Section 2

Akashic Records & Breath Work



 Setting Intention

Jeanne discusses individual intentions and a group identity intention. When we participate in a group, it offers us the ability to bear witness to anothers growth and light, and as individuals we have the opportunity to be seen and validated by another.

Jeanne then explains the exercise that accompanies the prayer Mary undoer of Knots. As energetic beings we sponge up energy from everywhere, we absorb feelings and these become our pain points. These pain points create repetetive thoughts and blocks. We spend most of our time and energy trying to fix or manage the thoughts and beliefs instead of just being who we are meant to be.

 Breath Work & Meditation

Breathwork can be used as a healing tool. Jeanne demonstrates and teaches alternate nostril breathing as a technique she used from another healer to balance her Divine feminine and Divine masculine energy and arrive at the seat of her soul.

Jeanne guides you through a beautiful meditation experience to uncover a core pain and belief, pull up its roots and plant seeds of love in its place.

 Breath Work Feedback

Jeanne checks in with her students and they share their experience from the meditation, allowing others to witness.

 Akashic Records

Akashic records are a record of the history of your soul. It’s a love tool.

Jeanne takes you on a journey with your Celestial team to find your akashic record.

 Final Thoughts & Questions