Callers! Closure, Grief, Moving – Circle Method, Strangers, Amethyst – Sobriety

Nov 28, 2017

Holy Turks and Caicos Islands!  Jeanne does the show from the islands and we are so glad.  Tonight’s show is filled with callers so be ready for an emotional roller coaster.  Please make sure you have tissues ready!  We have 8 callers tonight, all in need of assistance.  Jeanne is ready and spirit flows through her to help guide everyone on their journey.   Jeanne helps with strangers, missing loved ones, waiting for bad news, closure with poor relationships, moving – circle method, and heavy grief.

Nutritional Tip – Amethyst Crystal – violet variety of quartz – Jeanne gives us just a hint of its power including sobriety!  The ancient Greeks believed the stone protected its owner from drunkenness.

Callers tonight!  OMG did we have callers.  I can only say you must listen – Valerie, Kayla, Jen, Marie, Rhianna, Judy, Susan and Mary Ann.  Please send your love and prayers out to all our callers tonight.  Each prayer finds its way and helps with the healing.

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