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November 3, 4 & 5th

An advanced group experience to further develop and expand your spiritual gifts.
The Immersive training was created by beloved and acclaimed, spiritual medium, healer & author, Jeanne Street.

At the Angel Healer Immersive

You will learn the ins and outs of how to safely connect to Heaven in a sacred space that is nurturing and expansive.


Further develop and expand your spiritual gifts.

This is an in-person group experience where Jeanne will guide and support you as you further develop your spiritual gifts.

You will further awaken and embody your soul’s purpose and align your soul’s legacy with the foundational tools for channeling messages and healing energy from the Divine.

You will learn how to deliver messages from departed loved ones and channel healing energy. You will be supported to lean into God’s love and witness miracles as they transform your life.


Each soul will journey through life with God in the forefront or in the backdrop of their life. The mission of every soul is in remembering who they truly are with God. Jeanne’s God-based method is important because you will be assured to receive only that which is from God. No predictions, or dark energy, only love, truth and what God wants you to receive.

This approach offers a unique solution for conscious healers to use their gifts in a safe, loving way.
The Angel Healer Immersive is right for you if:
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Commonly Asked Questions

The Angel Healer Immersive is a three day experiential training.

Although they may seem similar, the God-based teachings inside the Angel Healer Immersive offer you foundational tools, Divine wisdom and guidance for aligning and channeling Heavenly energy with God in the forefront.

The Angel Healer Immersive in-person experience is unique and vastly filled with Heavenly teachings. As the lessons layer on top of one another you will build a solid foundation for balancing and maintaining your energy and expanding your spiritual practice. You will receive miraculous healings and learn to confidently stand in your life’s purpose.

Absolutely, as we have had healers from across the globe and in different professions participate in this Divine experience and each one has used it to enhance their current healer role.