Manifest Healthy Relationships Into Your Life

The one constant in all of your relationships is…..YOU! 

You know what that means. It means that our primary focus on the health and well being of ALL of our relationships is based on the quality of our relationship with ourselves! What? You mean we can’t blame the other guy for all that we don’t like inside a less than perfect relationship? Nope, sorry love- this one is on you!

What I’ve learned is: the level in which we love ourselves is what we receive from the outside world. And, how we treat ourselves is how we teach others to treat us. If we are kind, compassionate, forgiving and respectful to ourselves that is exactly what will be reflected back to us from others. 

The same holds true if we are mean, judgemental and disrespectful to ourselves. Yep, you guessed it- that is the way we will be treated by others.

Have you ever sat back and looked at the relationships you’ve had over the course of your life?

When done with a firm grounding in love, you can learn so much about yourself doing this. 

This year started for me with the intention of viewing all types of past relationships. I only focused on my side of the relationship with others. I chose to look both at hard ones and loving ones. Allowing myself to be present for the past in a new loving way, where I didn’t allow myself to go backwards to replay or judge, rather to learn. 

To stay in the vibration of love, I made a list of areas that I would focus on. I narrowed my list down to the top 3 things I was going to work on. Then I did some research for outside support and upleveled my spiritual practice.

For the past 8 months I’ve worked intentionally and lovingly with a clear mindset to restore and illuminate the truth of my soul self through healing. And, I’ve gotta tell you just how incredible this year has been. Even with the pandemic and chaos we are experiencing collectively. 

Relationships are tricky. They can leave us hurting, broken and torn into pieces. Anyone who’s lived through trauma, which is most humans by the way, has habits, pain and brokenness that they carry within them that were built to protect their younger self. What happens over time is that they attract the same type of relationships back into their life over and over that reflect the pain they are burdened with. 

Here are top 3 questions to ask yourself to begin healing your side of the relationship.  

  1. How are you reactive in the relationship?
  2. What are the things that triggered the reaction?
  3. What actions did you take and what state of mind were you in?

It’s important to make a practice of working with these questions. This isn’t usually a one and done deal. That’s why we call it our “you work”, because it takes some work to uncover and heal past wounds so that they no longer cause us pain and stop blocking us from the joy we are meant to experience.

I also went a little further with my “you work”, by working with experts that supported the healing I was calling in. 

I recommend building your lightworker team based on key things you are looking to heal. For me, I was looking to heal reactiveness, emotional pain and to forgive and release blocked energy. 

My top 4 suggested team of supportive light workers includes: 

  1. A therapist, who works with trauma and also offers energy work. 
  2. A massage healer who works with Divine energy and Angels.
  3. A naturopath who also offers acupuncture. 
  4. A trusted friend to dialog with.

Next, I lined up resources and practices to help keep me on track with my intentional healing plan. I broke these down into easy to implement nuggets of self love. 

My top 6 daily acts of self love routine :

  1. Hydration, drinking 60oz of water. 
  2. Mindfulness, mantra & meditation. 
  3. Yoga & movement.
  4. Prayer & journaling.
  5. High vibe eating. 
  6. Supplements that cleanse and renew cells and build up and support your energy.

Go ahead and implement my routine in your life and add it to your “you work” practice, if you think that will fill your love void, or create a personalized list of your own daily acts of love. Either way, make sure you take action and actually do the things that you know fill you up. In no time, you will feel better, look better, think kinder, gentler thoughts and smile more. 

And the bonus prize is that you will see a magical outward reflection manifest in your relationships.

Tell me in the comment section how healthier loving relationships will make a difference in your life!

Heavenly Love

Heavenly Love 

Written By Denise Cox

When my daughter was put into a therapeutic boarding school my heart was broken, but relieved.  I was left with a heart that was unsure and feeling guilt, sadness, relief and judgment.  

When my Mother died 2 years later, I was left with relief again, that the pain and suffering was gone, but unsure of how to continue without my rock, my solid and steady person of reason.

Then fifteen days before she died, my sweet dear husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He was taken to be with the Lord, 13 months later.

Listen to my recent conversation with Denise, Purpose in the Midst of Grief.

Here I sit, with the gift of a voice to help others.  As I speak, I am healed.  I realized that my ability to open up and share, has nothing to do with me. It has to do with those who I can somehow help provide another way to look at things. To help them heal and be able to move on through our earthly life and for those who have left us, to share their heavenly love to help us keep going.  This is simply the most amazing gift that I have been given.  

As I shared this with my sister, she looked at me and said, Denise this is the Holy Spirit that lives in you.  These were the same words my Mom told me as she endured her own departure and the ones I remembered when I endured the departure of my own daughter that I fought so hard to have.  

It’s becoming abundantly clear to me that the things we love the most sometimes have to go another path.  It’s also becoming abundantly clear that I am supposed to share my voice to help them feel the holy spirit, as I have been gifted with so  many times over. So they can heal and feel the same peace.

I am overwhelmed with peace and love.  A love so much deeper and incredible that it gives me a greater purpose, and a greater voice than I ever knew I had.  It’s overwhelming and humbles me in a very deep way.

Clearly I was chosen in some way to endure so much loss, because I do not sit in pain so to speak, I sit in a humble way, ready to learn the purpose of it all and as it unfolds, I am again amazed by the beauty of the sacrifices that were made for me, so long ago, by God to sacrifice his only son for our sins.  

Denise began her career as an art director, working in New York with Warner Bros. and Disney after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing from Drexel University. She eventually established her own freelance marketing and design business focused on the apparel licensing business. 

As a hobby, she designing beaded jewelry and handbags and creating a network of partners, vendors and retailers. But it wasn’t until she was in process of adopting her little girl that Denise began getting more involved in jewelry design.

A Blessed Women

Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Mother’s Day! 

The reading began and immediately I felt her uneasiness and disconnection. She felt uncertain and even a bit insecure even though she didn’t want to admit it. 

The untruths she was replaying inside her being were very real and so, so sad. 

The only thing that separated us was that she was in her home and I was at mine. 

Our work together, like all my clients, was done through a connection one cannot see, rather one that is experienced through a soul connection that is made, it is a purely miraculous experience, full of loving messages and energetic healing that shifted both our lives. 

This kind of healing is without surgical scars, bandages or harsh chemicals, it’s enlightening transcendental work, it’s not of this realm yet meant for this realm. 

Self doubt is the stopping point and why she is experiencing the inner turmoil.

I know this pain, it’s oh too familiar to me, and at times has even ruled over me. The shame and neglect of denying my own sacredness and soul truths, has haunted my sleep as it is hers.

She’s living in a place that’s familiar to me, and the old version of me would want to yank her right out of there, but I can’t fix what’s not mine to heal. 

Empathy guides us or at times even invites us into a person’s experience. When leaning into someone’s life who is in turmoil or pain, we join them inside the circle of sorrow, trying to soothe them with how to’s or uplifting ideas, beliefs that were birthed from our own personal insights and truths.

I’ve been a sensitive soul my entire life. I bet you too have felt a deep sense of personal responsibility when you see someone in pain? We just want to ease their suffering, offer up whatever precious tid bit we might have to give. 

Nothing about healing work is easy. Not for the person in the pain or for the person working to guide them through the pain. 

It’s like giving birth, no-one can do it for you, you have to go through it. 

Birthing isn’t just about becoming a mother. And motherhood isn’t always about birthing a child. Motherhood is about pouring the well of love from within the depth of your soul into something bigger than yourself. It’s a dream, a creation, hard work and sleepless nights. 

My client was in a crisis, anxious and frightened of the calling from within her. The constant thoughts and negative commentary going on day into night and night into day left her in a weakened state. Her Shmego guy was working overtime, filling her with lies, untruths and confusion. 

Beyond empathy is where we went. Pure soul connection looks and feels so familiar to you that you can’t help but lean in to hear what God is saying. God speaks kind, soft truth. Like a soft, warm, velvety blanket that gently drapes over your skin. You nestle in, feel comforted, held and loved. 

She leaned in as the words I spoke floated from Heaven to her ears. God reminded her of who she is, an authentic beautiful soul that He sent into this life to do great work. Her story isn’t unlike yours or mine. Sometimes we women need a gentle reminder saying it’s okay to be messy and it’s okay to not have all the answers. You’re safe to fall into God’s velvety blanket of love and cry the big crocodile tears, the ones that soak your face and shirt and cause snot and big red dots on your face. 

Love is pure. Leaning into love wasn’t her first response. No, she learned to lean on doubt, fear, shame and the untruths that she was taught. We plucked out the deep dark roots of those yuckinesses and the voids where they once were. God filled them with light, with love, with joy, all His glory held her upwards. 

Everytime God is welcomed inward to our bodies, homes, families and our work a miracle happens, a void within is filled. I am sending this email with the healing energy from God to you with my prayer that you are filled with warm, velvety love today and everyday. 

I’m so overjoyed to finally share what I’ve been working on with you… my podcast is back with a brand new addition, called Angels Don’t Lie Sessions. With the added sessions you get a front row seat with live interaction and personal connection time with me and the expert guest speakers. 

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Tuesday May 12th is the first Angels Don’t Lie Session. 

The topic is Let’s talk Astrology  with special guests Carly Sensenbrenner & Pamela Picard who will be discussing:

  • Our lives & astrology
  • The virus and the changing world
  • Exciting moon phases
  • Nodes and their new home
  • Retrograde trifecta

When to walk away from a relationship

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When To Walk Away From A Relationship


We are meant to have all types of relationships in this lifetime. The truth is everyone wants to be loved and valued. 


Our path is unique to us. We have curves, potholes and even detours that we take while on our life path. 


All souls have their own journey to go through in this life. The most rewarding energy we can experience is claiming our right to be here. You are meant to be here in this life, to have your experiences and transcend your pain. 


The Angels have taught that we are all on the same playing field, meaning with all have our own pains, sufferings and life lessons to learn. 


When we are in a toxic relationship we may find ourselves caught up in a lower energy vibe. 


All souls have a path to walk in this life. The most rewarding energy we can experience is claiming our right to be here. You are meant to be here in this life. 


The Angels have taught that we are all on the same playing field, meaning with all have our own pains, sufferings and life lessons to learn. 


When we are in a toxic relationship we may find ourselves caught up in a lower energy vibe. 


We have thoughts that lead us to experiencing feelings of sadness, anger and resentment. From there we form opinions and our outwardly actions are shaped from these lower vibes.


And, while it sounds easy to say we aren’t judging, shaming or blaming the experience. When we dive in deep doing our “you work” and really take a heartfelt look at those feelings without judging, then write them down in our journal, like magic the truth takes shape. Seeing the truth is freeing and gives us the opportunity to re-shape our thoughts and clean up our side of the relationship.


If the first thing we could do when we experienced pain was to open our heart to compassion and surrender the feelings and emotions without following them back in time, as if the experience was a lifetime movie on re-run, your healing would come forward with ease.


The Angels say though we may not believe we are safe to surrender to love this deeply, we are meant to have these challenges to teach us that we are indeed strong enough to look our pain in the eye and learn valuable life lessons. 


When we look at our side of the relationship, and own our part, that is when the pain we are carrying is healed.


Cleaning up your side of the relationship how to’s:


We all have our own life path to walk;use these prompts to help you uncover what your blocks are.


Think of one relationship that you would like to heal.


Write a list of the feelings you are experiencing about that relationship.


Next to each feeling you wrote down journal  if this feeling is connected to the person or event, if you are unsure just leave it blank for now.


Look over the feelings list one item at a time. While closing your eyes think of one feeling at a time, place  one hand on your belly the other over your heart and say the feeling out loud. Notice where in your body this feeling is located.


Write down your findings for each of feelings that you have on your list.


Are the feelings associated with the relationship you listed above or from a previous relationship or event.


Emotions are past pains that are stored within our body. Feelings trigger these emotions to rise. We can confuse old emotional pain with new experiences because the feelings we are experiencing are familiar to the ones we had during a previous pain.


Once you can determine if the feelings you have are connected to emotions within your body from that person or if they are associated with a past event you can take the next steps.


Write down a love action you can take to shift the energy of that block. 


For instance: 

Forgiveness of self or the other.

Apologize for a wrong-doing.

Surrender a fear to God.

Pray for release.

Let go of the past stories. 

Live in the present moment.


Now you have your first step along with the tools you need to clean up your side of the relationship. Leave me a comment below on how you used my method to heal your relationships! 



xx Jeanne

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Dealing With Life Challenges

dealing with life challenges

dealing with life challenges

Your Spiritual Lessons

Our life is filled with challenges. These challenges break down into lessons we are here to learn as well as we have soul missions to complete. None of these experiences are easy peasy. They require us to choose how we will approach and deal with each challenge.


What do I mean by we get to choose?


You see, we have been gifted free will. It is through our free will we get to choose how we live.


Our life is a projection of our inner state of being.


If we are in alignment with our God-self AKA Goddess self that means we are choosing to move with love. Our projection will be of the highest vibration. And while we are in that state of being we approach our challenges and lessons from the point of view of love.


This love view takes time and awareness to create a healthy pattern or a new habit in how we work through our challenges. The first step or as I refer to it in my book The Goddess You principle one Quiet Our Mind is to learn how to reframe our thoughts, understand the role of fear and heal our internal dialog, we do this by learning to Quiet Our Mind.


The second principle is Self Love. Knowing our pain points are very real. The trauma’s we’ve gone through, the hardships and repeated experiences wear us down. We lose sight of love, feel alone and burdened by pain. This is when fear sneaks in, and by fear I do mean the evil that lives on earth.


Fears job is straight forward it is to keep us living a fear based life.


He knows our weaknesses and uses them to control our thoughts. It is through our lower thoughts we choose how we react to situations. It is also how we learn to turn our inner dialog into a self deflating conversation. The voice within is speaking to us in a love tone or in a fear tone.

In this video I share some Divine insights and a blessing for you… “your truest power is your power of prayer, faith and believability that you are an extension of God. You are a blessing, you are the light”

Join me weekday mornings for the month of June, I am hosting Mornings with the Angels on Facebook  and soon on Instagram. 






When we find ourselves reactive to the challenge at hand and it is triggering feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, confusion, judgement or other fearful responses then we are being cued in that our emotions are in need of healing. Our reactiveness is a call to heal something within.


The third principle is  Change Your Reactions. This is principle is our superpower. When we are faced with a challenge that triggers a response of low vibrations we can choose to replace that response with one of love, of compassion of forgiveness of asking the Divine what it is that we can learn from this experience.

When we are consciously raising our awareness, this is when we are choosing love over fear.


How do you raise your awareness? Leave me a comment below, I read everyone and love sharing Spirits wisdom with you!


God Bless! xx J


How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy

how to keep your marriage healthy
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How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Having been married for 33 years I’ve experienced trials in my marriage. I have documented most of the happy times in photo’s, videos and we even have those memorable moments that leave a lasting impression we can reminisce and laugh about from time to time.


What we don’t always do is reflect on the hard times. You know the ones when you are on the edge of falling apart.


My marriage has always been a priority to both my husband and I. And we knew our odds were not in our favor for having our young relationship last. I was just 20 when we said our “I do’s”, high school sweethearts that came together at 17. The family, friends and random people we ran into would state things like “you’ll never it make it”.


We have a great life, and a strong marriage. But it isn’t as easy as just saying those words. It takes strength and faith to see you through the times when you feel broken or like you just don’t want to work on it.


So how do you keep a long term relationship healthy when you want to throw the towel in, or when it’s the last thing you feel like pouring your energy into?


I am not alone in this, I’ve met so many women who fall into the pattern of losing themselves in their marriage. Hey, you love who you love and with that comes the good, the bad and the in-between times.


During a recent session with a woman who was feeling like giving up Spirit offered my client clear steps that helped her immediately change the course of where her marriage was heading. She could recognize where and how she lost sight of her power.


Here’s how it began:  I sat across from my client I started how I always start a session with a conversation within, saying hi God, I’m ready to work and instantly my energy is plugged into the Divine flow and I am tuned into what’s energetically going on with my client. During this session Spirit guided me to understand the depleted state she was in.


It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard “Jeanne I don’t know what to do my marriage is a wreck,” and I’m sure it won’t be the last time either.


Marriage is hard. Marriage is supportive. Marriage is loving. Marriage is emotional.


The truth is being married is not meant to be easy. It is meant to teach, elevate, support, nurture, forgive, heal, connect, inspire, grow and survive all the above and then some.



Here is my longevity marriage list…


Date Night

We started this early in our marriage, where we dedicated one night a week to us. When finances were sparse, we got creative and took a car ride, strolled through Home Depot or walked the mall. We even got some friends to do the same, and it became their saving grace as well!



You must respect yourself first and show respect to your partner. The old rule is true here, you get what you give. If you want respect, well then look at how you are treating yourself and your partner!



You have feelings and so does your partner be kind, validate their pain by listening with an open heart and mind. Leave judgement out of the conversation!


Let The Past Go

Holding on to the past is how you will never move forward in your relationship. Offer forgiveness when necessary and leave yesterday’s crap where it belongs in the past!


For Gosh’s sake… Put your phone away

Be present with your partner. Don’t get lost in the relationship with your phone… it will never return the energy you give it!


Have Fun

Get out and have fun. Laughter is the best medicine. Do things together that light your souls up!


Intimacy Matters

The easiest and fastest way to spark your and your partners mojo is when you are close. Hold hands, say kind things, rub each other’s back. Find ways to be intimate every day and the love spark will keep on flaming!


Make The First Move

When you are feeling a lull or lack in your relationship, it’s time to up your game, be the brave and make the first move. Start a conversation, write a love letter, pick some flowers, make a nice meal. There are so many things you can do to make your partner feel valued and loved!


Don’t Go To Bed Angry

This was hands down the best advice I was ever given. No matter how big, messy or exhausting that fight or disagreement is fix it before your head hits that pillow. Never go to bed angry with unresolved issues.

If you are wondering just how you can go to bed when it seems the worst thing is happening to you, take a moment to scroll back up through this list and you see a solution for your hard time in one of my marriage tips.


I know it’s hard but ask yourself this, if I am invested in my marriage could it be better? And what does your better look like?


Try this out when you are on the edge: Remember your spouse is human and made a mistake and is need of your compassion. Forgiveness isn’t something we rush into and it’s not the norm for most couples. However a steady and true relationship doesn’t get that way without compassion and forgiveness.


Here’s an analogy the Angels taught me. Life is a highway. You can try to manage the flow of traffic (your spouse)  and how irrational they drive, but you will do so at a cost. The cost is everyone has their own sidewalk to keep clear of debris. If you spend all of your time in the middle of the highway, your sidewalk will become messy, overgrown and there will be no clear to path to walk on. Reflect on what energy you are putting out. If you’re always directing traffic you won’t see your own mess.


And one more thing, every single soul deserves to be loved, but not everyone has been shown or taught how to do so. Are you the one that God is calling to be the teacher of love? Or maybe you are the one who is being asked to receive and you keep pushing love away. Have you’ve been taught that love has conditions? Soften your tone, learn new ways to show up with gratitude, love yourself and respect your spouse.


What’s your favorite marriage advice?


Leave a comment below and let me and the other lovely souls who come here to learn, grow and heal in on your story! You never know how your positive words can change someone’s life!


Know someone who lost their power and is struggling in their marriage? Share this post with them and invite them to attend SHINE with you!

SHINE offers … Therapeutic modalities paired with Spiritual healing, wisdom, guidance and messages from your departed loved ones. So many of the women I work with think they can’t take the time or money to attend a retreat. The truth is that if you are invested in your personal growth and happiness, who will be? What my team and I have discovered is that women who DO invest their time, energy and money to learn and nurture their souls longings are happy, creative and more confident. Personal growth is the number one way to live a fulfilling life. FIND OUT MORE



xx Jeanne

Receiving Spirit’s Guidance

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In my line of work of being a medium, I not only connect people to their departed loved one’s, I also connect them with detailed guidance that helps them to make positive shifts in their lives. Did you know that receiving Spirit’s guidance is a miracle moment where Divine love is being shared with us?

Each session offers an invaluable healing and loving insights that are shed on areas of our lives where love isn’t flowing freely. We all have “things” in our lives to heal so we can have more experiences that will help us to grow while and evolve closer to God and our highest soul-self.

7 Ways Spirit’s Guidance Can Help Us

On April 13th I am co-hosting SHINE a personal empowerment seminar for women. During this event I will be sharing Spirit’s guidance to attendee’s. This seminar is like no-other personal empowerment conference available! The core of this seminar is the personalized guidance from Spirit woven with interactive activities that have a profound effect for opening our mindset and making our dreams a reality.

Because of the uniqueness and intimate setting there are limited seats available.

Fear will feed us doubt and worry. Don’t let these tones scare you away from choosing to grow. Take a leap of faith to stand confidently in your decision to bloom and grow!

How does Spirit connection work?

When I say Spirit, I am meaning energy of Heavenly beings, God, departed souls and celestial beings.

How I read: I am a God base Medium which means that I am opening my senses to connect with God and the Heavenly realm. Through my senses energy is flowing through me and I am interpreting the tones I am receiving. I also have the ability to see Spirit before me and within my minds eye.

Readings are a beautiful way in which God shares wisdom, guidance and blessings with us.

Leave a comment and let me know how a reading would transform your life.

3 Things The Dead Guy Taught Me…

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3 Things The Dead Guy Taught Me…

With love all things are possible!

We share our happy times and best moments on social media. We see each other through a filtered lens of just the chosen snapshots we want others to see of our life.

Why is this? It’s because sharing the side of our life that is our actual reality is hard and requires us to be vulnerable. Not many of us feel safe enough to let others see the not so great, embarrassing sides of ourselves.

Hey look, there are some things that I found really hard to share with you – because I was afraid of being judged. My fear of what you would think was holding me in a yucky place and the Angels said I was actually judging others by believing this fearful lie.

I’ve learned so much about who I am by sharing my gift with you and spending time conversing with Heavenly beings that it’s helped me to stop worrying about what others will think about my life. You have taught me through your willingness to hear from you loved ones in Heaven, your vulnerability of having parts of your life exposed that aren’t the prettiest and for your bravery in taking the time to do your “you work” and follow Spirit’s guidance in healing all the crappy stuff that blocks your joy. Through your willingness to connect with your loved ones from Heaven, the vulnerability you have during those readings and the bravery you have in putting in the work to heal and find peace makes me brave in return allowing me to have the Spirit messages be heard. Together we hear from the departed that love is our only pathway to joy and happiness.

Let me tell you this, channeling a soul who offers their loved one a clear apology or heartfelt forgiveness is truly a tear-worthy heart opening experience!


 Here are the 3 things a dead guy taught me…
At a recent group reading, we all got some great advice from this dead guy I channeled for the women hosting the party. He said to his loved one, “Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, share your love freely with others, and stop taking their words and actions on or into your thoughts and feelings.” He stated, “They don’t belong to you!”

I loved this message so much and for so many reasons.

1.I loved the dead guy’s message because I literally feel everything and so many of you do as well. It’s honestly the most uncomfortable thing I have to live with and the most challenging part of my life to manage. My knowing and feeling are also the biggest blessings – go figure!

The knowing is just one of the ways I connect with Spirit. I can feel within my body the signs they impress me with. For instance, if someone passed of a heart issue, I will experience pressure in my chest and have a hard time breathing. I will also experience similar for the living as well, and it’s not all happy – I experience people’s shitty moods, thoughts and feelings. I literally know when people are nay-saying, backstabbing and gossip guppies because I feel it within my body, and my knowing backs up the feeling.

Thankfully I’ve learned how to keep my energy in check, it has changed my life, and that is why I am so passionate about sharing with you how you can balance your energy! The dead guy’s message reminded us all that we can remove ourselves from feeling yucky and unsure and instead rejoice in our unique  gifts and share God’s love with others!

2. I loved the dead guy’s message because by nature I can be defensive. Yup, I sometime can be  a tad stubborn at times! I’ve worked with the Angels over the years to lessen my reactions and the time in which I respond to others and situations. Yet, I still find myself being challenged  and jump into a defensive role. His message reminded me that I also have learned an amazing value for my life and my soul in being able to apologize and forgive. You see, these are the two hardest things to do in life, to say we are sorry and to forgive. The dead guy’s message helped the group to remember that these actions are superpowers that we all have and can change the course of our lives for the better!

3.I loved the dead guy’s message because I’ve recently been through an emotional challenge that led me to question why people hurt each other. When it comes down to it, every soul I’ve channeled has only love to share. They tell me that in Heaven there is only love, there are no restrictions of time, there is no judgment, shame or anger. They say there are no grudges or sorrows—there is only LOVE.

Love will heal us on levels we are sometimes unable to see. Love is the pathway to our joy. Without love, we have pain and unhappiness. The dead guy’s message captured the energy of  faith and in doing so renewed the groups hope that sometimes things are going to change, people are going to walk away, but Love will always support us.


What you can take away from the dead guy’s messages:

  1. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.
  2. Share your love freely with others.

3. Stop taking others’ words and actions on or into your thoughts and feelings.

The truth that came forth from this dead man’s words are healing tones that each of us can all take away and use in our own life—that with love all things are possible.


What Do The Dead Want You To Know?

You may be surprised to hear that talking to the departed is the easy part of what I do!


Delivering messages is both fun and insightful when the person receiving them is open and ready to hear from Spirit.

The tricky part is feeling the pain that comes from the trauma or life experience of both the living and the departed.


This is where we are reminded of our human condition, and our connection to fear can rise. In truth, the departed no longer suffer from these earthly fears. They show up purified and full of love – ready and willing to support their loved ones to heal and move forward.

For me, it’s the emotional connection where true transformation happens.  


This is the moment when the person I am reading responds to this higher wisdom and love. Healing only happens when we are open and ready. Not a minute sooner. The departed want us to forgive, for in forgiving we are set free from a burden. They want us to have compassion, for in this softened state we can truly see another’s pain.

 A Father’s Message

In one of my recent group readings, a father of an audience member stepped forward through the heavenly veil. He stood behind his daughter’s left shoulder and told me that he was not the father he should have been to his daughter in life.


He reflected on his many shortcomings, and how beautiful and bright his daughter is. His honesty and love were the tones she needed to hear. Validating her pain was why he came, and his most important message was for her to forgive.


This father’s message is among the thousands I’ve received on the importance of forgiveness. True forgiveness is freeing and healing for our soul. And, though sometimes we may find ourselves having to forgive the same act again and again, each and every time we forgive, we heal another layer of our own pain.

By surrendering to love, we receive a more fulfilled, joyful life.

The fact is, none of us are getting out of here alive – we came here to die. You need to live your best life now. You need to love, share that love and express that love.


I’ve created a video where I share with you what I’ve learned from my conversations with those who have passed over – and exactly what it is that they want you to know.


After you’ve watched my video, make sure you scroll down to the comments, where you’ll find a link to a very special FREE gift, my What The Departed Want You To Know Workbook.


Treat yourself to some time to go through this great resource and do the “you work” that you know you deserve.


Go forward and be the best version of you.


How to Support People in Emotional Pain

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How to Support People in Emotional Pain

When someone takes their own life: What happens on the “other side” and how you can support a grieving family.

When a loved one dies, we feel sad, we feel pain, we feel lost. However, when that loved one died at their own hands – they took their life, these feelings are intensified and more complex.

I’ve been asked many times, how does it work “on the other side” when someone commits suicide? And what’s the best way to support a family grieving this kind of loss?

I have some answers for you.

Firstly, I want you to know that whether that person meant to take their own life or not, the soul always claims responsibility for their actions. They always claim responsibility for what has happened in their life and the reasons why they lost their balance and why they lost the sense of love.

When they come through to me, they don’t come through with explanations about their actions, they don’t state “Here’s what’s wrong with me.” Rather, they always come to support their loved ones by saying “Here’s what’s right about you” and “My choice was not a reflection of you. My choice was a reflection of me, how I was feeling”.

Their messages are sent to give peace. To give love to their significant other or their family and to let them know that they’re okay now and that they’re with God. That they’re sorry, and that they want to help them move on.


Dealing with pain

Some souls get to the point of not being able to function in life. They can’t get past their pains and their sorrows, or illness overcomes them.

Sometimes the pain can become a depression which stops us from being able to live our life.  You become withdrawn, and you don’t want to leave the house. You become surrounded by your thoughts – and these thoughts aren’t necessarily of the highest vibration. They end up taking over and shadowing the love side.

So, if you’ve noticed that someone is in pain, how do you help them?

  1. I say this a lot, and I stand by it – your prayer has volume. One of the most important things you can always do is to pray. If you see someone in a desperate state, or suspect that they are but you don’t feel you can approach them, turn to your prayer.

Always go within and ask for the love to touch their heart, ask if there is someone you can contact. You do have that connection. Spirit will speak to you. Whether you’re writing in your journal, or you’re thinking about it and you’re being still enough – being in your breath and being in your body will allow you to hear what you need to hear.

  1. Tell them that you love them.  Say “Hey, how are you?” Ask them. Speak to them. Don’t be afraid to call them or go and visit them. Showing up and letting someone know that you care is really important. BUT there is a difference between showing up and invading space. Just be aware of that difference – don’t make it about you, make it about them. Let them know how important they are to you and that if they need to talk, you’ll be there for them. 


How can you support a grieving family?

This is another reminder of the power of prayer – send them love. Give them practical help, whether it’s cooking a meal, running a errand or simply being there to listen.  

At the same time, give them the space to grieve. Because grieving is never easy, it’s always painful – and one kind of grief is not higher than another. Show up in the same way as you would for the family of anyone else who had passed away. Being respectful, being mindful and helping them with that loss is all that you need to do.

If you’re looking to heal your grief, or want to help someone else, then I’d love for you to have my free Heal Your Grief video series & workbook. You can access it HERE.


Blessings ♥

xx Jeanne