Angel Healer Training

You will learn my God-Based Method for safely connecting to spirit to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

You were born into this life with the ability to heal your greatest pain and connect with the Divine through your gifts and intuition.

I’m going to guide you in making a Holy Shift in your life and work to integrate and connect fully with the gifts God has bestowed within you.

You will stand fully in your soul’s truth with purpose, clarity and confidence and share your unique abilities with ease and grace.

Does This Sound Like You?

You know you have the ability to connect with Spirit but you…

Feel confused and stuck in your life.

Don’t know how to work with and expand your gifts.

Work with others and feel exhausted and energetically drained from it.

Receive messages from Spirit in a prediction form.

Feel the energy of others and don’t know how to untangle from it.

Want to work directly with God, his Angels and the Heavenly realm for the highest and best good of humanity.

Align with your soul’s truth to serve others and fulfill your soul’s legacy.

Master the art of energy healing, soul connection & spirit communication. 

Why a God-Based Method is Important…

You have the ability to be a conduit and channel for healing energy and connect with Divine wisdoms. But connecting outside of the Divine realm means you are opening your body to receive energy from multiple sources and this will leave a negative imprint both on you and on the people you serve.

To be clear connecting to the Universe is not the same as aligning with God.

Yes, God created the Universe, it serves humanity with energy both of Heaven and of Earth. This being so, the Universe also contains lower and dark forms of energy.

Angel is described in the dictionary as : a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God,

Healer is described in the dictionary as: something that alleviates a person’s distress or anguish.

The Angel Healer Training is an experience that provides you with the comprehensive God- Based methods & skills for working with your innate gifts to Channel Divine healing energy and deliver messages from Heaven. 

By taking this training, you will be a consciously awaken healer. 

I describe an Angel Healer as:

 A person with Divine virtue, who possesses gifts of the Spirit within their being and shares the Holy energy with others in servitude to God.

Transformation In Alignment With The Divine

Stand in your personal power & healing abilities!

  • You are on the path to be a healer
  • You’re ready to take action on your soul’s desires 
  • You want to create a soul inspired life with purpose and meaning.
  • You want to be of service and connect with Divine love. 
  • You are looking for a God based healing class. 
  • You want to live fully and in alignment with your soul’s truth.

Angel Healer Training is right for you if…

~You want to better understand what your gifts are and how to open them with a safe God-Based method.

~You want a certification program that is love-based and focuses on morals and compassion for humanity.

~You want the skills and confidence to share your gifts with others.

~You want to feel aligned, awakened and unwavering in your gifts.

~You want to take your current work in this world to the next level.

~You are uncertain of your next right steps.

~You feel unseen, unheard and unappreciated and want to become the best version of yourself.

Answer The Call To Serve & Shine Love

Embrace your light while inspiring others.

What do you get in the Angel Healer Training?

Angel Healer Attunement:

In this sacred ceremony you will receive blessings as God’s Angels attune your being with healing frequencies. 


Modules of in depth God- Based experiential studies:

Each module includes email guidance, video tutorials, meditations and self inquiry work.


Unlimited Support:

Inside the private community you can ask questions pertaining to the curriculum and aspects of being an Angel Healer. 


Self Healing

You will personally benefit from the channeled energy and practical experiences. Your intuition will rise as your physical, mental and emotional bodies release toxins and bound energy.


Lifetime Access: 

All of your pre-recorded lessons and curriculum is yours for lifetime use. Plus you will benefit with new lessons added as you refresh yourself on content at your convenience. 


Complete at your own pace: 

The program begins when you register and you can complete in the time frame that works best for you. The weekly emails will help you stay on track and can be saved for further review.


Built in Bonuses: 

Your training includes bonus content and pre-course work inside both levels, these will support your soul’s growth.


Huge Savings

The Angel Healer Training includes a ticket for the in person Angel Immersive. 

*You can attend any of the live Angel Healer Immersive to receive your in person Angel Healer Attunement during the year of your registration.

*After your year end, you are able to purchase at ticket at a deeply discounted rate. 

Sacred Community

With virtual access you will be welcomed into a diverse and loving group.



Why I Created the Angel Healer Training


Hi!  I’m Jeanne Street and I’m excited to share the most enlightening and God-Based method for safely connecting and channeling healing energy. I am a catholic girl in an angel world.

With my online Angel Healer Training you will BE a vessel for Divine Love!

From a very young age, I was aware of the healing abilities that were gifted to me. But, I also felt uncertain about how God planned for me to use them.

I prayed and prayed for an earthly teacher to provide answers and guidance, but instead God provided an Angelic team with heavenly guides to share His Divine teachings and wisdoms for safely communicating and channeling energy with His Heavenly realm.

Your clarity comes through awakeness. I want to give you a detailed step-by-step overview of the tools and techniques available to you inside the Angel Healer Training.


I’m going to guide you in making a Holy Shift in your life and work while you integrate and connect fully with the gifts God has bestowed within you. You will stand confidently in your soul’s truth with purpose, passion and clarity while you share your unique abilities with ease and grace.

What Students Are Saying

“I was blown away by Jeanne Street’s Angel Healer training. Each class couldn’t come soon enough because I was enjoying it so much. I have learned how to work with my intuitive gifts in a whole new way through her course. I loved all the different visual exercises that helped me to receive messages with greater ease and clarity. If you are someone on a healing journey who wants to raise your vibration and deepen your intuitive gifts this class is for you.”

Carly Sensenbrenner

“Jeanne is smart, gracious, kind and caring…..she will guide you in the process of becoming the best you – you can be! She meets you exactly where you are and gracefully guides you through the ups and downs of your healing process. She’s given me so many tools to use in my everyday life so I can continuously develop and discover – how not just to survive but to thrive! Jeanne has taught met that it’s in our healing we find our blessings – it’s in our healing we find love – it’s in our healing we find grace and most importantly it’s in our healing we find our true selves. Jeanne has helped me to become a much better version of me by helping me to heal and release all that no longer serves me, so I can more freely move towards all that lies ahead with clarity and focus. I am blessed beyond measure to work with Jeanne – I’m so glad our paths crossed!”

Billie Streets

“Taking This class exposes you to so many healing modalities. No matter where you are on your healing path you can use this information to expand your healing practices and dive deeper into your spiritual connection. Jeanne teaches with fun and passion and caters to the individual needs of the students. It is a hands on experiential class – you won’t merely be talking about or reading about a subject,- you will be participating in using what you learn so it is integrated mentally, physically and spiritually in such a way that it becomes a part of you. Jeanne will guide you to recognize and trust your intuition which is your divine inner knowing unique to each of us. If you are looking for a way to open and strengthen your divine connection and learn more about yourself and how to align with your own personal spiritual support system in order to live your most authentic and purposeful life, I highly recommend taking this class.”

Colleen Fairchild

Integrate New Skills For Your Life Mission

You will learn the essentials for:

Soul Scanning

This is my personal method that the Angels inspired me to put into practice for checking the layers of the soul’s energetic health. 


This Angel inspired practice for channeling is how you can safely connect with Heaven and receive Divine energy, messages and guidance.



The Angels guided me in creating a  practice for delivering loving messages from the Heavenly realm without crossing the line of predicting outcome. This method will support you in delivering what GOD intends.

Your Course Also Includes:

Weekly Lessons:

Delivered to your inbox.

Training- Level 1 Inside this level, I will share my unique method of working with the Angels. 

In 26 in-depth videos you’ll learn:

The Physical Body

Raw Foods


Divine Energy

Automatic Writing


Signs & Symbols


Ascended Masters

Gifts & Talents

How your receive

Knowing your senses

Plus: Unique guided meditations and practical assignments.

Training- level 2 Inside this training you will learn the essentials of healing work and practical applications with:

In 15 in-depth videos you’ll learn:

Feelings & Emotions

Belief System

Calling in your Angels

Breathwork essentials

Cords of light

Releasing energy cords

Chakra work

Clearing energy

Calling in Divine light

Divination tools

Akashic Records

Past Life Regression

Plus:Unique guided meditations, practical work and soul aligned assignments.

What Alumni Are Saying

  • I have become more and more aware of what my spiritual gifts are and how to access them. Spiritual connection like I’ve never experienced before.

    Melissa Cummings Registered Nurse
  • Thank you Jeanne for sharing your soul and gifts with me. I thank God for bringing us together. The Spiritual Healers course has been amazing and critical for my health and connection to the Divine.

    Lana LaChance Licensed professional counselor, intuitive energy healer
  • This course has been more of an emotional experience than a physical one. Even though I feel better physically. Emotionally, I feel like I am supported.

    Chrissy W. Teacher
  • I’ve learned to honor myself and be in my own light and trust in my authentic self. From the Goddess Principles, to the superfoods,  divination tools and Reiki levels, these new skills will serve me as a Spiritual Healer.

    Nicole Rinaldi Teacher, Spiritual Healer
  • Taking Jeanne’s Spiritual Healer’s Course has 100% changed my whole world! She taught me how to realign with the inner me. Showed me the tools I would need to live my best life. (Which is turning out AWESOME!) And showed me the love and compassion I needed to push through my dark knight of the soul moment and come out shining BRIGHT on the other side. I love her and I could not say enough about her. EVERYONE needs the information she teaches in this course- EVERYONE.

    Ashley Russo Spiritual Healer
  • Jeanne Street’s Spiritual Healers Course was both a reminder of the healing value of present mindedness and a manual for daily connected, spiritual practice. The principles continue to guide me to examine myself and  resulting in new found peace and authenticity.

    Elaine T, Educational Consultant
  • Taking Jeanne’s course transformed the journey I was on. One of the things I appreciated most was how simple she made it, and yet now looking back on it as I grow, I realize how complex it is because i can apply what I learned from her in so many ways and on so many level.

    Heather Interior Designer
  • I carry the lessons I’ve learned from this course everywhere with me, it has changed my life completely. I now have a deeper understanding on life, as well as myself. This course has sent me on the most magical path of healing that continues on, even after the course ends.

    Nichole Alexandria Spiritual Healer
  • I’ve never felt so good! I learned in this course about being aware that there is more out there and everyone is special and we are here to help restore balance and love. It is an honor and gift to be called to serve. It’s something I will always be grateful for.

    Shanna Fairchild RN & Spiritual Healer
  • I completed her course about 5 years ago and it really gave me a more centered and happy approach to my life.  In the course I learned so much about how to love myself more and in that I have more clarity about how to maintain my center and not personalize everything.  It has been a process for sure and I am far from perfect … but I have to say it is the place where I really started to understand myself in a way that would not have happened otherwise. Being a Spiritual Healer is something I could not have believed I was capable of without working with Jeanne.

    Teresa Finadli Wellness Coach, Past Life Regression Therapy

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