Past Life Regression & How To Work With Energy

 Journal Exercise

Using your journal, close your eyes and connect with your senses. What did you see, feel, hear, smell? What did you feel? What did it mean to you? What was the message? This is how Spirit is going to work with you and how you will be able to deliver messages to your clients.


 Energy Centers

With each soul scan there is a new level of clearing and balance. We bring the light in to heal the dysfunction, illness, and inflammation. Once the energy centers are clear and balanced, this is something we can do on a regular basis to maintain that high level of wellness.



There are two types of connection- earthbound, psychic connection- feels heavy, burdensome and weighted.

Connecting with Heaven feels light and yummy.

Automatic writing is writing in alignment after a meditation or an intentional spiritual connection. We allow Spirit to move through us onto the paper and allow the experience of our soulself to pour out onto the pages.

Always clear your pendulum and pray for it to be used in the highest love vibration.


Soul Scan, Chakras


Soul scan- how to access our own personal energy and how to make adjustments back into alignment

High vibrational lifestyle- moving your body, feeding your body high vibe foods, automatic writing, meditation and journaling.


Body language- notice what your body is saying

Gifts & Talents- the “ings” no one can take them away, choose to use them for the highest good, pour love into them and the more vibrant and alive they will become.

Show up and do your energy work!- self love, self nurture- show up for you and your life  and your work will be transformed!

You are a healer – you are the light –  you are the light of GOD!


Past Life Regression

Jeanne welcomes Teresa Finaldi, LPC, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer, Self-Love Activator and Writer

Have you ever had the experience of feeling stuck in a repetitive pattern of thinking or behavior? And no matter how much inner work you have done to shift to thoughts and behaviors that are more in alignment with your highest and best good, you seem to get tripped up again and again by some outward situation that pokes at a part of you that awakens the old thought or behavior, sabotaging all of your hard work? What if these thoughts and behaviors have existed in your soul’s blueprint in previous incarnations and have been brought into this life without your conscious awareness?

Past life regression offers the opportunity to access and release those influences that are currently running in our subconscious, blocking us from making the forward progress that we so desire.

Teresa shares an experiential sample of a past life regression therapy session with the group.



 How to Work With Energy

You are a conduit for the energy to move through you. You are not doing the healing- the client is responsible for their own healing. An angel practitioner/healer must always get permission from their client before performing healing work with them.

When you know your own energy it is much easier to read others.

An equal amount of energy exchange should take place for a service rendered.


 Healing Hands

In the palms of our hands is the Christ Points.

Put your palms together in a prayer position. Call on Jesus, call on the essence of love, the highest vibration possible.

Rub your palms together and begin to feel the energy heat up your hands. Place your hands on your body and send healing love into the areas where you experience pain or discomfort or where you are needing emotional healing- feel the warm energy heal.

You are a healer.