Love Is Infinite

Believe it or not, my fondest childhood memories that surround Easter are not of the contents that were inside my Easter basket.  Even though, I am certain that my mom created beautiful baskets for my siblings and I. But the memories that I hold most dear are how I felt about our family’s tradition of attending sunrise services on Easter morning. The excitement of waking before the sunrise, getting dressed and standing outside all dazed with sleepiness, gathered together with our neighbors and fellow parishioners to watch as the sun peek up out of the earth, seeing the grass, budding trees, and flowers light up as the first brilliant rays burst through with the awakening sun. 

Sunrise service was spectacular. I knew the history of Jesus’ life and why we stood together in that field. But it was the feeling of genuine renewal that made those moments stay with me. I felt Jesus smiling through the rays as if he was reaching inside my heart and the hearts of those around me. It was a blissful state that I still hold onto, feeling love enveloping my being. 

Love is the foundation of Jesus and Jesus is the foundation of love. One in the same. Love is infinite. Love never ends. Like you and me, our souls are infinite. 

This is a very unique time in our evolution. Our state of consciousness is upleveling to align with love. 

I am going to share an intimate experience I had a few nights ago with you. It’s a lot to take in, so go slow, and allow the words I’m about to share absorb into your heart. Allow into your heart the message that God is asking that the borders we have created that separate us from others… race, religion, sexual identity, political views, status and any other form – be dissolved. We are witnessing equality in the form of a virus.

I was awakened by the presence of an elderly Italian woman. At first I rolled over in my attempt to call in my Angels to shoo her away.

This sometimes happens that a departed soul will visit, usually it occurs just before a reading that’s been scheduled for their loved one to meet with me. They come to deliver the importance of their message, it has to do with the weight of the tone that they want me to impress on their loved one during our upcoming session. 

Other than that, I have an agreement with my Angels that I don’t open to work with souls that come in randomly. I also work very intently and closely with my team of Angels to filter and close off my connection during private times such as when I am sleeping. At times though, before a scheduled reading I will feel compelled to put a call in and connect with the Archangels, I do this when the energy of a soul feels low or dark or if I’m getting an overwhelmed or uncertain sense about the soul coming through. 

So when this Italian grandmother came in, I tuned into my Angels and rolled over trusting them to take care of removing her, so that I could continue sleeping.


She had a message and my Angels assured me that it was safe to connect with her. Inside I was thinking, are you freakin’ kidding me it’s 2 am! But the more I tried to shut off and go back to sleep, the clearer her face was. She was persistent. In her broken english mixed with Italian she told me she had some important insights for me to share. 

So, I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Thankfully the bathroom is attached to our walk in closet so I was able to grab the journal I keep in there. I sat down on the heated bathroom floor and gestured to her that I was ready to receive her message.

At first I thought,” what if I’m dreaming this and she isn’t real”. But then she started speaking. My Angels were supporting my back as I listened intently and wrote her message down. She said, “child, tell them our deaths won’t be -are not in vain”. I wrote it down and she corrected my writing…” no, it’s “our death is not in vain”. I felt like she was annoyed with me. 

“What can we do?” I ask. She gestures with her hands, “come together, first with self, then all as one love”. That seems so simple and yet profound.

“You. Are. All. Love”. This is what she said to me. I want to know more, so I ask her, “Why are we experiencing massive losses?” I feel her tone change as she replies,” child I am not the creator, I am just an old woman wanting to share with you this message of hope, that will somehow spread just as quickly as the virus has and invite all the lost and separate souls back to the one true source of all; LOVE. This is our collective eternal existence. Love is the precious tone that will take root and grow. Beginning with a seed, you plant your seeds of love with every thought, action and belief.”

“Nurture what you plant.”  Those are the final few words she spoke. 

Exhausted, yet full of peace, I lay my head and body down on the floor. The tiles are both cool and warm from the radiant heat. I’m soaking it all in, the heat from the floor rising through me, mixing with the weight of her words. 

I stumble off to bed with her message holding me, lulling me back to sleep. In the morning, I feel just like I had when I was a child waking up for sunrise service and seeing that first ray of light rise up. In this perfect, precious moment, my heart is fully aware of the love holding me upright. The views of our world standing still are unreal to my mind. It’s as if we have all been cast in a Netflix doomsday movie. I pray intently throughout the day, everyday. Waiting…… for a sign of hope, for understanding, for assurance and certainty about how this movie is going to end. This woman who came to visit me, reminded me that love is our ending and our beginning. 

I don’t know where you stand with religion, I honor you and your right to choose. For me, I chose Jesus all those many years ago, and still do. I honor and bless His journey to the cross and the rays of light that beam into my heart because He lived. My faith and belief is what hold me upright especially now, living in this scary, uncertain time.  

Love is the gift waiting for each of us to fully embrace. I hope you find your Easter filled with sweet treats, precious moments and abundant LOVE! 

I’m Holding On, How About You?

Hello lovely one! How are you?

I’m holding on.

Honestly, when I think about myself and how I am feeling, it seems irrelevant in our current climate. 

Yet, last night as I was soaking in my ritual clearing bath, I felt immensely sad. I was reminiscing about how the events of my day unfolded. I had plans to shop for food for our house as well as for my parents. 

I met my Dad in the grocery store parking lot, and as I placed the bags of groceries into his car, I leaned in to hug him. I paused. Sadness overflowing in me, I held back my tears. 

Holding our loved ones is a natural occurrence, but in our current situation it’s tainted with questions of  “what if ?” 

 In that split second, standing there with my Dad, being reminded again of just how grateful I am to be his daughter, I realized how much I just wanted him to hold me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. For a moment I was my child self, wanting and needing his unconditional love. Isn’t it funny how holding someone can do all that?!  

In the absence of physical contact with others, my thoughts began to wonder if my faith could take this heaviness I’ve been holding away. 

That got me to thinking about how much I’ve adored holding the people I love and care for. Holding my belly when I was pregnant, and when my babies were born, holding them closely when they nursed, or holding the newborn foster baby I picked up from the hospital. 

I’ve been holding my whole life.

The moment I held my precious grandbabies for the first time. And how my heart longs to hold them again right now. Holding my husband’s nanna’s hand, and my friend Jodi’s as they crossed over to Heaven.

Friends, family, and even clients receive a tender hug before they leave their session. 

As my thoughts dove deeper into  the depth of my being I held myself in the midst of not being able to hold others in the familiar physical manner as I had before Covid19 was a part of our everyday life. 

This adjustment of holding space for my loved ones in new forms has given way to deep seated emotional pains I had not realized were within my being. I’m doing my absolute best to be present in these feelings, to look at them lovingly and embrace whatever lack, pain, or despair that rise upward into my consciousness.

My truth is, today I am holding it together the best I can with the tools and resources that I am fortunate enough to have.

I hope you are doing the same.

The truth is that with the uncertainty of our current world climate, feeling overwhelmed is a given.. The good news is that you can heal and hold your overwhelm with love based tools and methods for connecting with your Angels, and receive gentle, loving guidance from the Divine realm. 

I wonder, what it is that you are holding onto to keep you grounded and feeling safe in these uncertain times. Share in the comment section below who it is that you are missing holding!

I am sharing with you a valuable resource from my Angel Membership, intended to support and hold you in this unprecedented time. I know as I am feeling the need to be held and supported, I imagine you are too.

Watch it Here For FREE


Xx Jeanne 

p.s I’ve got more amazing resources available for you when you Pre-Order my new book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie. 


April 11


How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away

How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away
How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away

How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away

Clearing our outer being known as our aura is equally important as clearing our inner being. While meditation such as the one above will help clear both our inner and outer being we are constantly picking up energy. This is because we are energetic beings. We pick up and omit energy from our being.


Our aura will radiate a color that reflects our state of energetic wellness.


Some people can easily sense colors around others. Being able to distinguish the colors we sense around others takes practice as well as being in a healthy energetic state ourself.


I have found the easiest and quickest way to disconnect from other peoples energy and remove the energetic residues I pick up is to use salt. Salt is purifying and antimicrobial. It acts as a detergent to the most toxic of energies we pick up inadvertently from others.


Here are my go to methods for clearing my aura.

Make a body wash with salt. I use my favorite body wash from the store and add kosher salt to it. I personally like the kosher salt because it has gone through a special process and has been blessed by a Rabbi. The added blessing gives this salt a higher vibration.



Your turn:

Turn your favorite body wash into an instant aura cleanse. 


1 16 oz bottle of your favorite body wash

1 container of Kosher salt or Epsom salt

Open your liquid body wash and pour out 1/2 cup and put aside.

Using a funnel add a 1/2 cup of salt into the liquid body wash bottle. 

Place the cap back on the body wash and gently shake until the salt is mixed in. 

Open the liquid body wash bottle and using a funnel add the 1/2 cup of soap set aside back in.


Nurture You


Our past patterns that show up repeatedly throughout our life are calling for another level of healing.

The blessings that come from tuning in and shifting old ways into new ways are reflective of how we are willing to look at this challenging energy face on.

The Angels have shown me our cue in we receive during such heightened times as with this months energy is if a situation, person or event is causing a reaction in you, this is how you know to pay attention and call on Divine assistance.

We are energetic beings are here to raise our awareness, heal and connect to the higher consciousness of Divine love.


We are meant to have experiences in which we can transcend and transform our thoughts.


Taking time out to nurture our soul and revitalize our energy centers known as our chakras will strengthen our ability to face our challenges. And let’s be honest here that it isn’t easy to face to hard things with a smiling face. Especially when those things are threatening your life is some way.


We can move through our challenges with ease when in alignment with our higher Goddess soul-self. When we are in this state, we are open to receive God’s grace and Divine wisdom. We can achieve this when we surrender our fears over. I do this on my yoga mat.


What I mean by this is not that I do yoga and like magic everything is better. Rather, I sit in a meditative state while surrendering to the Divine the hardship and things I am facing. I allow my mind to let go and invite love in to the internal flow of my breath. As love enters the spaces within my being, it is here in the depth of my internal self that a mystical calm washes through my being. Once my energy is renewed with the Holy Spirit I gain insights and the strength that will sustain my energy and hold me as I face the challenge.


Now it’s your turn:

Find a comfy place to sit where you can be quiet for ten minutes. Turn your phone off and sit in an upright position so that your spine is straight. Roll your shoulders up, back and down several times as you breathe deeply. Allow your body to let go and any thoughts to just drift on by. 


As you inhale invite God (or your higher power) to fill your being with Divine love. While your eyes are closed, follow the breath inward as it fills your chest cavity and belly. Be still and notice as new life-force energy floats to all areas of your body, from your knees, down to your toes, from your shoulders to your wrist, your hips to your ankles. Sit as long as you need to feel loves spark of calm, comforting energy wash within you and then to pouring over you like a waterfall. 


Take time to write in your journal and reflect on your feelings, questions and any self discoveries you’ve made.


Blessing to you!

xx Jeanne


Dealing With Life Challenges

dealing with life challenges

dealing with life challenges

Your Spiritual Lessons

Our life is filled with challenges. These challenges break down into lessons we are here to learn as well as we have soul missions to complete. None of these experiences are easy peasy. They require us to choose how we will approach and deal with each challenge.


What do I mean by we get to choose?


You see, we have been gifted free will. It is through our free will we get to choose how we live.


Our life is a projection of our inner state of being.


If we are in alignment with our God-self AKA Goddess self that means we are choosing to move with love. Our projection will be of the highest vibration. And while we are in that state of being we approach our challenges and lessons from the point of view of love.


This love view takes time and awareness to create a healthy pattern or a new habit in how we work through our challenges. The first step or as I refer to it in my book The Goddess You principle one Quiet Our Mind is to learn how to reframe our thoughts, understand the role of fear and heal our internal dialog, we do this by learning to Quiet Our Mind.


The second principle is Self Love. Knowing our pain points are very real. The trauma’s we’ve gone through, the hardships and repeated experiences wear us down. We lose sight of love, feel alone and burdened by pain. This is when fear sneaks in, and by fear I do mean the evil that lives on earth.


Fears job is straight forward it is to keep us living a fear based life.


He knows our weaknesses and uses them to control our thoughts. It is through our lower thoughts we choose how we react to situations. It is also how we learn to turn our inner dialog into a self deflating conversation. The voice within is speaking to us in a love tone or in a fear tone.

In this video I share some Divine insights and a blessing for you… “your truest power is your power of prayer, faith and believability that you are an extension of God. You are a blessing, you are the light”

Join me weekday mornings for the month of June, I am hosting Mornings with the Angels on Facebook  and soon on Instagram. 






When we find ourselves reactive to the challenge at hand and it is triggering feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, confusion, judgement or other fearful responses then we are being cued in that our emotions are in need of healing. Our reactiveness is a call to heal something within.


The third principle is  Change Your Reactions. This is principle is our superpower. When we are faced with a challenge that triggers a response of low vibrations we can choose to replace that response with one of love, of compassion of forgiveness of asking the Divine what it is that we can learn from this experience.

When we are consciously raising our awareness, this is when we are choosing love over fear.


How do you raise your awareness? Leave me a comment below, I read everyone and love sharing Spirits wisdom with you!


God Bless! xx J


3 Goddess Steps To Claim Your Joy

claim your joy
may 5 blog

3 Goddess Tips To Claim Your Joy

I love sharing with my clients the Goddess tips they can use to easily and confidently connect with their innate abilities to flow with Spirit. These are what I like to refer to as our superpowers. Because when we access them we are far more powerful than before.

The lessons I’ve learned from Spirit and shared with my peeps are tools we can all use to feel confident in our life and shine our love and light.

Feeling uncomfortable with whom we are is the norm. We carry around the burdens of unhealed emotions from our past, and cling to the conditioning of how we learned to speak to ourselves. These create blocks to our joy, happiness and confidence.

We deny our truths and don’t use our God-given talents. All because we haven’t been taught that these are vital to our wellbeing as well our connection points to expressing love.

Forget about expressing ourselves, we worry about what others will think and that self judgement invites more fear bound untruths into our mind and life,

The Angels taught me the two universal truths as a guidepost for helping people to heal the fearful lies that have tricked them into living beneath their Goddess self.





Try these 3 steps to claim your joy!


Step 1 …Be still

Being present in the moment allows us to show up for ourselves and others in a bright and loving way. Take time to fill your inner being with God’s love and light.

Show up for you first, then share with others.

The truth of the matter is, you can’t give what you don’t have. When you are running on little to no energy that is what you put out into the world. Depletion is the number one cause of stress.

Be still throughout your day by adding intentional times in your day for breathing in God’s love.


Step 2… Have Fun

You know the saying, laughter is the best medicine… well my friend it’s true, and the Angels back this up!

Choose to do something fun each day. Start where you are, no need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Try some of my favorites like singing your favorite song like you’re a rock star, take a nature walk to find fairy  homes or cloud gazing to find cool shapes.

Find the time to flash your pearly white smile  at someone and shine that love outwardly.


Step 3… Stop, Drop and Pray

It isn’t common for us to turn to prayer first. The most common way we deal with our stress and pain is to talk to friends or post about it on social media.

It is because we are a society that likes a quick outcome. We search google with a few clicks on our  keyboard and receive answers almost immediately, and we commonly end up with information overload and not the help we really need. We also scroll social media and find ourselves lost in the abyss of nothingness again not filling up on love or healing the why we went there in the first place.

But when we our pain and fears are burdening our everyday there is a solution that is steadfast and true and it is most effective way to heal and it is to stop what we are doing, drop to our knees and pray it out.

I found that prayer saves time, energy and is the gentlest approach to healing all that ails us. I also love connecting with Holy figures such as Mother Mary, she eases the burdens with wisdom and love.

I want to share with you a few lines from my all time favorite song, which  always provides me with comfort during my time of need.

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”. Let It Be by The Beetles

When you find yourself at a loss, stop, drop and pray it out and you will find the answers magically come to you! 

Receive more tips and Spiritual guidance to live more joyfully.

In April I hosted the first SHINE empowerment seminar for women. The event was successful in connecting the women who attended to their truths. Each women found her truth and value of who she is. You may be in a place right now where you find hard to believe that you are meant to be here. But it is true – the Angels have told me so.

How can you know your value if your inner light is not shining as brightly as it could? Or as it should ?

The truth is that your inner light shines when love is present within your everyday. Your inner light is your truth, the core of who you are aka your Goddess soul-self.

During the SHINE seminar I channel Spirit while delivering the guidance that is for your souls highest and best good. Are ready to open your heart and life to the Divine and receive inspiration and loving direction, click here.

You are light, you were created from love and are meant to be here. You needed in this world!

God wants you to shine and live abundantly. Fear will always try to confuse our decisions and choices to have us live and play small. Love wants you to be the person you dream of being!

Living an intentional loved filled life is what our departed loved ones encourage us to do. Honor your soul, and your loved ones by choosing to love you first and shine your Goddess light brightly!


It’s time to claim your joy! Sign up for the August SHINE   by April 30th and save $20.00. Enter this code TRIBEFULL at checkout!

Respect Your Superpower

respect blog thumb

Are your ‘have to’s” depleting you?

We don’t need to be a superhero to have superpowers! Women empowerment is on the rise and this is the perfect time to align with our highest self, our Goddess self. The Goddess self is our soul connection to the Divine. We are infinite beings of love. Our connection to Divine wisdom and truth lies within our physical body, and is known to us as intuition.


Intuition is where we receive Divine wisdom, and a higher consciousness from God. Our bodies interpret the loving energy through our senses. Our intuition can guide us, answer our looming questions and receive love and energy from our departed loved ones. Our intuitive connection is beyond beautiful. But the only problem is, that we too often forget to turn to it or trust it.


Here’s why;


  1. We have resistance. Resistance is the feeling that we come across when we are second guessing, doubting or even neglecting our innate wisdom. We all have the ability to tap into our higher consciousness. The problem is that we don’t always trust the process or take the time necessary to engage our feelings and listen to our bodies. We look outwardly for our answers rather than respecting our own intuition.


  1. We lack respect. Respect is a big word for a lot of women because they believe that they already do respect themselves. Here’s what I’ve found over the last decade working with thousands of women: they put themselves last, they second guess their judgement, they feel guilty most of the time, they shame themselves for a variety of reasons and they talk smack to themselves. They listen to that inner critic, or what I like to call the “bitchy bully”, instead of connecting to and listening to their divinely sourced intuition. Does that sound like a woman respecting herself?



Angel Truth Nugget; when we were born we came to this life as a perfect being of love.


Somewhere along our life’s adventure we came across opinions and conditioning from the people in our life. These people taught us through their words and actions, which were formed from their own conditioning turned belief system, how to treat ourselves, how to talk to ourselves and how to or not to trust ourselves. We learned things like: it’s okay not to  trust our intuition, we aren’t safe in making a decision on our own, we should feel guilty if we don’t put others first.


When we don’t learn how to be with our feelings we are lost in what our feelings are trying to show us. Some feelings can be uncomfortable or downright painful, it’s no wonder why we often choose to push them down and rush through them to get busy or return to a good feeling. The problem with handling our feelings in this way is that it doesn’t allow for the healing to take place and for the lasting forward motion to carry us toward the lives we truly desire. Slowing down, paying attention to the feelings that arise and asking them what they are trying to show us allows the space for our intuition to show up and guide us in the direction of our highest and best.


It is best for us to do this alone or with a therapist, advisor or healer. Be aware that although our first instinct may be to talk it out with a trusted loved one, that can add unhealthy drama to the mix. The truth is we are the only one who knows what’s best for us. Our trusted loved one may want to fix our problems and make us feel better but our healing comes from within not from the opinions or judgements that can come forth from us sharing our stories.



If we take the time to do our “you work” first and still feel like we want or need to talk it out with a loved one, we will then be in a place of receiving from them valuable validation and insight that will support our desires to heal the past, see the blessings in the present and walk in alignment with our truest Goddess self into our future.


I too love to talk it out with my peeps, but I have learned now to wait to reach out and make that call until after I have done the work with my internal Divine wisdom and Angels. This benefits everyone involved, and avoids any unnecessary added drama.


The amazing truth to remember is that we are offered a do over each day we are alive. Living fully present and aware moment by moment is easy when we align with love.


If you notice feelings of being deflated, unworthy, unsure, anxious or depleted…. If you have fallen off your healthy routine… …If you are trudging through your days without joy… Girl sit down and do my respect meditation.


Respect Meditation:

Begin by placing your hands on your solar plexus.


Start your cycle breath, inhale through your nose for a count of 5, exhale out your mouth for a count of 5.


Fill your belly allowing it to rise and fall.


Feel the palms of your hands on your body connecting with your internal truths.


Repeat this mantra 3 times… I trust and respect myself, I am a clear channel of God’s Divine wisdom and love.


Sit for a moment then ask yourself a question.


Stay in this calm state while allowing your senses to engage with your breath.

Your answer rises to the surface.


Slowly move your fingers, toes and body then open your eyes.


Share your impressions in your journal.

Click to Hear Meditation

The next time you are doubting your intuition and feelings try these 5 steps

~ Talk to your feelings, by sitting down with your journal and asking “What is this feeling trying to tell me?”

~ Honor your emotions with a prayer for healing.

~ Cry it out. Crying is a way we release energy.

~ Hug yourself. Holding yourself with love while not denying your feelings or emotions.

~ Write yourself a letter describing your feelings and emotions, then answer yourself back.


Don’t wait for the right day or year to feel better or to claim your happiness. Stop believing that your “have to’s” are more important than living how God intended you to live. Respect your truths, respect your intuitive guidance and appreciate your Goddess self and in turn you will be teaching others how to respect you!  


Join me at this years SHINE seminar and start living and be the leading lady of your life!



You are extraordinary!

transcend fear course

You Are Extraordinary!


We’ve all been at a crossroads in our life when we are challenged with making a decision. We will stress, over complicate and worry about the choice we have to make. We even look to others for guidance or reassurance for comfort.

There are even times when we avoid the crossroad all together to avert the confusing feelings and emotions that come with making a change.

It’s true that the crossroad being presented to us at this moment is here for a reason. The challenge at hand is trying to teach us of a valuable soul lesson. Our souls objective in this life is to have all types of experiences that assist our soul growth.

The challenging part is looking at the change calling us with an open heart and mindset. To be willing to learn from our past and look at how we can lean into our faith and love.

I’m not a fan of looking backwards, but for us to understand what lessons our soul has come to learn we must look at our past and to decipher our hidden triggers and know how our beliefs create a structure where love isn’t leading us rather our fears are.


I know this work is not easy, but it is well worth the value of getting to know ourselves more intimately and to live the extraordinary life we are meant to live!


Change presents itself in ways that are hard for us to navigate through. It can knock our socks off with a blow to our ego and create self-deflating inner turmoil. How can we rise to our own occasion when we have been beaten down by life? How can we handle one more thing when we have little energy to give? How can God keep giving us more than we can handle?

The answers to these questions are that God isn’t asking us to go this alone, not at all. Rather He is saying count on me, come to me with your worries, hardships, fears and desires.


Faith will hold us as long as we hold the faith.


Just like you, I’ve had my fair share of crossroads I’ve avoided, life struggles I’ve experienced and many blessings to be grateful for.

Over the past month, my business has experienced some unsettling times. The crossroads I am currently at is big with many options and what could be seen as a loss. The house where my office and healing studio is located has been sold. And now, I have to decide if I will move the studio and continue down the same path or if I will relocate my office and let the studio portion of my business go. This is not an easy choice for many reasons. Foremost is about my clients and those who have come to this incredible space to heal. Where I have followed Spirit’s guidance to build a space that those who work here along with me hold sacred space filled with love, support, and guidance. We have nurtured our clients during their most painful life experiences.

What I am talking about are life events such as grief after losing a child, suffering with a terminal illness, living with chronic pain, dealing with a painful divorce, loss of a spouse, living with trauma, abusive relationships and more.

I made this video of the building of a dream…




Building a dream requires us to have courage to believe in the unseen. To tune out the opinions of what others think.

For me, I am at a place of surrender now, allowing Jesus to take the wheel while I let go of all the what if’s that are running through my mind.


We are each capable of reaching our dreams. My secret is something we can all do and that is to count on God and stand confidently in trusting our intuition.

I follow Spirits guidance when making these big scary choices and I lean into love to flow through my day. It’s not easy, but absolutely doable. People will say things because or their own fears, like “it’s easy for you” or “you have money” so on. The truth is those are ugly untruths. We never know God’s plan for another person.

How I am proceeding, is the same way I guide clients by taking the time and energy to invest in caring and loving myself. To have faith in the new doors being opened. As well I know that I’ve transformed the house with the time and energy to heal it along with the business downstairs into a loving dwelling. The house can now become something more…  God has plans we can’t see 🙂

I will tell you this experience is meant for me to go through and it will bring valuable lessons  for my soul growth. What I can tell you for certain is the studio was a dream come to life, that’s a celebration!

The truth for every living soul is that love is and always has been available to us.


Our lessons are hard, the experiences we go through are even harder yet when we allow love to guide us we experience more love as our soul grows. We are meant to evolve not to stay the same!


The energy that goes into following a dream and creating an extraordinary life is available to each and every one of us. It is not meant for others…no, no, NO! Dreams are our personal destinations, we just have to align to our truth and work for them to come to fruition.


We can all shine, it’s just a matter of if you’re brave enough?


“You’ve had the power all along my dear”! ~ Glinda the good witch

If you are dreaming for something extraordinary to come and change your life, then SHINE Personal Empowerment Seminar is the answer to those feelings. Find out more here.

Brave Out The Pain

Brave out the pain blog gaphic

It’s your time to shine! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Over the years, I’ve seen so many clients who have felt and carried shame from a trauma they’ve experienced in their life.


Exposing shame is difficult because we hold our pain closely.

Not because we haven’t forgiven the person that hurt us, rather because our feelings and emotions are jumbled in a knot.

Releasing trauma is really hard on many levels, one being because we don’t want to feel bad anymore so we don’t work through or heal our pain from the experience fully. Here is what I’ve come to see as truth from the years working with Spirit and people with trauma.


Trauma has a story to tell, and that story is one’s truth.


When the truth of pain is denied, pushed down or away for the sake of feeling better, forgetting or stuffing it away for later, we are essentially denying ourselves love. When we don’t address our truth of what happened either with another person or by writing it out in our journal, we are disconnecting with our truth. We then end up with not feeling safe to feel and don’t trust our emotions. We protect the pain, bury it within, protecting ourselves and even others from seeing it. On some level, we believe we are saving our loved ones from having to deal with our messy past.


By not letting our loved ones see our pain for whatever the reason fear has us believing we are holding our pain in a state of perpetual life.

For most, people forgive the person who caused the pain and trauma while not forgiving themselves. They carry within them energy that claims space in their body which then ultimately ends up negatively impacting their life.

But there is hope, it’s a calling for us to brave out the pain to release it from the safety within. Being brave and vulnerable, we will actually start to feel safe because we realize it isn’t the situation, story or pain that protects us, it’s our own inner power that does. It is in this uncertain moment of being exposed and uncomfortable that the authenticity of who we are can begin to shine brightly.


Love embraces all of our brokenness. With faithful steadiness and security, it supports us to withstand any fearful moment.

To get to this point, we must be willing to change how we see our pain. We have to be ready to spend the time needed to gaze within and give value to whatever our reflection is waiting to teach us.

This is when our greatness will rise to the surface, out of the ashes of our pain.


It’s your time to brave out your pain and Shine!


Are you ready to SHINE?

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Find Your True Voice

Breaking Down The Lies You Tell Yourself

Find Your True Voice

Breaking Down The Lies You Tell Yourself

Finding our true voice –  the God part of us that speaks clearly of our love of life, of passions and our hopes and desires – will automatically be awakened once we begin to have an intimate relationship with our Goddess Self.

Our authentic voice is birthed when we know the difference between our authentic voice and the voice of fear.

Our Goddess Self is revealed as we connect with God and the infinite energy of love that flows from our earthbound self to our higher soul-self.

Our souls are infinite, meaning we are both here in the physical world and in Heaven with God. There is an energy that connects our soul to both Heaven and to Earth. This is how we can aspire to live life in our authentic self, to live enlightened and to understand our life’s purpose. It’s also how our departed loved ones can support our life’s journey with messages, and the signs they use to remind us of their love.

The Goddess Self is the connection to the highest form of our soul, the part that is pure in essence, filled with Divine wisdom, knowledge and love. The Goddess Self lives in every soul, both female and male, as the Goddess is the feminine flowing energy of the Divine. The masculine energy that also flows within every soul is equally important as it balances the mental and emotional state. The masculine within us can tend to be one that is overgrown due to earthbound energies that arise from fear.

Fear comes in many forms such as anger, frustration, judgment, justification and opinions.

The voice we hear inside of ourselves has a tone to it. A tone is a sound or quality in which someone, something or even a situation speaks through any one of our senses. That tone can come from a place of love or a place of fear.

We all have an inner guidance system that will help us navigate our life – it’s call intuition. Intuition is where God speaks, guides, supports and flows love into our lives. Our intuitive voice will speak to us from a place of love.

Fear and ego voice, which, If you’ve read my books, you already know that I’ve named this voice for fear and ego Shmego. The voice of Shmego defiantly confuses us because it sounds like our own voice. The problem arises from the lies that we are told through Shmego’s tone which in turn blocks the flow of love in our life through our thoughts and in our perceptions. It’s important to understand that this Shmego guy has only one job in our lives and that is to keep us isolated from love.

The pathway to find our authentic voice, the yumminess of who we are, comes from first knowing what lies that Shmego has us living and believing in.

So here’s a truth that you need to begin to realize: You are and always have been a child of God. Your choices are your superpower and that, my friend, is a fact.

So let’s begin to break down the lies that you have been believing by answering a few questions.

– Describe the limitations you believe are holding you back.
– What are the major life events that have shaped your life?
– What is the number one pain point in your life?

Now let’s break those answers down… Question 1 – We talked about the limitations that hold us back. Limitations are birthed from a moment when we experienced fear, a time where we felt that love was absent in some way in our life. This is when our Shmego guy came in and scared us and blocked love from our view. It is also when he told us lies about who we are and what we are capable of. What lie or lies can you recognize in the limiting beliefs you have?

Question 2 – We are looking at the major life events that helped form our belief system. These events are where our trigger points were formed and where Shmego’s voice can be found. What are the events that have been replaying through your life? Can you recognize the trigger points and the lies Shmego has been feeding you throughout time?

Question 3 – We are looking at the main source of pain in our life. Pain is a calling that something has gone off balance. This could be related to our health or relationships, your  financial issues, or can stem from personal trauma. Pain has one thing that links all issues we experience together, and that one thing is fear. If pain has a story to tell, what is your pain trying to tell you? What fearful lies have you been believing about your pain? For further reading about Shmego and how you can transcend fear and return to love, take a look at my book, The Goddess You – Principles for Living in Soul Alignment, HERE

3 Steps To Letting Your Inner Light Shine

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3 Steps To Letting Your Inner Light Shine

An exciting adventure of self-discovery!

You, my darling, have an inner light.

You may be in a place right now where you find that hard to believe. But it is true – the Angels have told me so.


If your inner light is not shining as brightly as it could – as it should – then we need to break down the barriers that are blocking your radiance.

And the first step to doing that is to gain clarity on what these blocks are.

I remember when my I began hiding my gifts. Throughout my youth and young adulthood, there were many difficulties that I went through, many struggles and many times when I felt wrong for what I was seeing and feeling – and I felt alone. Fear had me believing the worst about myself, and I was engaged in an internal war against loving myself.

Now on the other side of what I call my ‘separation from love’, I have learned how to call Shmego out on the lies he once had me believe in. By leaning into Divine love, I know now that I was never alone in these struggles. I know that that was Shmego’s trick to keep me scared and away from Divine love, and instead of growing closer to God I learned to downplay my gifts and play small.

Because we lose our way and follow fear, we inadvertently allow Shmego to quiet love’s voice and end up stepping away from Divinity instead of leaning into the miracles meant for us. I also know that every single person that walks the face of the earth has their own path to walk through, struggles, difficulties, trauma, losses and grief to experience and I want you to know that you are not alone.

The truth is that our inner light shines when love is present within our everyday. Our inner light is our truth, the core of who we are our Goddess soul-self.

Leaning into love can feel uncomfortable at first.

We must learn new ways of engaging our thoughts, of changing our reactions, of letting go and surrendering the control we think we have. When we lean into love, our intuition opens allowing Divinity to guide us through an invisible energetic connection. Our inner light blossoms and grows as we engage new practices of releasing old patterns and dwelling in a love that was meant for us.



The 3 steps to letting your inner light shine
Getting to know our soul-self is how our inner light will shine radiantly. The formula for our inner light to shine is a self-discovery adventure.

Step 1 Become your own best friend. Just as with any new relationship you begin, you will have to get to know everything about yourself. You will find the more you understand about yourself, the clearer your intuition will become.

Step 2 Believe that love supports you. Faith is a superpower that will always support you. Your faith is your strongest asset – and when you pour your attention into it, it will grow and strengthen. The stronger your faith, the more you will shine your inner light!

Step 3

Leverage your weakness. Turn the things that you feel are your weaknesses around into your strengths by seeing them as a call for love. For instance, say you are a procrastinator: look at the real reason why you put things off and then welcome in time for rest and rejuvenation. By adding in time to meditate and clear your head you are restoring your energy and, in return, your mood will uplift, and you will be more likely to accomplish the tasks at hand.

I would love to hear the story of your self-discovery adventure and how you are letting your inner light shine! Share it with me over in my

Angels Don’t Lie Facebook group!