Be of Service, Empowerment, Salt Cave, Abused Women, Soul Cleansing

Angel Don’t Lie was blessed to have June Robideau from KBJB’s Warped View on the show with her wonderful insights.
Jeanne’s thread tonight was being of service.  Jeanne talked about her upcoming event in May and invited Sue Martovich owner of Salt of the Earth ( to call the show.  Sue explains her mission to serve people with alternative methods of healing.  She talks about the importance to find time and ways to unwind and shed the stress.  The salt cave helps cleanse the body.  Jeanne tells how fear came to her on the way to do a reading at Geer Village for a group of 45 people.  The common thread was abused women and how to help.  Jeanne talked about show up and how others help empower people.  She attend a ceremony honoring fireman’s wives and their service at the Northville Fire Department.  Her son Jason received fireman of the year honors for saving a young woman’s life.  Jeanne gives a shout out to Charlie Chapin for 55 years of service.  Our 1st caller, Tammy, wanted to connect with mother and felt she needs to be of service to someone.  Doreen called to connect with her mother after a disturbing comment by her aunt.  Her mother Delores has a great response – don’t engage in the drama, feels it was said out of jealousy.  Mary Ann calls to find out if her father is in pain.  Jeanne could feel he has dementia and his soul is doing its needed cleansing.  June asks for some help with some sadness with her oldest brother being diagnosed with terminal illness, mesothelioma, related to asbestos while in the Navy.  Casey asks for some help with Mark’s foot.  Jeanne recommends Epsom salt soak and bentonite clay paste.

Be sure to check out the healing event at Inspirit Healing Studio coming in May at  Speakers include Paulo Fernandez to talk about the Alkaline Diet.  See more on Jeanne’s Facebook page!


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