Aloe, Sam and VWM, Spirit Signs, Solar Energy, Callers!!

Jeanne comes into the studio with so much energy tonight!  Solar eclipse energy maybe?  We hear about spirit animals and their importance.  Jeanne talks with Allison about her son Sam and his vanishing white matter disease.  The family is turning the care of Sam into a loving and positive experience for the entire family.  Gina from Team Cultec calls in with details for the upcoming fundraiser.

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Announcements!  Laughs and Loved Ones, September 16th, a fundraiser for – Team Cultec, Vanishing White Matter Disease.
Callers!  Jenna – grieving over the loss of her father, Tarol – curious about the angels, Rachel – wants to connect to her grandfather and K’rina is turning 50!

Nutrition Tip – Aloe – 4000 years can’t be wrong.  Jeanne will be posting in Angels Don’t Lie a list of Bible verses about aloe and A to Z list of healing effects from this amazing plant!  Candida, headaches, radiation burns, shingles is a sneak peak.  Not a member yet – send Jeanne a request on Facebook or an email!
Lots of information about Inspirit Healing Studio,, work on her new book and more!  Don’t miss it!
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