High Vibrational Eating


Opening Prayer

Calling on our Angels, Holy Mother, God, Jesus and Holy Spirit to hold and guide you.

Calling in the highest and best good. Calling in the light. See your Divine Holy self. I am that. I am. I am the light of God.


High Vibrational Eating

Our energy will match the vibration of the foods we are feeding it. It is important to keep our bodies alkaline in order to prevent disease and to maintain good health.

In this exercise we will envision a protective energy bubble surrounding us and we will imagine trying to bring different foods inside our protective energy bubble. Notice if your energy field allows the food inside or if it blocks it from entering. Notice how this food makes you feel. Does it make you feel shaky? Do you have the taste of metal in your mouth?

This is a wonderful technique you can use to determine what foods are a high vibrational match for your body composition.


Raw Foods

Raw Foods

Knowing which foods to eat in order to keep a healthy vibrational balance can begin by learning which foods have been studied and proven to be beneficial for most, and can be personally enhanced through connecting with your own intuition. Intuitive clarity comes from foods that are high vibration. 

Working in alignment with your intuition is a key to successful lifestyle change. Intuition connects you to what your body, mind and soul need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Intuition will also guide you to shift your perception from one of “dieting” to choosing lifestyle habits that serve your healthy well being.


Superfoods are considered foods very concentrated in nutrients and low in calories.

Wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella

Goji berries, cacao, coconut

Avocado, hempseed, sunflower seeds

Raw local honey, bee pollen, royal jelly

Noni, aloe vera

Seaweeds- Nori, kelp, wakame

Adaptogens-Ashwagandha, maca

Mushrooms- chaga, reishi


Channeling Divine Energy

Channeling Divine Energy

Channeling is the act of receiving loving messages sent through you. Channeling allows you to connect to Angels, your higher self, your guides, and more. Faith and practice are all you need to begin channeling messages.

I find it best to write down your intent. Be specific and to the point when it comes to your wording. Channeled thoughts will come from the top of your head, at your crown chakra, you will know this by how it simply floats in with no effort.

Guided Meditation 

Guided Meditation Connecting

*Departed loved ones

*Earthbound energy verses Divine energy

 Angels who speak to us can be one singular being or a communion of heavenly God beings made up of God’s energy. This energy emits a pulse which feels like a vibration.

Angels and guides come to aid us during our lives. Because of the power of free will, they will not interfere with our choices.




Setting an intention is like holding sacred space for the outcome we desire. Aligning with God and our Angels as we set our intentions becomes a super powerful prayer! 

Asking for Divine support, aligning with our internal soul truth through self loving practices and utilizing Divine tools such as crystals, candles, essential oils and other things that we love and hold meaning for us, is a layering that increases our vibration so that high vibrational matches of people, places and things can easily flow into our life.

Calling in and allowing our birthright of Divine abundance as we connect with the Divine truth that already exists within us and linking it to external alignment that comes from the support of our Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and loved ones from the other side of the veil, will leave us feeling whole, loved, supported and more certain of what our next step will be.