Angel Healer Training Package TIERS

Silver Feather

$1,111 one time payment

Gold Wing

$2,444 one time payment

Platinum Angel

$1,111 for 12 Monthly Payments

Angel Healer Training Packages Add Ons

Soul Shine

Bi-monthly 60- minute channeled healing, guidance and message sessions in a virtual group setting. Private member portal, access to replays, private voxer chat, supportive bi- weekly emails.

Empath & Sensitive Soul Online Masterclass

Lifetime access to the Comprehensive training with 15 videos where you will learn how to: Sharpen your visualization, Dial in on your intuition and knowing, Discern what is real and of God and what is false and fear based, Check the validity of the energy you feel, receive and merge with ,Balance and clear your chakras and auric field.