May 2021 Divine Forecast

May 2021 Divine Forecast


This months painting began with a peaceful hike in the woods, where I came across a fallen Birch tree. The Birch tree is highly revered by many for the numerous healing properties.

I immediately felt compelled to harvest some bark to work with. As my husband and I worked to persevere each piece we took, we blessed the tree thanking her for all she has offered and will continue to offer our world.

As I lay the bark out to dry, my Angels brought my sight to the beautiful knot in the center of the bark that I was to paint on, and impressed the wisdom and depth in which we can lean in and learn from all of nature.

This paintings name is Angelic Embrace.

The first thing to appear was her wings spreading wide with love and embracing energy. The message that came from Angelic Embrace is our inner wisdom is our greatest asset. With care and gentleness this month we can open and bless each area of our life. Notice the eye inside the heart. This speaks of our inner wisdom, and how we see the world from a perspective of our internal energy. The word Grace is to her right side. This signifies our Divine feminine energy and reminding us to lean inward to soften our thoughts and beliefs and trust our soul journey. The crystal on her left are our Divine masculine. The sparkles remind us to again lean inwards to connect with wisdoms and knowings that are love based rather than being overly logical or fearful.

The first week in May will be filled with new insights brought forward with last weeks full moon. The Angels are impressing to hold these insights closely, nurture each one with care. Pray, write about them in your journal and meditate on them. Keep them close to your heart with great care.

As the second week comes in the Angels are showing your energy will be increasing with freshness and vitality. Each day will feel brighter and clearer with the insights you’ve been Divinely gifted.

During week three, expect the world wind of Covid to show up in new ways. Don’t panic rather Ffnd ways to still your energy in nature. Run, walk, hike.. do whatever you must to get fresh air in you body this week. All will be revealed and healed my loves.

Winding the month down in week 4 the rise of abundant energy will be yours. Stay the course of your spiritual practice. Thought the outside world will not make sense, your inner guidance will magnify truth, love and purity.

March 2021 Divine Forecast

March 2021 Divine Forecast

Mary Magdalene is the Holy messenger for the Divine forecast for March 2021. 

You may know that Mary Magdalene was present for Jesus’s crucifixion. She was also Jesus’s companion, and a disciple. The Bible shares details of Mary’s life, but not all of what is written is the complete story of her life. We can identify with Mary Magdalene’s story and how others’ opinions of us is a partial view of who we are within. 

If you want to better understand Mary Magdalene’s life according to her word, I recommend reading  Mary Magdalen Revealed by Meggan Watterson

Many of us can relate to the feelings and emotional state of being hurt,  broken, and unworthy. Like Mary Magdalene, we also have an opportunity to purify and heal our wounds and our transgressions. It is our God gifted free will to choose to repent, pray and love each other and ourselves. 

March is the Month of purification. 

Mary Magdalene comes to us as a Holy guide, a sister, a friend, a woman who was transformed, healed and dedicated her life to servitude. Mary, she was the woman who was present at Jesus’s tomb, the one who never gave up hope or faith in  Jesus. It was Mary who witnessed Jesus’s resurrection and shared the details with the other disciples. Like Mary, you are a disciple to what you believe to be true in your heart. You preach your thoughts to others, sometimes from a place of alignment with love and other times from fear. 

Mary Magdalene, reminds us to hold strong to our personal beliefs and faith in God. She provides the path for us to stay the course of what we are being called to do in this life and to turn away from nay-sayers and those who would have us believe in false hoods. To rise above the words of others and to not let them confine or imprison us to a life that is not of our choosing. Mary steps forward during the rise of the healer; the great awakening of souls, to offer a new way of approaching life, the way of the heart of standing in the life you believe fully in.

Mary Magdalene comes providing us with spiritual guidance and tools to prepare our minds and bodies to heal and prosper according to God’s will. 

My sweet one, the aroma of citrus fills the air as I deliver these words for you. Enliven your senses, drink in the healing bounty of Jesus’s love for you.

What you will witness during the first week of March are great shifts in energy causing an outburst of fear to run rampant, similar to that of your previous year. Though you will continue to experience a month of uneasiness that will challenge your decision making and cause doubt to confuse your thoughts, rest in the Glory of Faith. For your faith is that which will withstand the shaking up and deception of evil’s hold on the world. 

During the second week of March your heart will leap in your chest with blessings of the great healing that is occuring. Continue to pray, do not cease, for now is the time for you to come together praising God. Healing the world of sin and despair takes time. The Father knows of your great heartaches and will continue to provide miracles, you will know of them as you open your hearts and minds. 

During the last two week of March as you are preparing for the Easter season the Holy Spirit will be among you. Providing you with great hope and optimism. This is for you, a gift of prevailing the darkest of times. The restoration of life in the new age. You will be among the healers, guides and sages. You too will be called to serve, to stand among the living to declare God’s glory throughout the lands. Each of you have been appointed with gifts of the Spirit. This is known and written. 

By the conclusion of the month you will be enlightened with the Holy Spirit and guided to a rebirth.”  Mary Magdalene



On March 1st, Set a sacred altar in an area of your home where you can sit and pray. You can add photos, flowers, crystals, religious items or anything you wish to your altar.. Light a white candle, this a symbolic Holy offering to Mary Magdalene. 

Say or even write the following prayer and leave it on your altar: 

Mary Magdalene, a woman of many sins, who by conversion became the beloved of Jesus, thank you for your witness that Jesus forgives through the miracle of love. You, who already possess eternal happiness in His glorious presence, please intercede for me, so that some day I may share in the same everlasting joy. Amen.


Divine Forecast for December 2020

December 2020 Divine Forecast

As we move out of the month of November and into December the Angels are showing that our world wide collective energy remains shaky, unstable and houses a continuation of people holding strong opinions and leveraging fear to prove their points.

While painting December’s Divine Forecast, the message spoken through my heightened senses is that collectively we are being summoned to  “Return to Faith”.  Honoring the messages I’ve named her Angel Of Faith.

The holiday’s bring up a duality of emotions.

While we miss and wish our departed loved ones were with us, we also cherish the memories that we’ve shared with them. Be aware that this month has a heightened energy for releasing outdated emotional blocks and fears that have been lingering on,

Our bodies hold emotions.

The wisdom from the Angels enlightens us to an understanding that as the body holds emotional energy of the past and present, it can also be free of and healed from painful emotions that block our innate Joy.

Though  collectively we may be willing away 2020, as it has been a painful year, we are also being guided to return to faith and hold space for love to fill in the crevices and cracks this past year has left behind. 

As you welcome the first day of December in, collectively we are going to see a continuum of fear rising to the surface. Challenging relationships and past drama’s are sure to knock at your door. The remedy is awareness of fear and the choice to love and nurture ourselves. 

This month is normally a social month, with parties, gatherings and celebrations.

This year rings in an uncomfortable experience of stillness and having you questioning how you will spend the Holidays. Depending on your energy this can call on fear to manipulate and confuse your thoughts. Faith will hold you as you move through decision making, if you pause to feel past the emotional warfare that evil is using to manipulate the collective, you can invite the vibrational energy you want to experience to move into its place. This is because we are in the time of the Healer, and as we are all healers we are seeing fear rise in all areas as it’s being transmuted to love. Lean on your faith by consciously choosing to be aware of your emotional standing, 

In December’s painting you can see an Angel with a single evergreen tree. The significance of this isn’t as a Holiday symbol rather as a spiritual one. Evergreen’s represent immortality, survival and eternal life. The Angel is looking slightly upward as she is graced with the presence of The Holy Spirit. She is glistening with the radiance of purity. Faith is the golden glow you see floating effortlessly and abundantly as she leans into The Holy Spirit’s loving rays.

This painting reminds us to look upward to God for guidance, clarity and stability as we return to faith, and bask in the infinite truth of our Divinity. You are an infinite being here to expand and glorify God. 

May the blessings of the Lord fill your life with abundant love and joy! 

August Angel Astrology

August 2020 Astrological Forecast

August 2020 astrology forecast 


The Sun will square Uranus Aug. 2nd and 3rd. The Sun in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius. This Aquarius Full Moon announces surprises and change. All kinds of creativity can come forward. Tap into this opportunity and work with it’s unique creative energy. Uranus will bring intense energy. Sit with this energy and listen to your heart and head. Uranus will be forcing some kind of change in your life. Anything can happen during this time. Take the time to quiet your mind and notice how you feel about change. You can assess what changes need to be made in your life so that you can expand and grow. Become a companion with change rather than resisting it. Uranus and the full moon in Aquarius are bringing change on a global scale as well as personal, internal change. Be willing to think outside the box this month. During this time of change, what worked before may not work in the same way. Gain a new perspective on how you normally solve issues this month. 


Mercury can show how you communicate and process information. Leo is the sign of drama and the heart. Careful not to hold too tight to your own truth. Try and open your heart to ideas that you are clinging tight too. Be open to other people’s views and perspectives as well. Allow others to relay information and listen fully to their ideas.


Venus represents balance, harmony, relationships, and money. Cancer represents nurturing. It’s time to nurture and nourish what you value. Give a healthy foundation to all your interactions. Nurture your pets and relationships. Think about how you can become a little softer and more tender toward others. You often prefer staying at home than going out, even during week-ends. This is the best time to cultivate healthy family relationships. 


Mars is the planet of action and how to get things done. Mars directs energy.  Pluto is the planet of transformation. A square can show a block or abrasive energy. When mars squares Pluto family dynamics can come into play. This will  be a strong presence this month. Irritability can rise easily. This square usually brings aggressiveness, social outbursts, and abuse of power. Take some time to understand where you want to direct the build up of this energy. Invite change in and take a different route mentally and physically. Consciously invite in creative energy and direct it toward something in a positive  way so this energy has somewhere to release.


Sun conjuncts Moon in Leo. The fiery sign of Leo is associated with creativity, generosity, self-confidence and leadership qualities. These are the main areas of focus, when the Sun conjuncts the Moon in Leo. It’s a beautiful time to come up with creative adventures. Experience the drama to your life without trauma by going inward and notice how to soften your energy and be in the moment. 


You focus on the little details of your life. Also, Mercury will move into the sign of Virgo. It’s the perfect time to become organized and to do detailed work. Clear out the clutter within your home and mind. Organize all parts of your life the best you can for the next 30 days.

By Carly Sensenbrenner

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July 2020 Angel Astrology

July 2020 Astrological Forecast

Mercury Moves Direct in Cancer (July 12th)

You might have been feeling a little scatterbrained and sloppy at times during the month of June and into the beginning of July. Mercury moves direct which helps bring ease to your thinking process and communication skills. Your empathic energies are heightened in the sign of cancer. Notice what your internal needs are and communicate them outwardly with those you love. 

Mars Retrograde- Aries (6 Months) From now to January 6, 2021.

Mars in Aries is in it’s home sign. It will be moving back and forth in a square with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. This energy will re-activate an intensify energy that we first started experiencing in the spring of 2020. Jupiter will expand Mars’ energy and create a feeling of wanting to go all in. Although Saturn will be holding our energy back encouraging us to be patient, don’t move too fast into something new. We can feel fired up about something to move forward with and then have to take some steps back. 

Mars in Aries will help us feel fired up to initiate something in our lives. Although when Mars goes retrograde it will be time to go inward, reflect and slow down our energy. Focus on the projects we already started. Then when it moves direct it will be about pushing your energy forward into something that you’re feeling passionate about. 

Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  (July 5th)

An Eclipse is a culmination point, an ending, purging, or completion of some kind. It’s a powerful day for detoxifying and releasing something. The finale Eclipse of the season is here. The next time we will experience another Eclipse in Capricorn or Cancer will be in 8 years. 

In what way have you felt called to create boundaries to either pursue your professional life or spend more time on self-care and with those you love? The Capricorn/Cancer energy has moved through to teach us to awaken and reassess these areas of our lives. An astroid called Vesta is close to the Sun during this Eclipse. Vesta represents harvest and abundance, and its presence will be ensuring that this Eclipse brings the fruits of our labor.

New Moon in Cancer (July 2oth)

It’s a healing time to walk next to water, swim, take a salt bath and  enter into your internal world of emotions. Saturn will come into a square with the moon which can have you experiencing a lot internally and stuffing your emotions in. Notice any feelings that need to be released and spend this time setting a clear intention for yourself. The end of the month has enjoyable aspects which can have us feeling renewed and alive. 

Saturn Re-Enters Capricorn

Saturn entered Aquarius March 21st and is now in retrograde moving back into the sign of Capricorn for 5 1/2 months before it moves back into Aquarius for the next two years.  With Saturn revisiting to the last few degrees of Capricorn, from now until December, we may notice themes from March and earlier in the year resurfacing again.

When Saturn was last traveling through these final degrees of Capricorn during spring, many countries around the world entered lockdown. We may find ourselves revisiting that in some way, although we can understand and know how to navigate through it because it’s something we have gone through before. 

On a personal level, Saturn moving back into Capricorn may stir some past themes for us to finally finish with.Whatever the main focus in your life has been in the last 2 years, pertaining to building on something, is coming to completion at this time. You may have had to channel hard work into some area of your life and in the next 5 1/2 months that energy can come to a head and have you master something in a way.  

By Carly Sensenbrenner

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June 2020 Astrology Outlook


A Lunar eclipse represents some kind of ending. It’s a perfect  time to let go of something.

This energy can bring some kind of spiritual experience, one that transcends all sense perceptions. Take time to meditate and see the big picture so you gain a clearer perspective. Take a break from the many forms of communication through tv, social media, books etc. It’s a beneficial time to embrace a more silent state during this Lunar Eclipse. Soften the mind and meditate on Divine truth. Let go of any old outdated belief systems that are no longer serving your highest good. Notice a vision in your mind’s eye, ask your guides and Angels to show you the next steps moving forward. Expand your vision of changes that need to be made within you to the ones that need to be made around the world and notice what comes up.


Our thoughts are coloured by our emotions. It is very difficult to be objective, during this transit. This can bring up nostalgic conversations. Sometimes it may be hard to find the right words to express how you are feeling as you are full of emotions. Take time to notice what needs to be re-evaluated within you.


The Sun in Cancer shines a light on family and your roots. This is a wonderful time to focus on nostalgic memories of your past. You can feel that family issues come into focus. You may experience a feeling of being over protective towards your family. It’s a time to be around family or be around friends who feel like family.


The Sun will conjunct Moon in Cancer. Your emotions can be moved easily. This is a beautiful time to plant something you want to grow- metaphorically and physically. You can focus on what you want to heal on an emotional level and watch your intention grow. You can become highly intuitive and sensitive during this time. Stay open and receptive to your own emotional intelligence. If tears want to flow, allow them to. It’s a healing time to be by water of any kind.


Neptune retrograde can cause a distorted reality. Uncontrolled imagination and daydreaming are some experiences you may face until the end of November.


You may have a past love come back into your life, or you could be thinking of a past relationship and healing around that experience. With Venus now direct in Gemini you can gain a clearer perspective of that experience.

You have strong intellectual interests and intellectual hobbies.You can enjoy communicating with people, face to face, by phone, online etc. This is a very chatty time. Whatever sign Venus is in, it’s an energy that brings you joy and pleasure. Now is a great time to enjoy working with your hands and communicating.

JUNE 28TH: MARS ENTERS ARIES (until beginning of 2021)

The Red Planet feels at home in one of the signs that it rules, Aries. Therefore, it’s power is boosted. Mars in Aries wants us to take action. During this transit, people tend to listen to their instincts. They make fast decisions. You may feel more motivated to move your body, be spontaneous and courageous. This can encourage you to take the lead in your life.

By Carly Sensenbrenner

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