Be the Change! Special Caller!, “I AM INVALUABLE”, Great Angel message (wait for it)

Be the change! Powerful show tonight about change. Jeanne tells us how change fueled with passion does work. Jeanne invites Katie Grinnell, a senior at New Milford High School, to the show to speak about what they are doing to be the change. It is a discussion which will stir your emotions. When you hear the what these young adults have going through their minds about their own safety it is very sobering. Listen to a short clip of the start of the video, see it all here –

We have 35 new members in the private Facebook group “Angels Don’t Lie”. Welcome! A community of spiritual people coming together to be the change. Jeanne orders from Casey has to get out the owl!

Callers – Katie Grinnell from New Milford Connecticut, talks about their walkout to express their desire for change. Must Listen! Kathy from New York calls to see if the angels have a message for her sister. Today is the anniversary of the passing of her husband and is having a hard time. The message Jeanne passes to Kathy nails it!

Wellness tip – “I AM INVALUABLE” – very powerful affirmation statement – Jeanne explains why and gives out some homework!

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Broadcast from the KBJB Studio: March 13th, 2018.

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