Setting Sacred Space & Soul Scanning

Setting Sacred Space

Setting Sacred Space & Soul Scan

Calling in our Angels with a clearing of Palo Santo and blessing using a mantra, I AM, THAT, I AM.



Soul Scanning

Soul Scanning

The process for soul scanning is done by combining a meditative state with a sense of discovery. Going through the soul scanning technique one chakra at a time allows you to go within that chakra as you connect with any blocks, trauma or pain and observe the overall well-being of it.

Core Color Meditation

Core Color Meditation

When you feel doubt, when you’re unsure of something you’re feeling, or when you are pondering the truth of something you are reading, take a moment to do a core color meditation exercise in order to align with your soul self. It is a great tool to use to check in with whether or not something is serving your highest good and should remain, or be brought into your life, or if someone or something has a negative affect on your vibration or overall well being and it is more beneficial to limit or omit your interactions with them or it.

In this meditative state, you can find answers and truth to know what is serving you and what is not. 

Energy Rating

Energy and Color Rating

This is how you are going to decipher what spirit is bringing you. By imagining each color through this meditation, it provides a place for you to practice connecting with the sensations and impressions that each color brings. As you begin to receive messages of color in your healing work, you will be able to attach a meaning to them, that you can then offer back to the clients you are working with.

Lower Root Chakra

We will begin this soul sacn by connecting to our lower root chakra, which is located in the soles of the feet. This energy center connects you to your place here on earth, to your path and all of your life experiences up to this point. 

As we clear each chakra from the heaviness and debri of life and plug back into our Divine energy, it allows us to reconfigure to a higher vibrational rate and feel grounded on our Spiritual soul’s path.