I immediately began to follow her journey on social media, intrigued and fascinated by her incredible love and wisdom of Angels and God. I was raised in a Catholic home, inherited a strong appreciation for Angels from my late mother, felt an incredible connection to God through prayer, and was always looking for signs from loved ones who had passed.

My girlfriend and I attended a private reading at Jeanne’s lovely, tranquil studio, and three of my dear loved ones came through with beautiful messages of hope and faith. My nephew passed away as a young adult after a debilitating ailment slowly deteriorated his physical and mental health. When he, my mother, and grandmother came through in the reading, I expressed concern about whether the cause of his death could have been hereditary, thinking of the possible connection to my daughter. He assured me that his illness had actually been a viral infection. My mother and grandmother reassured me about my other concerns and grievances.

Since having such powerful and positive experiences with Jeanne, I truly look forward to these sessions and thoroughly enjoy her inspirational messages and wellness insights. Jeanne has sincerely enriched my life, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge, philosophy, energy, and goodness.

— Kathy Thomas

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