Archangels, Callers Suffering with Grief, Hay Fever, Yoga Nidra Meditation

Oct 2, 2018

Jeanne’s topics tonight – archangels, helping people get through their challenges and an amazing yoga-nidra meditation. Who are you talking to? Are you throwing it out to the universe or are you talking to God? Jeanne tells you what works! Jeanne explains how each archangel – Michael, Gabriel, Rafael and Uriel – can be called upon to help in the time of need. Callers dominate the show with a variety of issues and Jeanne brings through beautiful messages.

Callers – Kathy and Tracy from NY, lost their sister and are looking for a connection help with their grief; Melissa, IN, calls with good and bad news, tissue alert!; K’Rina, CT, her grandmother would have been 86 today, without fail she comes through with a guiding message and a recommended archangel for K’Rina and us all!; Sheila, IN, Melissa’s mother! Listen and find out why she is calling too.

Wellness tip – Hay Fever – are you a sufferer? Jeanne has the natural remedies to ease your suffering.  Honey, bell pollen? Yes!  She has a list of other natural aids to move you away from the medicine.

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