Adrenal Fatigue, Cortisol, Combating with Superfoods, Self Love

Jeanne brings her A game tonight to teach us about adrenal fatigue.  Adrenal glands work to help reduce stress by releasing cortisol.  Adrenal gland fatigue causes the glands to overproduce or underproduce  at the wrong times.  Jeanne explains what causes this fatigue – lifestyle, trauma and listen to this list – is it you?  Jeanne also has the information to combat adrenal gland fatigue.  She lists many items – meditation, sleep, diet, superfoods (must hear this list!! Chaga mushrooms, omegas, macca just to list a few)

Amazing callers tonight – Meredith, from Arizona, asked about messages to help with what she has been feeling.  Jeanne discusses self love and how it will help her.  Meredith calls back at the end of the show, must listen!  Pretty cool.  Vera, from Long Island, called looking for help with her fear of an upcoming meeting at court.  Chris, from Kentucky, wanted to connect with his grandfather but his grandmother came through very strong.  Jeanne confirms with Chris how well things are going in his life.  Don’t miss it!  Jeanne read an email from Megan in New Milford.  We were lucky to have her call and discuss her health issue and her anxiety surrounding it.

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