Journey To Self Acceptance

I have struggled with self acceptance. 

Maybe you have as well? 

Or, you believe that’s not something I experienced. 

What I found in this powerful Angels Don’t Lie session is through the listening to the journey of another, while opening my heart to feel then answer the questions she posed, brought me deeper into my Divine self.

http://carmellclark.comI highly recommend you take the time to listen to this weeks with master coach Carmell Clark, and lean in a little further than you may have gone in the past.

I don’t want to say too much, before you listen because I want you to absorb the amazing energy and guidance that Carmell brought to this powerful Angels Don’t Lie session. What I will say is, grab your journal and pen and get ready to do some “you work”! 

Carmell takes you on a guided journey through a wake up call assessment with yourself by reflecting on 5 insightful concepts.

  1. Am I first with myself? There is no one else living your life. Are you living your life for yourself, or for others?
  2. Acceptance of self.- the wake up call is that you are either living on purpose or you’re not.
  3. How you show up in your life shows you who you think you really are. This causes a recurrent wake up call- How do you show up to yourself?
  4. Is it your life that you are living right now? Or, is it a life that is meeting other people’s needs or expectations? Your job, your responsibility at the deepest level of your being is to live YOUR life. 
  5. You and I have our own purpose. This purpose has been working behind the scenes since the day you were born. Our journey of accepting ourselves is the direct path to our unique power and purpose on this planet. It moves us. It is the essence of who we are- we can’t not do or be it.

“Make no mistake, our purpose is resident in us. It is already there. We are already fulfilling it. The journey to accepting myself is the path to my purpose. Choose somebody else? Or, choose yourself.” 

Join Carmell for her 7 Day FREE Self Acceptance Meditation Challenge. Click Here To Register.

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xx Jeanne


You know when you’ve made a decision, but then something pops up inside of you and you change your mind? 

I’ve been calling out my inner Shmego (fear + ego)  for over a decade now. The thing that happens when we first learn to discern how our Shmego voice talks to us, is that we actually resist doing our “you work”. 

Look, it’s not uncommon for us to fall back into our old routines and habits, especially when we are faced with feelings and emotions that remind us of a past experience or when we are uncertain of what’s going to happen in the future.

This past week I shared a series called The Anatomy Of A Calling. This has been a topic that comes up so often for many of my clients, that my Angels guided me to break it down with impactful action steps to support you in finding and knowing your calling and how to love it into life. 

I know how hard it is to step out of your comfort zone and into believing that you have a true calling. And, when you obsessively worry that people will think you’re crazy,  or wrong, or when you are holding other’s opinions in front or your own.Yes, I know because I’ve been there. Even to the point where I gave my power away trying to maintain peace. 

All of those beliefs and actions, they were formed from the lies I had grown accustomed to hearing, both internally and externally. 

Breaking free of those habits and beliefs opened me up to a whole new amazing way of living, as they have for my clients and they will for you. 

I feel like I can’t really tell you all this without sharing how I broke free from the opposing energy. When you make a decision to step forward, taking that big bold move to align with your calling you may find what shows up for you is resistance. For some it happens before they take an action step, and for others it happens after they show up in their new form. Fear sneaks up on you and begins filling you with doubt, remorse, and feelings that trigger your pain points. For me, resistance reminds me that my healing is still in progress. And though I can be persistent and push onward, resistance offers me a moment to go inward, talk it out with God and be still. Rather than seeing my resistance as a bad thing, I see it as a time to learn and be expansive. Notice if you are resisting newness and bring it to your spiritual practice, prayerfully ask God to clarify, it’s such a beautiful gift you can give to yourself! 

I have two fun ways you can dive in a little deeper this week with your spiritual practice. The first one we spoke about already is The Anatomy Of A Calling. This is a 3 part video series that you can watch now, click here.

The second is the opportunity to listen to this week’s podcast. Inside this Angels Don’t Lie session I shared a beautiful journey meditation to meet your spirit animal.

Let me know what came up for you during the meditation in the comments section below! 

Receiving Spirit’s Guidance

3:16:19 Blog Post Thumb

In my line of work of being a medium, I not only connect people to their departed loved one’s, I also connect them with detailed guidance that helps them to make positive shifts in their lives. Did you know that receiving Spirit’s guidance is a miracle moment where Divine love is being shared with us?

Each session offers an invaluable healing and loving insights that are shed on areas of our lives where love isn’t flowing freely. We all have “things” in our lives to heal so we can have more experiences that will help us to grow while and evolve closer to God and our highest soul-self.

7 Ways Spirit’s Guidance Can Help Us

On April 13th I am co-hosting SHINE a personal empowerment seminar for women. During this event I will be sharing Spirit’s guidance to attendee’s. This seminar is like no-other personal empowerment conference available! The core of this seminar is the personalized guidance from Spirit woven with interactive activities that have a profound effect for opening our mindset and making our dreams a reality.

Because of the uniqueness and intimate setting there are limited seats available.

Fear will feed us doubt and worry. Don’t let these tones scare you away from choosing to grow. Take a leap of faith to stand confidently in your decision to bloom and grow!

How does Spirit connection work?

When I say Spirit, I am meaning energy of Heavenly beings, God, departed souls and celestial beings.

How I read: I am a God base Medium which means that I am opening my senses to connect with God and the Heavenly realm. Through my senses energy is flowing through me and I am interpreting the tones I am receiving. I also have the ability to see Spirit before me and within my minds eye.

Readings are a beautiful way in which God shares wisdom, guidance and blessings with us.

Leave a comment and let me know how a reading would transform your life.

Find Your True Voice

Breaking Down The Lies You Tell Yourself

Find Your True Voice

Breaking Down The Lies You Tell Yourself

Finding our true voice –  the God part of us that speaks clearly of our love of life, of passions and our hopes and desires – will automatically be awakened once we begin to have an intimate relationship with our Goddess Self.

Our authentic voice is birthed when we know the difference between our authentic voice and the voice of fear.

Our Goddess Self is revealed as we connect with God and the infinite energy of love that flows from our earthbound self to our higher soul-self.

Our souls are infinite, meaning we are both here in the physical world and in Heaven with God. There is an energy that connects our soul to both Heaven and to Earth. This is how we can aspire to live life in our authentic self, to live enlightened and to understand our life’s purpose. It’s also how our departed loved ones can support our life’s journey with messages, and the signs they use to remind us of their love.

The Goddess Self is the connection to the highest form of our soul, the part that is pure in essence, filled with Divine wisdom, knowledge and love. The Goddess Self lives in every soul, both female and male, as the Goddess is the feminine flowing energy of the Divine. The masculine energy that also flows within every soul is equally important as it balances the mental and emotional state. The masculine within us can tend to be one that is overgrown due to earthbound energies that arise from fear.

Fear comes in many forms such as anger, frustration, judgment, justification and opinions.

The voice we hear inside of ourselves has a tone to it. A tone is a sound or quality in which someone, something or even a situation speaks through any one of our senses. That tone can come from a place of love or a place of fear.

We all have an inner guidance system that will help us navigate our life – it’s call intuition. Intuition is where God speaks, guides, supports and flows love into our lives. Our intuitive voice will speak to us from a place of love.

Fear and ego voice, which, If you’ve read my books, you already know that I’ve named this voice for fear and ego Shmego. The voice of Shmego defiantly confuses us because it sounds like our own voice. The problem arises from the lies that we are told through Shmego’s tone which in turn blocks the flow of love in our life through our thoughts and in our perceptions. It’s important to understand that this Shmego guy has only one job in our lives and that is to keep us isolated from love.

The pathway to find our authentic voice, the yumminess of who we are, comes from first knowing what lies that Shmego has us living and believing in.

So here’s a truth that you need to begin to realize: You are and always have been a child of God. Your choices are your superpower and that, my friend, is a fact.

So let’s begin to break down the lies that you have been believing by answering a few questions.

– Describe the limitations you believe are holding you back.
– What are the major life events that have shaped your life?
– What is the number one pain point in your life?

Now let’s break those answers down… Question 1 – We talked about the limitations that hold us back. Limitations are birthed from a moment when we experienced fear, a time where we felt that love was absent in some way in our life. This is when our Shmego guy came in and scared us and blocked love from our view. It is also when he told us lies about who we are and what we are capable of. What lie or lies can you recognize in the limiting beliefs you have?

Question 2 – We are looking at the major life events that helped form our belief system. These events are where our trigger points were formed and where Shmego’s voice can be found. What are the events that have been replaying through your life? Can you recognize the trigger points and the lies Shmego has been feeding you throughout time?

Question 3 – We are looking at the main source of pain in our life. Pain is a calling that something has gone off balance. This could be related to our health or relationships, your  financial issues, or can stem from personal trauma. Pain has one thing that links all issues we experience together, and that one thing is fear. If pain has a story to tell, what is your pain trying to tell you? What fearful lies have you been believing about your pain? For further reading about Shmego and how you can transcend fear and return to love, take a look at my book, The Goddess You – Principles for Living in Soul Alignment, HERE

Unhappy, Unfulfilled & Longing for More?

10:7 blog

How To Transcend Fear And Step Into Abundance And Love


On my ‘About’ page on my website, you can read how I’m a Catholic girl in an Angel world, and that I work with the Spiritual realm every day. That I focus on embodying the Holy Spirit and Divine compassion, gratitude and love. That I connect people with their loved ones in Heaven.


And although I have connected with Spirits since I was a small child, I wasn’t always quite the woman I am today.


You see, in my past, I was disconnected from my soul-self, from my inner Goddess. I was in need of healing. I was addicted to low drama and self -loathing. I was addicted to not being me. I was addicted to fear.


So what changed? There came a point where I couldn’t continue as I was. I wasn’t happy and I was full of self-doubt and loathing.

I didn’t know who I was anymore.


One day I woke up and I realized how unfulfilled I was – lost and so far out of touch with my sense of self that I almost didn’t recognize my own reflection and was unable to hear my own voice.


I couldn’t see my soul or my God-spark light. I was not living in soul alignment.


Fear was keeping me hostage in my own life. I was practising daily doses of self-sabotage, and my sense of self-worth was shrinking with each passing day.


I needed to find my truth. I had to find my soul connection. The alternative was unthinkable.


At first, I was stubborn and unsure, but Spirit kept nudging me to awaken. And finally, in early 2008, I fully embraced the whisper of the Angels.


The journey back to my Self was not an easy one. I had much work to do to recover from my addiction to not being me. It was hard – but it was worth every tear that I shed.


Along this path, I learned, the most beautiful and valuable lessons. So beautiful and valuable that it would have been wrong not to share them with others.


These lessons became my 12 Principles for Living in Soul Alignment, and the basis of my book Goddess You and the Goddess Youniversity.



Where do I start?

Right now you might be thinking ‘Yes! This sounds like me!’. You may recognize yourself in my story. If this is true, then I also know that you’re wondering ‘Where on earth do I start to change my life? How do I change my life?


Let me tell you – I am here you for.


And I can also tell you, that by recognizing that things need to change, you have already taken the first step.


How does it feel?


Are you excited? Scared? Hopeful? You may be feeling many things right now, but this is just a part of the process.


“I now have a deeper understanding of life, as well as myself.”


Goddess Youniversity member


You don’t have to go on this journey to rediscovering your true self alone – in fact, it will be much more enjoyable and fruitful if you have company!! On my own journey, Spirit began putting people in my path who would walk with me and who opened my mind to the amazing possibilities that were available to me.


I’d like to be there for you on this journey. You are not reading this article by accident, our paths have crossed for a reason. In fact, I created the Goddess Youniversity especially for you.


Since I launched the Goddess Youniversity in 2017, I have worked with many women who were once exactly where you are now. Unhappy, unfulfilled and longing for more purpose and passion in their lives.


Women like Casey, who shared with me, “Goddess Youniversity is my new personal development tool.  The different paths in the Masterclasses – Inspired, Invest, Shine – helped me to find the alignment I needed for self-love and personal growth.  Goddess Youniversity offers so much more with videos and a member only Facebook page. Everyone can use personal development and Goddess Youniversity is my new go-to resource.


And Mary told me, “Goddess University has enriched my life! Jeanne’s book, classes, videos and emails help me to strive to live a life of love gratitude and joy. What a gift!!


Feedback like this fuels my purpose and the  passion within me to share the 12 Goddess with as many women as possible!


You might be wondering what the Goddess Youniversity  is! It’s an online community hosted by me (supported by guest experts) where members can learn, grow and heal without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.


In the Goddess Workshops, we go deep – you’ll receive in-depth training on all of the 12 Goddess Principles through videos, live Q&A sessions, workbooks and journals.

Goddess Youniversity member Colleen describes it perfectly… “You won’t merely be talking about or reading about a subject, you’ll be participating in using what you learn so it is integrated mentally, physically and spiritually in such a way that it becomes a part of you. Jeanne will guide you to recognize and trust your intuition which is your divine inner knowing unique to each of us“.


Through the spiritual guidance of the 12 Goddess principles, I found my gift, and I found myself. My God-spark – the light that lives within each and every one of us – began to shine brightly once again without flickering. My faith deepened, relationships healed, and old friends left, making way for new, higher vibrational friends to come in and take their place. So many shifts in my life happened when I took the plunge and let faith lead the way instead of fear.


“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”


Are you ready to change your life? To transcend fear and step into abundance and love?

If so, I’d like to invite you to join me for a Free online workshop on October 18th.


In this live 60-minute Transcending Fear To Abundance workshop, I’ll be sharing with you…


~ My number one meditation for calming fear tones

~ Divinely guided tool and techniques for transcending the energy of fear instantly

~ Action steps you take right now to welcome in the abundance that’s awaiting you

~ The exciting bonuses available to you when you join the Goddess Youniversity this Fall


Sign up for this FREE training here…


If so, I’d like to invite you to join me for a free online workshop.


In this 60-minute Transcending Fear To Abundance workshop, I’ll be sharing with you…


~ My number one meditation for calming fear tones

~ Divinely guided tool and techniques for transcending the energy of fear instantly

~ Action steps you take right now to welcome in the abundance that’s awaiting you

~ The exciting bonuses available to you when you join the Goddess Youniversity this Fall


Get up for this FREE training here… SIGN UP

15 Things You Do When You’re An Empath

15 things you do when you’re an empath

[lightbox title=”LightboxTitle” url=”PageURL” width=”900″ height=”500″][bctt tweet=”An empath is someone who can tune into the emotional energy of a person or an animal. Many people go through their lives dealing with heightened senses, intuition, emotions, and feelings, never realizing that they are empaths. If you do all or most of these things, you are most likely an empath.” username=”jeannehealer”][/lightbox]


♥ 1.If you ask someone how they are feeling but you already know…

An empath can read others emotions, immediately understanding how they are feeling and understanding that person’s energy.

♥ 2. If your quiet time is more important than partying…

Being surrounded by others can be great, until your senses are heightened and all you want to do is curl up in bed with a book.

♥ 3. If you put the I in introvert…

Or if you simply skip the party and stay in bed with your book no matter what.

♥ 4.If your sensitivities get the best of you…

A dog came up to you? Cry.

♥ 5.If you prefer to be around animals rather than humans…

When your conversations with your animals are better than you’ve ever had with a person.

♥ 6. If you are sensitive to chemicals, alcohol and caffeine…

When you drink a cup of coffee and it feels like you’re on crack, even if you have no idea what crack is.

♥ 7. If you value your crystals more than diamonds…

Do your crystals have their own windowsill?

♥ 8. If you hear plants singing to you…

If you feel like you fell down the rabbit hole everytime you walk outside.

♥ 9. If you feel the judgements of others, like knives in your back…

Everyone must like you, and if they don’t it immediately affects how you view yourself.

♥ 10. If you’re a people pleasing Polly…

Everyone must be happy for you to be happy.

♥ 11. If you become overstimulated or overwhelmed easily…

A crowd of people? My head hurts.

♥ 12. If you can read people like a crystal ball…

“Hey Linda i’m getting a sense that you need some chocolate, everything okay?”

♥ 13. If you can walk by a stranger and sense danger…

A bad aura? Stranger danger on a whole new level.

♥ 14. If you walk around feeling like an open wound…

Everything hurts, and you just want to cry.

♥ 15. If you have visions or dreams of the future…

Screw deja vu I know exactly how tomorrow’s going to go.

I know how difficult it can be to navigate your day as an empath, that is why I created a site full of resources and tools to help you live your best life!

Decoding the Empath: Clairempathy: Known also as an Empath, this is the gift of clear knowing and emotion. Your senses, intuition, emotions and feeling are heightened. With the gift of being an Empath you will have one or more heightened senses. It is through these heightened senses that the energy will flow inside your body and you will experience physically what the other person is experiencing.

An Empath has a physical connection to others on an internal level. All empaths are also sensitive souls. When the gift of clairempathy is off balance, you will experience heightened emotions, manipulation, uncontrollable mood swings, and may even experience depression and/or anxiety.


So if you can relate to any and all of these things, you are most likely an empath. Going through each day with a physical connection to others on an internal level can be draining. Take our complimentary empath test

Take our complimentary empath test  to find out whether or not you are truly an empath, and further your knowledge with Jeanne Street’s Empath Master Class at Goddess Youniversity

I would love to hear how your sensitive side challenges you…  leave your comment or questions  in the comment section! 
I hope this information shines some light on how you can manage your energy.
If you know someone who could use the information caring is sharing!
Blessings xx

Throwing the towel in your dreams

Truth unveiling time… I almost threw the towel in on my dreams. 

Maybe you have felt like this too?

As 2017 came to a close I was exhausted from the time and efforts that I’ve poured into building this unique spiritual business I was considering walking away from some aspects of it.

I’ve come to the realization  (with a little help from the Angels:) that to keep my dreams alive I have to take time to just be still. The guidance I received was something we can all take part in it is the tool of journaling! The Angels say to list your dreams and desires then list the things you are doing to reach them. What we are scattered in our thoughts and our day the goals we want to achieve seem so much further away then the actually are!

Keeping still long enough to really be within my dreams is not an easy thing for this high energy gal to do! But I gave it a whirl and this is what I found…

Here is a look at just some of what I’ve accomplished over the course of seven years:

*Shared thousands of messages from your loved ones and Divine guidance with you.

*Written and published two books, The Goddess You & The Goddess Journal.

*Created & wrote The Goddess oracle card deck.

*Built three beautiful websites,, &



*Created, written and taught workshops and classes.

*Connected you to your loved ones on my weekly radio show Angels Don’t Lie.

*Opened a healing studio in Woodbury Ct, Inspirit Healing Studio.

*And… I am just about ready to submit my third manuscript to the editor, titled Angels Don’t Lie!

Through all of this I have aligned with my Goddess truths with God through prayer and meditation to stay true to my life’s purpose and passion.

Now that I am on the other side of the throwing the towel in I’ve found great comfort with the tools and guidance the Angels shared with me and that my friend this is what I aspire to help you to do as well, to be on the hopeful side rather than in the yuck!

To  align to your unique soul truths, follow your passions, live your dreams, connect with your desires and most importantly of all to heal the pains that enslave you to an existence of unsettledness.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, it’s not always been easy for me to know how to heal the blocks in my personal or in my business life.

I’ve tried to follow other business owners methods, taken online courses and studied platform building with some leading peeps in the industry.

Maybe you’ve also tried following others leads and have been left feeling frustrated or alone?!

What I have found from following another’s take on business is though those “proven methods” have worked for them & maybe others as well, they do not work for me. If you are thinking why is that? Let me explain…

The answer  came to me during a meditation where I was shown by Spirit that when it comes to building a Spiritually aligned life or business those “tested” & “proven” methods will not take root for everyone because they are not aligned with the truth of your personal Goddess path or within Gods Divine timing.You have to learn to decipher which ideas, and methods are meant for your life. This is where you have to be rocking your intuitive connection, to embrace or to let go!

What I do know for sure is that we are each special and beautiful in our own light.

I am definitely a different gal who’s work as Medium, Healer and Author requires times of rest, mediating and a clear mind set to follow the path and goals to be of service to God & others in a unique way.

You are also a soul who needs rest and time away from all the chaos so you can have a clarity and calm to align to your intuitive self.

Hey lets keep it real here, there are still times that I loose my balance and become weak in the knees when fear sneaks in. Yet it is also true that I am confident in the ability to re-align to my Goddess truths, all because of the beautiful Goddess principles the Angels shared with us!

I don’t know if you have put any of the Goddess  principles into practice in your life yet, but I wonder if you would for the sake of your well-being & for love?

Because sharing is caring I am gifting you a FREE download guide to the 12 Goddess Principles. >>>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE GUIDE

I also would like to formally invite you to join the Goddess Youniversity’s Members Club waitlist today….  The reason being is that my team and I have decided to showcase & gift one of the Master Classes from inside the Members only area exclusively for to our waitlist peeps! >>>JOIN THE WAITLIST HERE

I want you to be inspired and awaken to YOUR Goddess truths and shine your beautiful soul-self outward with pure confidence!


xx Jeanne

There’s a purpose for each and every one of us

Flash back to 2007 when I started my first business, I had my moments of complete trust and of absolute fear. I worked really hard at all aspects of that business especially to build customer trust and a brand that stood for the values and morals that are important to me.

What happens when you pour your heart and soul into something that doesn’t align with your soul purpose, you learn valuable lessons that propel you forward. I’ve learned through surrender that though we may see our actions as a mistake or a wrong doing it is really a magical moment for the soul to experience a miracle moment.

I’ve had so many ah-ha miracle moments since choosing to close my first business, and shifting the focus to my authentic self. I learned that anything of value that comes to us, comes with a great soul healing as well. Closing my first business was painful, not because I felt like a failure but because I felt I was letting others down by doing so. I knew though with every ounce of me that I had to heal my wounds in order to live the truth of who I am now.

Maybe you’re in one of those times that you are struggling with, and wonder if this is really where your supposed to be?


Maybe you’ve had a desire to change jobs or open your own business but don’t have the faith in yourself to do so?

Along my path from switching gears from one type of career to a completely different one, I have had to learn to manage some crazy energy and judgements from people who knew that old version of me. Part of your journey is to learn how to be uniquely you, and to do it within your family and the peeps that surround you. Not an easy thing when fear based thoughts and judgements comes at you from every angle.

There’s a simple strategy that I’ve used for the past 10 years, and you can also use them to get you through any of your challenging times. I call them the Goddess Principles and they are:

  1. Quieting the Mind
  2. Self-Love
  3. Changing Your Reactions
  4. Energy Basics
  5. Healing the Block
  6. Let it Go
  7. Chakra Basics
  8. healthy Wealthy and Wise
  9. Keep Calm
  10. Help, I’ve Lost my Balance
  11. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  12. Intuitive, Gifted You

These 12 Goddess principles are nuggets of Divineness that came from a desire to not listen to the norm, to be the me I knew deep down inside that was fearfully hiding out. Through prayer and meditation the Angels spoke to me with a gentle  guidance that helped me to heal fear and restore self-love.

Who knew self love could be so difficult? I have found this challenge to be true for most of my clients and students. Knowing and seeing that others felt the same pain and separation from Divine truth that I felt, has brought me to a place of gratitude and of service.

My entire life has been about helping others in some capacity or another.

[bctt tweet=”There’s a purpose for each and every one of us” username=”jeannehealer”] There’s a purpose for each and every one of us. I found that in being true to my soul-self and sharing my gifts is my “why” for creating Goddess Youniversity. The mission behind the Members Club is to help you SHINE and heal the things that block your beautiful light.

I’ve opened up the enrollment to the Goddess Youniversity Members Club until December 1st… so you can start:

* Learning how to live your best life

* Grow in ways you never thought imaginable

* Heal the things that no longer serve you

There are three categories of amazing offerings for you to choose from inside the Members Club

* Inspired Master Classes to spark your intuition

* Invest Master Classes that speak to your soul-self

* Shine Master Classes to share your gifts with the world

This will not only be a place to learn and heal, your spirituality will also be magnified, while getting the support to help you keep growing.That’s not all… there are member extras, gatherings, Goddess socials and a fabulous gift package sent right to your door!

This is everything you need to live in your true soul-alignment!

You can get all of this for only$9.99 a month! 

I’ve made this offer so low and will close the door on December 1st, so that I and my team can give each Member time, energy and love while offering support and help they desire.

Every month there will be brand new content added to the Members Club, making it an ever evolving and growing Youniversity! Your dreams and desires are worth every ounce of time and energy you put forth.

Be the best version of you,

BE The Goddess You!!! 


xx Jeanne



The Sensitive Soul

The Sensitive Soul

[bctt tweet=”People who are born with the gift of sensitivity are unique in nature. Most spend their life in some type of emotional turmoil because they don’t fully understand why they are always so sensitive” username=”jeannehealer”].

Knowing the basics of energy of how you pick up and receive energy and how you omit energy is the first step to clearing up the confusion and turmoil you are living with.

Every living being and thing is made up of energy and omits energy. This energy is everywhere you go not to mention that every item you purchase, each event from your life, they also have an energetic component to them. If you break it down to just a 24 hour period of going to the grocery store, working out, carpool, soccer, work you can imagine the amount of energy you are gathering. And, you, being a sensitive soul, pick up and absorb that energy.

Yikes… thats a whole lot of energetic chaos going on just in one day!

The energy you gather up stays within your energy field or is absorbed into your body. It is this energy that is not your own that causes you to react. Your reactions are tears, anger, anxiety and so on. Now add years of that to the mix and you understand why you feel off balance.

However, before you can begin to make sense of the feelings you carry or why you cry and feel so badly about a person, life happening and events around you, you have to first know the different aspects of being sensitive soul.

What you need to know:

…. Is that being a sensitive soul is a gift from God, and is meant to help you through your life journey.

… Gifts are unique to each human soul.

… Your talents enhance your gifts and guide you in sharing what makes you, YOU with the others. (if you say” I have no talents”, The Angels say that everyone has talents!!!  and Angels don’t lie! )

Now let’s break down the response categories of the sensitive soul gift.

Response categories are:

Emotional Physical Spiritual

Within each category there is a responsive way that you receive and react to energy through one or more of your senses. Your sense can be utilized to break down the energy you pick up as well as the energy around you.

So…. your senses help you make sense of energy while also receiving impressions from Spirit while your talents help you express energy.


xx Jeanne

Intuition vs Ego

When Ego and Intuition get confused


There is a distinct line between ego and intuition you must be conscious of. First allow me explain the essentials of your intuition.

The intuitive voice is known as your voice of truth and love and is associated with the right side of your mind and body. It is through your intuition you can connect with Spirit to receive guidance and reassurance when needed.

Your soul is infinite, which means you have a higher soul-self or authentic self that is pure and free from fears energetic debris.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”] Your soul-self is the truth of who you are. Your gifts, talents and life path are better understood and connected to when you follow your intuitive voice. [/pullquote]

Spirits voice will speak to you through your intuition. Spirit can also speak to you on its own accord. Spirits tone is of love, kindness, gentle as well as uplifting, hopeful and joyful.

Your intuition is connected with your Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is where you get the gut feeling, knowing and sinking feeling when your higher soul self is speaking to you.

Spirits energy flows in through each of your energy centers. The crown chakra being the main connection point of the energy flow. Your intention to open your crown and your heart to Divine source is how to begin the connection.

To open your crown chakra set your intention with faith and willingness to surrender the ego voice.

Now, let’s move on to the facts about ego.

The ego voice is known as the voice of survival and logic and is associated with the left side of your mind and body. The ego voice can be the voice of reason but when off balance turns to a fearful tone. Despair, anger, judgement, isolation, egocentric and more become the way that ego takes over your thinking. Once your thoughts are corrupted with fears energy, it is very difficult to feel, live and know love truths.

In my book The Goddess You, I have named ego/fear Shmego. This guy Shmego is a tricky little bastard who takes the truth of love and joy out of your life.

The fine line between ego and intuition is fear.

Ego, by itself is logic pure and simple.

Intuition is love, end of story.

So when ego becomes contaminated by fears oppressive lies the line of truth is muddied up. Ego has now become Shmego, and that means intuitive clarity is gone. In place of the intuitive truth is now harshness, judgmental and righteousness.

Using the first principle in  The Goddess You, “Quieting the Mind” is how you can know if you are confusing ego with intuition!

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