The Four Elements in Western Astrology

In this weeks Angels Don’t Lie session my guest astrologers Carly & Pam share

The Four Elements in Western Astrology

In this informational podcast you will gain an understanding of what the four elements of Astrology are and how they represent our personality.  

As they dive in even further on the elements you will learn the importance of discovering if you have all four elements present in your chart or if you are lacking some, and how you can balance your elemental energy.  

They concluded this week’s session with the Summer solstice and NEW MOON in Cancer on June 21 and its Eclipse and what is presently transiting for us.

Our Lives & Astrology

Let’s talk Astrology with guests Carly Sensenbrenner & Pamela Picard

  • Our lives & Astrology
  • The Virus and the World changing
  • Exciting Moon phases
  • Nodes and their new home
  • Retrograde trifecta