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Divination Tools



 The Drum

Jeanne explains how the drum is used as a Divination tool to balance the chakras when you or your client are not feeling connected inside their body.

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Often, when someone experiences trauma it is uncomfortable being in their body and they tend to fly out in order to escape the painful emotions. Jeanne tells how she uses the drum specifically to gently assist her clients back into their body.

 Singing Bowls

Jeanne explains how she uses singing bowls with her clients to help open up their energy centers, to feel better and become more vibrant.

The Gong

Jeanne says that the Gong is similar to the drum but not as gentle. She uses it for clients who are disconnected from the Divine and are rigidly structured in their thinking. It has the ability to crack open a protective hard outer shell and work on the auric level to create an opening for God and Spirituality to enter.

 Tuning Forks

Tuning forks have the ability to pinpoint where we want the energy to be directed for our client. They can be tuned to specific vibrations. 528 is the tune of love.

Essential Oils

Essential oils and flower essesnces can speak specifically to enhance the connection to the client you are working with. As you are preparing for a healing session ask the Divine “What does this person need?” Each oil and flower essence has a vibrational rateand healing tone. The purer the oils the higher the vibration. The use of all Divination tools are all about intent and delivery.

Space Clearing

There are many methods and tools used for clearing space. Your intention to work with the Divine is the MOST effective method there is. After clearing a space from stuck or negative energy, it is important to call in new, Divine energy.

 Q & A  Feedback

Jeanne takes questions and reviews how to call in Archangel Michael to assist with claiming your space as Divine and sacred. Say “ this is a place of God” 3 times.

Souls who have passed over can visit but they cannot have our space as long as we claim it as our own.