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Digital Angel Healer Training

Uplevel your life!
Discover the full bounty of your gifts and understand your unique path to becoming a healer.
Radiate confidence as you serve humanity.
Thrive and impact others with love and compassion.

Complete at your own pace.

The Digital Training begins when you register and you can complete it in the time frame that works best for you.

The weekly emails will help you stay on track and can be saved for further review.

Become a consciously awakened healer.

The Digital Angel Healer Training is a unique experience that teaches you Jeanne Street’s comprehensive God-based method & skills for working with your innate gifts. With the support of this training you will be able to channel Divine healing energy and deliver guidance and messages from Heaven.

If you:

You don’t have to be uncertain or mistrust your gifts any longer.

When you experience your soul’s true Divinity and align with God’s plan for your life, you can serve and impact others in a loving and profound way.

Live empowered and awakened

Utilize your gifts to serve and shine.

Make a Holy Shift in your life and in your work while you connect and integrate fully with the gifts God has bestowed within you.

Stand confidently in your soul’s truth with purpose, passion and clarity and share your unique abilities with ease and grace.

Be a vessel for Divine Love!


Beloved and Acclaimed, Spiritual Medium, Healer & Author, Jeanne Street is the creator of The Angel Healer Program, a Divinely channeled God-based method for teaching healing, mediumship and channeling.

This approach offers a unique solution for conscious healers to use their gifts in a safe, loving way.

One thing has become crystal clear in Jeanne’s sessions, events and training… Angel Healers become leaders that make the most loving impact on the lives of their family, friends, clients and students.

The Digital Angel Healer Training is right for you if you want to better understand what your gifts are and how to open them with a safe God-based method.


Being confident to share your gifts and feeling seen, heard, awakened and aligned with your soul’s purpose without the uncertainty of going against God.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the practical experiences of the sacred teachings and God-based method that will profoundly transform your mind, body and soul.

Xx Jeanne

The Digital Angel Healer Training is an expansive experience that will support you in releasing the energy that has been holding you in sameness.

Master the art of energy healing, soul connection & spirit communication.

Support others with confidence and clarity.

The Digital Angel Healer Training is right for you if…

You’ll be shown how to safely connect and channel healing energy from the Heavenly realm.

“I was blown away by Jeanne Street’s Angel Healer Training. Each class couldn’t come soon enough because I was enjoying it so much. I have learned how to work with my intuitive gifts in a whole new way through her training. I loved all the different visual exercises that helped me to receive messages with greater ease and clarity. If you are someone on a healing journey who wants to raise your vibration and deepen your intuitive gifts this training is for you.”

Carly Sensenbrenner

“Jeanne is smart, gracious, kind and caring…..she will guide you in the process of becoming the best you – you can be! She meets you exactly where you are and gracefully guides you through the ups and downs of your healing process. She’s given me so many tools to use in my everyday life, so I can continuously develop and discover – how to thrive, not just survive ! Jeanne has taught me that it’s in our healing that we find our blessings – it’s in our healing we find love – it’s in our healing we find grace and most importantly it’s in our healing that we find our true selves. Jeanne has helped me to become a much better version of me by helping me to heal and release all that no longer serves me, so I can more freely move toward all that lies ahead with clarity and focus. I am blessed beyond measure to work with Jeanne – I’m so glad our paths crossed!”

Billie Streets

Inside the Digital Angel Healer Training, Jeanne will gently guide you with…Her unique method of working with the Angels.


Inside this training you will learn the essentials of healing work and practical applications.

When you build a healthy God-based foundation for your life & work…

Your Soul Expands!

Inside the in-person Angel Healer Training you will experience:

Find yourself awakened and living your soul’s truth.

Get ready to transcend what no longer serves you and share your gifts safely with others… with Jeanne Street, a lifelong God-based medium as your guide!

Take the next step!

Liberate your life with the Digital Angel Healer Training unique experience!

“I have become more and more aware of what my spiritual gifts are and how to access them. Spiritual connection like I’ve never experienced before.” Melissa Cummings, Registered Nurse

“Jeanne Street’s Angel Healer Training was both a reminder of the healing value of present mindedness and a manual for daily connected, spiritual practice. The principles continue to guide me to examine myself and life as it insists upon itself, resulting in new found peace and authenticity.” Elaine, Educational Consultant

“Taking Jeanne’s training transformed the journey I was on. One of the things I appreciated most was how simple she made it, and yet now looking back on it as I grow, I realize how complex it is because I can apply what I learned from her in so many ways and on so many levels.” Heather, Interior Designer


One Time Payment

Low Monthly

Three payments of

Your experience will deepen with Jeanne’s unique guided meditations, and soul aligned assignments.

What you will experience:

Level One

Inside 26 in-depth videos you’ll learn about:

What you will experience:

Level Two

Lessons on and practical applications of:

Commonly Asked Questions

The Digital Angel Healer Training is a learn at your own pace program, you can go through the lessons at the time that is convenient for your life.

Each soul will journey through life with God in the forefront or in the backdrop of their life. The mission of every soul is in remembering who they truly are with God. Jeanne’s God-based method is important because you will be assured to receive only that which is from God. No predictions, or dark energy, only love, truth and what God wants you to receive. 

Yes, earning an Angel Healer certification will enhance and elevate any previous certifications.

Although they may seem similar, the God-based teachings inside the Angel Healer Training offer you foundational tools, Divine wisdom and guidance for aligning and channeling Heavenly energy with God in the forefront. 

The Digital Angel Healer Training is unique and vastly filled with Heavenly teachings. As the lessons layer on top of each other you will build a solid foundation maintaining and balancing your energy and expanding your spiritual practice. You will receive miraculous healings and learn to confidently stand in your life’s purpose.

Not to worry, the Angel Healer Training will teach and support you as you open and explore the depths of your gifts.

Absolutely, as we have had healers from across the globe and in different professions go through this training, each one has used it to enhance their current healer role.

Regardless of the work you choose to do, when you are in alignment with your Divinely given purpose and gifts, your influence in your career will expand and raise the vibration. This will support you in making the greatest impact, with Love- for yourself and all who you come into contact with.

Work Your Light

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