How Using a Mantra will Expand Your Soul

Adding a mantra into you meditation practice will open you to receive more love and joy into your life.

With this beautiful mantra you will find that it sets as a reminder of your soul’s infinite nature.

Listen to the guided medI Am An Infinite Extension of Divine Love!

I recommend saying this mantra 3 times to automatically elevate your vibrational rate.

Try this:

Each morning, afternoon and evening take a few minutes to repeat the mantra.

I’ve include a journal page below that you can save or fill it out digitally:)

Listen to this months meditation…I Am An Infinite Extension Of Divine Love

March 2021 Divine Forecast

March 2021 Divine Forecast

Mary Magdalene is the Holy messenger for the Divine forecast for March 2021. 

You may know that Mary Magdalene was present for Jesus’s crucifixion. She was also Jesus’s companion, and a disciple. The Bible shares details of Mary’s life, but not all of what is written is the complete story of her life. We can identify with Mary Magdalene’s story and how others’ opinions of us is a partial view of who we are within. 

If you want to better understand Mary Magdalene’s life according to her word, I recommend reading  Mary Magdalen Revealed by Meggan Watterson

Many of us can relate to the feelings and emotional state of being hurt,  broken, and unworthy. Like Mary Magdalene, we also have an opportunity to purify and heal our wounds and our transgressions. It is our God gifted free will to choose to repent, pray and love each other and ourselves. 

March is the Month of purification. 

Mary Magdalene comes to us as a Holy guide, a sister, a friend, a woman who was transformed, healed and dedicated her life to servitude. Mary, she was the woman who was present at Jesus’s tomb, the one who never gave up hope or faith in  Jesus. It was Mary who witnessed Jesus’s resurrection and shared the details with the other disciples. Like Mary, you are a disciple to what you believe to be true in your heart. You preach your thoughts to others, sometimes from a place of alignment with love and other times from fear. 

Mary Magdalene, reminds us to hold strong to our personal beliefs and faith in God. She provides the path for us to stay the course of what we are being called to do in this life and to turn away from nay-sayers and those who would have us believe in false hoods. To rise above the words of others and to not let them confine or imprison us to a life that is not of our choosing. Mary steps forward during the rise of the healer; the great awakening of souls, to offer a new way of approaching life, the way of the heart of standing in the life you believe fully in.

Mary Magdalene comes providing us with spiritual guidance and tools to prepare our minds and bodies to heal and prosper according to God’s will. 

My sweet one, the aroma of citrus fills the air as I deliver these words for you. Enliven your senses, drink in the healing bounty of Jesus’s love for you.

What you will witness during the first week of March are great shifts in energy causing an outburst of fear to run rampant, similar to that of your previous year. Though you will continue to experience a month of uneasiness that will challenge your decision making and cause doubt to confuse your thoughts, rest in the Glory of Faith. For your faith is that which will withstand the shaking up and deception of evil’s hold on the world. 

During the second week of March your heart will leap in your chest with blessings of the great healing that is occuring. Continue to pray, do not cease, for now is the time for you to come together praising God. Healing the world of sin and despair takes time. The Father knows of your great heartaches and will continue to provide miracles, you will know of them as you open your hearts and minds. 

During the last two week of March as you are preparing for the Easter season the Holy Spirit will be among you. Providing you with great hope and optimism. This is for you, a gift of prevailing the darkest of times. The restoration of life in the new age. You will be among the healers, guides and sages. You too will be called to serve, to stand among the living to declare God’s glory throughout the lands. Each of you have been appointed with gifts of the Spirit. This is known and written. 

By the conclusion of the month you will be enlightened with the Holy Spirit and guided to a rebirth.”  Mary Magdalene



On March 1st, Set a sacred altar in an area of your home where you can sit and pray. You can add photos, flowers, crystals, religious items or anything you wish to your altar.. Light a white candle, this a symbolic Holy offering to Mary Magdalene. 

Say or even write the following prayer and leave it on your altar: 

Mary Magdalene, a woman of many sins, who by conversion became the beloved of Jesus, thank you for your witness that Jesus forgives through the miracle of love. You, who already possess eternal happiness in His glorious presence, please intercede for me, so that some day I may share in the same everlasting joy. Amen.

Healing Transmission For Trauma

This weeks Divine Healing Transmission is for Trauma. All you need to do is find a quiet spot to sit and be still for a few minutes, with your Believe Journal by your side.

Trauma unhealed leads to the manifestation of a physical response in our body.
We can spend years going to therapy or other healing modalities and still not feel how we want to feel. What we do instead of connecting inward with our desired feeling is this… we chase the feeling we desire.

This is why we have habits such as overeating, drinking a goblet of wine or eating a shit ton of junk food. Seriously, if you know me at all, you know that I did all of these and suffered from the yucky aftermath of the binge.
It’s not that I did those things that I wanted to point out, it’s that I was chasing a feeling…. that’s the part I really want you to get. The red wine and sugary snack attack never satisfied me. I am sure you can relate with this on some level. It may be spending, gambling even OCD type of lists, organizing and fixing things or others can all be part of the chase to feel.

The thing is we chase after feelings all the time. We all want to feel what our interpretation of good is. Right?!

And look, everyone we know has encountered some form of pain, either from an emotional, physical or mental experience. Sometimes it can be all of these, depending on our souls journey. Our incarnation in this physical realm is about our souls evolution. With all growth there is going to be learning, challenges and change.

Knowing this, now we can really dive inward to look at the feelings we are seeking from the outside world. Which, by the way we will never find outside of ourselves.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

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{Healing Transmission} Divine Healing For Your Heart Chakra

Hello Lovely,

Welcome to my first video Divine Healing Transmission! I’ve been working with my Angels & Guides on crafting a format to share Divine healing for the collective.

Today’s theme is Healing for your Heart Center.

The video’s I am creating are a virtual sacred space for you to receive channeled healing energy from The Holy Spirit. The method I am using to channel is similar to the way I connect to Spirit during my medium readings. For over a decade I’ve been sharing these healing transmission in private session and in person healing events. During the in person experiences I will be guided to place my hands on or above the person I am working with as the channeled energy flows through me to the client. Though I do not have a medical background, Spirit will often imprint messages and tones that are helpful in diagnosing, confirming or radically healing pain points with my clients.

Similar to an in person session these virtual transmissions offer you a physical experience.

The delivery of energy flows through my being and outwardly from my chakra points. The hand movement I use, is similar to Autonomous sensory meridian response know as ASMR. ASMR, if you aren’t familiar with it is an auto sensory meridian response, that’s is felt as a heightened sensation inside your body. You body responds with tingling and warming.

What you might experience in this Divine Healing Transmission:

Warm, tingling sensations.

Heightened emotions.

Easeful breathing.


Release of energy.

Angel or departed loved ones.

You don’t need to do anything other than to find a comfortable place to sit and be still. I do encourage you to have your journal and pen nearby and to take time to write down your experience.

When you are finished watching the video, please take a moment to share your experience or ask a question in the comment section.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

What To Do If You Stopped Believing In God

Sometimes an event occurs in our life that is so big and so painful that we begin to question everything that we thought we knew or that we had previously believed to be true. Sometimes it’s the smaller frequent struggles that just don’t stop coming that leave us feeling exhausted, weak and depleted that have us wondering “what is the point in all of this?” And then there are times when people in our lives that we should be able to trust, betray us and/or try to manipulate our thinking, leaving us feeling confused and alone.

Often, during these times people will blame God or even question his existence because they cannot make sense of why a loving God could allow this to happen. It is true that traumatic experiences rarely make sense to our logical minds. But our soul’s journey in this life is much more expansive than our limited understanding.

Recently I was asked by a client why it mattered that he had a spiritual practice set up for himself, because he didn’t even know what exactly he believed in. 

You see, he had been through serious trauma and was questioning “if there really is a God, then why would he allow these painful events to unfold in my life. “

I can’t even begin to imagine this man’s pain. Having to hold his child as she left this life seems so wrong and cruel. 

For me, I get a glimpse of how my clients feel when I am channeling. It’s a full body experience, I feel their pain as if it is mine. This is how I deliver what God wants them to know. 

This particular reading followed a series of clients that all had a common theme… they were each questioning God’s existence. 

Like my client who was lost in the overwhelming grief from his daughter’s passing, my new friend Allessandro Piovezehns lost his faith in God after being abandoned by his parents at the age of 14. Left to fend for himself, searching for food and shelter he turned to religious leaders to help him. What he received was deceit instead. These men, who stood for God, used God’s name to sin. 

As we try to understand the why’s of life’s happenings such as a loved one’s early departure from life or the wrongdoings and evil that we see and experience, we can easily get lost in the swirling energy of fear’s tones. 

Evil is real. And, he believes in God. His job is to put a wedge between you and God. Because if you aren’t good with God, then evil wins. Your God light dims with your internal struggles and questioning, and then that is what becomes the energy you share. Knowing why this matters is so important because if you are suffering and disbelieving then you aren’t going to share your light and love with others. Now that’s an “oh shit” moment, right?

God’s light is within you always. All you need to do is say yes to revisiting it. Almost like play. Try it out, call on Divine help, believe in it and watch and wait. God will always send you reminders that he’s holding space for you to return to love. 

Click Here to listen in on my conversation with Allessandro! He shares his Holy experience as he shares how he began to lean on faith and follow God’s voice again. His is a story of rising out of the ashes of a life gone bad. 

As for my client who’s grief has become a way of life for him and his family, I’ve offered him what I know works. Create a spiritual practice where Love is your focal point. Let go of trying and be still in the presence of your own Divinity. This is where God’s essence lives. Not in a religion or outside of you, you are the light of God. Trust in your intuitive, soul truth, that’s where you’ll find God! 

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I’m super excited about this new addition and want you to have in on this amazing opportunity to up-level your connection and spiritual practice. 

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Have a beautiful day!


xx Jeanne

How To Connect With Your Divinity

By connecting with your Divinity is how you can turn worry and anxiousness into spiritual food for your mind, body and soul.

We all have things that trigger our internal wounds. Like when you’re checking out at the grocery store with a cart full of food, and you can’t find your credit card or worse the cashier hands it back saying it’s been declined. You, turn red, the heat rises and your hands are sweaty. An old belief may rise to the surface in that moment unexpectedly, and whisper in your ear “ You will always be incompetent” Or, how about when you forget to pick up your child from CCD and you pull up to gather your wee little one feeling like the worst parent on the planet!? … (don’t judge, I did that!) 

What the Angels remind me of all the time is that we are all perfectly imperfect- things happen, plans fall apart, relationships break, money gets lost, people get sick, and loved ones die. These are the life experiences that are meant to shape us, teach us and support our soul’s expansion. 

I don’t know about you but I always seem so surprised when life falls apart on me. 

I’m constantly reminded as I sit with clients that we are messy beings. 

We are full of potential and are also capable of attracting our worst fears. Which if I’m honest, I do way more often than I care to admit. 

But, learning and growing and releasing old patterns and beliefs is what makes this journey in this lifetime so special. 

The Angels want me to remind you that though life can seem way off balance and certainly has for the past 8 months, things are exactly as they should be. 

You might be feeling confused and thinking what the heck are you talking about Jeanne??!! 

This is what I’ve learned from Spirit: 

Our planet is being transformed, as we are transcending. 

That which is not of love is rising to the surface to heal from our minds, bodies and our Mother Earth. 

We can literally see the yuck oozing out in many forms. 

What we are being called to do is pray, to release fear and that which evil has tricked us into believing as real and  to show up for ourselves like never before. Our only job is for us to BE LOVE. 

My friend, Spirit, is guiding us to go inward and awaken our inner Goddess. That Divine Feminine part of our being.

We’ve been given this time to pause, to be with family, to be alone with ourselves, to be gentle and to remember our true divinity. 

 This may seem like it may not be enough action to take with the current magnitude of the state of our planet, or the major issues we are facing in our country.

What I am sure of is: Love is the only action that actually matters. For love is so powerful and absolute that it will withstand the purging of the dark energy. 

You may be thinking of Love as a non action and as a feeling or emotion. 

But, Love is indeed an action because it is a choice. Love is prayer. Love is kindness. Love is compassion & forgiveness. Love elevates while fear diminishes. 

For this week’s Angels Don’t Lie podcast I was graced with the presence of Love in human form, her name is Katie Coelho. Katie’s journey through life has been one of many ups and even more plummeting lows. 

In this episode Katie reminds us how precious life is and how important it is to speak of and about our departed loved ones. She reminds us that their lives are meant to be cherished and honored by our ability to continue living through and beyond our grief, even if none of it makes sense to us! 


I’m sharing a nugget of love from my new book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie. With this Angel Ceremony you will find your view of the outside world will improve. I’ve adjusted this a bit to support you in raising your vibrational rate and opening to your Divinity.

Angel Ceremony:

Begin by setting a physical altar and holding intention in your internal sacred space where your Angel ceremony will convene for one week.

Choose someplace quiet, where you can meditate and reflect. Your altarcan be on a tabletop, on the floor, or simply on your nightstand. It doesn’t need to be fancy, because you can designate any space as sacred space.

Amplify the love to your altar by adding things like flowers, crystals, religious items, books, or even little notes of love and intention. Place a white candle in the center of your altar. (If necessary, it can be battery-operated.)

Every day, sit for at least ten minutes and mentally repeat the day’s prayer/mantra three times before going into silence. 

Sit in front of your altar with your eyes closed and your spine straight. Remain in silence,meditating on the mantra for as long as wish.

My recommendation is to sit at least ten minutes.

Take a moment before getting up to stretch your body, slowly allowing

the Divine energy to merge with yours. Journal your experience.

Say this prayer daily: Dear God please fill my heart with Divine

love and light. Guide me to release any and all stress, worry and fear from my life. Thank you for sending your Angels to support and guide me as I am raising my energy, awareness and consciousness. Amen

Repeat the following mantra daily: I Am Love, I Am Holy. And so it is, Amen.

August 2020

This month’s mantra was personally inspired.

When I am Grateful, my Soul Expands with Love!

I’ve been working with my Angels on being fully present in the act of gratitude. I’ve found myself in a daily practice of thanking God for both the good as well as the not so pretty stuff… YIKES!

I want you to know how much expansion has come from this one shift in my spiritual practice! It has awakened a worthiness that I didn’t realize was hidden within me .

Maybe you can also find a deeper love and respect for the hard stuff and find that Love expands within you too! I’d love to know what you discover as you put this months mantra on your Altar and in your heart!

MEDITATION 🧘‍♀️ Gratitude Expansion