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About Jeanne

Jeanne Street is an internationally acclaimed spiritual medium, healer, and author of the bestselling books: The Goddess You: & The Goddess Journal. She is the host of the online radio show Angels Don’t Lie, which spans across the globe, each week connecting listeners to their loved ones and sharing guidance and nutritional support. Additionally,

Jeanne is the founder and owner of Inspirit Healing Studio in Woodbury, Ct where she practices her work and hosts space for all types of healing modalities. She is also the founder of Goddess Youniversity where the public and subscribing members can find a like-minded online community to learn, grow and heal without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Jeanne is a catholic girl in an Angel world, who works with the Spiritual realm every day! Her work focuses on embodying the Holy Spirit and Divine compassion, gratitude and love. It has always been her deepest desire to guide others to heal themselves. She is honored to share the work she has been divinely guided to do with you.

Her greatest source of love and pride closest to her heart are her devoted husband of 33 years, her 4 grown children, her daughter and son in law and her 4 grandchildren.

She admits “I do swear on occasion, laugh frequently and at times use a firmer voice to deliver Spirits messages when needed”.

You can find out more about Jeanne's work by visiting inspirithealingstudio.com





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