You CAN communicate with Heaven, your senses ARE your Gifts!

Did you realize that we all have been gifted the ability to communicate with Heaven?

This is the God’s honest truth.
I want you to know that you were born with the gift of connection often referred to as “the clairs” and that is how we all can receive messages from the Heavenly realm.
In this weeks Angels Don’t Lie podcast, I open up how each and every human is born with the ability to know and communicate with spirit – not just those who identify with a clair.

“There is no separation between a medium or psychic from someone that isn’t, because we all have clairs- which are more commonly known as our senses!”

The gifts of your senses!

Listen to the episode to find out more about…

  • How your senses are the language of the heavens.
  • How you CAN connect, and CAN communicate with the Heavenly realm including your departed loved ones!
  • How unhealed trauma, pain, past events and experiences may be causing roadblocks that fog the ability to perceive clearly and prevent you from fully connecting.
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Inside you will get a Guided Awaken your Clairs Meditation & an exercise from the book!

There is a reason why you have been guided here today.

You may be healing from grief and looking for signs from a loved one. You may be a sensitive soul or empath and can easily connect with spirit, but because your energy is leaky, you don’t quite know how to make sense of the messages you are receiving. You may be at the beginning stages of learning how to work with your innate spiritual gifts, or merely looking for guidance in your life; to raise your vibration, connect with God, feel uplifted and connected to a Divine higher power and your higher self.
No matter where you are on your journey and path, you’re in the perfect place.
I hope this message serves you and you enjoy this week’s episode of Angels Don’t Lie.


xx Jeanne

Your Body Remembers


I work with clients who have experienced trauma with a healing method I call a Soul Fragment retrieval. This is the first step for releasing the energetic imprint of the trauma from their body. 

The body remembers, even though our minds may have forgotten. 

Trauma looks different for each of us. And where it is stored in the body is unique, but the aftermath of the energy is what we have in common. 

This stored energy creates sensations, and feelings that become triggers of remembrance. 

The topic of this week’s Angels Don’t Lie centers around the understanding

that our body remembers the pains and experiences throughout our life, especially when the experience happens early on.

For most trauma affected people, they have either forgotten the memory of this experience, or quite the opposite – the memory just keeps replaying over and over for us. 

When we live in angst and suffering – even if we had made peace with what has occurred, we may not have completely healed from that experience. The body holds that energy within our chakras and meridians and we live in low vibration; we aren’t flowing through life with ease but rather are feeling stagnant and stuck. 

To help explain this a little further, think of how we experience muscle memory for riding a bike or going swimming – emotional wounds are stored in our body as well; the body remembers these things. Trauma is stored within our energy centers.

Our bodies have been designed to replay and remember habits,

patterns and belief systems that we are taught early on in life. As a medium, teacher and healer – the one thing that comes up when channeling a departed loved one is that they tell me in heaven, they are no longer in pain and suffering. And more importantly, they want their earthly loved one to start their healing, now. They don’t need to wait until they enter Heaven.

Inside you will find helpful tips to help you transcend these traumas- because if you are healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually, everything else is going to line up. We access our healthy, wealthy and wise energy!

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We can access the healing of these deep emotional wounds

by first understanding that we are reacting and acting from an unhealed fragmented piece of our soul. 

We can do this with:   

  • Trauma Release Therapy – choosing to work with someone who specializes in trauma release
  • Emotional Freedom Technique by using tapping, you can release energetic blocks within your body.
  • Guided healing sessions –  In healing sessions, I use a combination of sound, aromatherapy and channeled  energy.
  • Hypnotherapy-  I’ve found this to be really beneficial in my own healing journey.
  • Acupuncture- I love this modality. It’s supported me with both physical and emotional balancing.
  • Cycle breathing – Take a deep breath in to the count of 5, hold for the count of 5, release breath to the count of 5 then hold for the count of 5; repeat until you feel connected to your body and you have released the anxiety and stress.

Want to know and understand how to access your innate ability to see and know truth through your third eye in a God-based manner?

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Xx Jeanne

Clarity vs. Chaos

I asked God…

I asked God to illuminate how best to describe the difference between clarity and chaos and servitude and helping. You see there is a fine line here that can really confuse us. This fine line I am speaking of is Shemgo (your fear based thoughts guy)’s way of convincing us that our actions are needed or wanted for or from another. But when we see it from this vantage point of taking an action in order to help another we then find ourselves within chaotic energy.
God gave me this passage to share with you…
“Whoever serves me must follow me”-
Here, John shares how Jesus taught the disciples, He speaks directly to us in that we are to serve God by following Jesus’ lead.
On this week’s Angels Don’t Lie Podcast I guided my live viewers to identify with what or whom they are serving. It was a lovely conversation with the addition of a beautiful reading for a mother of twins.

I know this topic may seem a bit heavy. I get it.

But I also I want to encourage you to dive in, because as healers our soul’s have come to learn, evolve, heal and serve and in order to show up fully for our work in this life, we have to do our “you work”, to check ourselves before we feel wrecked or worse, before we lead another astray. 
These Angel inspired questions will help illuminate if you are serving yourself, your emotional wounds or that “Shmego” guy.
  1. Whom or what are you allowing to guide you? 
  2. Where or who are you turning to for support and understanding of what you are receiving? (messages, signs so forth)
  3. Where or what are you placing your faith on or in?

So, if we are serving our emotional wounds rather than God we will find this leads us to become emotionally & physically exhausted with our energy. We can experience feelings such as guilt and shame which trigger deeper feelings that touch our emotional wounds causing us to feel insecure, unworthy, incompetent, and so on. 

This is because the amount of energy we pour out trying to help is draining our physical being of our life force vitality. 

Our life force energy is renewed only by God. 

When we are out of our soul’s alignment, the emotional wounds are waiting to be healed so we inadvertently search outward to feel better. This becomes a cycle of addictive behavior where we focus on the things we believe will fill us back up such as; people-pleasing, enabling or over giving to others. 

What happens next is that our well-being is compromised, our mindset becomes scattered and we start searching outside of ourselves for answers to the lack we are inwardly feeling. This begins the cycle of strain to pain, pain to illness, illness to isolation, isolation to suffering.

Are you with me here? Where do you see yourself in this cycle?

Serving isn’t meant to be an imprisonment,

or a way to decrease our energy by emptying our internal well through over-giving, doing and trying.  

This is where most sensitive souls and empaths land, on a proverbial island of lack. Such as in our:
  • Mindset
  • Health
  • Wealth 
  • Relationships

The good news is that we have been given the answers. 

On the subject of serving we can find in the second part of this section of John 12:26 – “where I am my servant will also be. My father will honor the one who serves me.” 
This passage is clear and to the point by saying that where you stand as a believer, a healer, a sensitive soul, empath… so shall Jesus be there with you. That God will honor you. This means in all ways His love is with you to support you and fill your cup with unconditional love. Your healing & work in this life matters.
When we seek God’s guidance for our path, the chaos dissipates and our vision becomes clear. 

We can also further this with Matthew 2:24, “You cannot serve God and wealth.”
For me, this part of the passage also speaks of chasing all the goals; forcing, trying and doing which totally consumes our energy.
It’s a reminder that as energetic souls we tend to value physical things because they give us a sense or feeling of safety.
It’s not saying that having or desiring money or wealth is bad, however, we are Divinely guided not to have it as our idol, or the thing we focus on.
Rather when we lean inward, turning toward God, our path will illuminate and our cup will “runneth over” from the well of His eternal love.
This is where we will find our soul’s abundance of health, wealth and wisdom.

Watch this week’s Angels Don’t Lie podcast for more on what you need to know to get out of your own chaos.

And Loves,

I know I am not the only one who is broken up by the devastation and the horror of the war in Ukraine. I believe that together we can take action to support the people there by offering them a sense of being held with our prayers, solidarity and with our donations.

This is how LOVE will win. 


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28


Pandemic of Love– 

I am an ambassador for this wonderful organization. This means you can purchase items from my Pandemic Of Love Ukraine Wish List on amazon and they will go directly to those in need.

*Please note they ask us not to deviate from the list they created for us to use.


You can help host families who are in need of shelter by donating to Airbnb. I first found out that this was available through one of my cousins posting it on Facebook and I was immediately inspired to donate!

Together Rising– 

At Together Rising, their mission is to transform collective heartbreak into effective action.

Your donation will help meet Ukrainian families’ most urgent needs on the ground right now.


Pray for Ukraine with the Hallow App- it’s my most used app lately! 

I pray this serves you.

xx Jeanne

How Using a Mantra will Expand Your Soul

Adding a mantra into you meditation practice will open you to receive more love and joy into your life.

With this beautiful mantra you will find that it sets as a reminder of your soul’s infinite nature.

Listen to the guided medI Am An Infinite Extension of Divine Love!

I recommend saying this mantra 3 times to automatically elevate your vibrational rate.

Try this:

Each morning, afternoon and evening take a few minutes to repeat the mantra.

I’ve include a journal page below that you can save or fill it out digitally:)

Listen to this months meditation…I Am An Infinite Extension Of Divine Love

Why You Need To Connect With Your Worthiness

Vlog 7.31.20

Why you need to connect to your worthiness In today’s vlog I shared my Nadia Comăneci dream with you and a bit topic of worthiness.

God provides us with postcard visions of our truth.

They are meant to provide us with love, hope and fuel our faith.

But, life throws us curve balls that lead us to believing we are not worthy of that image. It’s exhausting feeling unworthy!

There is a much better way, God is holding space for us to BELIEVE in those postcards and big dreams.

It’s up to us to love ourselves HOLY!

I connect to my worthiness with God’s support and guidance. How do you connect with your worthiness?

CLICK HERE to listen to this weeks podcast with my guest Stephanie Stanton, we had a great conversation that takes the topic of worthiness to the next level!

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Have a Blessed Day

Xx Jeanne


I’m sure if you’re like me, you’ve been inundated with the many people who talk about, teach, and preach about abundance.For me, I’ve struggled with how the methods taught by others fit inside the truth of God’s plan for me. 

So, I did what I do best. I brought my questions, concerns, and worries into my mediation and thus began a journey with my Spiritual team to heal.

For me to best explain this I should also describe how our life experiences & trauma create a separation from a love reality and in its place appears a blockage.  This blockage is formed from fear,  causing us to live a fear based reality. Like the Groundhog Day effect, you receive more and more of the same low vibe energy in your life. From hurtful relationships, to debt,  anxiety and so on. They multiply and keep  repeating the same energy in your life.

Now, imagine you have a straw, this straw has a knot in it, and you are trying to sip your drink, but the flow of liquid is blocked by the knot. Got that view? So let’s move on….

Your body has an energy flow similar to the straw. The abuse, trauma, and pain you’ve experienced create knots in your energy system. Just as muscle has memory, your past experiences stay within your being. Trauma therefore, creates a blockage within your body that stops the flow of love. Which in turn creates more and more knots as time goes on. 

Depending on your pain points and the level of healing, this will determine how your body flows with energy. Lack of flow with many knots looks like physical pain, disease, illness, and depression. A partial flow looks like the edge of illness, symptoms pop in here and there, random pain, anxiousness, and a low vibe. 

There is a saying in the healing world that goes like this… you need to feel it, to heal it.

Here’s where the issue comes in for most of us, to feel it means we have to go inward. This is not an easy thing to do when we’ve built a system of recovery for ourselves.

That system of recovery is our safe place, it’s what we created in the moment of our greatest pain to protect ourselves. We’ve held this system in place for most of our life. So why would we change it now? That’s exactly what I asked my Angels back in 2011 when I made a conscious decision to live my truth by closing my shoe boutique and began sharing Spirits messages! 

Honestly, my soul shines when I’m channeling, and today I am going to share with you Divine wisdom that I’ve channeled so you can attract more love and the abundance into your life that is MEANT for you!

Read these next two lines out loud….

God, wants me to receive. He has plans for me to prosper and live well.

Fear wants me to stay in lack. He has plans for me to fail and live in hardship.

WOW 😳! Right?

That’s exactly what I thought when the Angels had me do that exercise when I was writing my first book The Goddess You. My Angels guided me to realize how fear manipulates each of us in so many ways. Look, fear has trickster energy, always trying to knock you off your spiritual path. 

What I know to be true and factual is, God is love and love is abundance. 

Creating a life where you are attracting love rather than lack, health rather than illness, faith rather than despair, is why you are here. Seems simple enough, but we get mind f*cked by fear! 

It’s your soul’s journey to receive, to give, to love, to be the Holy truth of your soul – self.

This is why I’m so passionate about my work. From validating pain to showcasing what your soul is sharing with me about who you are. 

To serve others, is to serve God. To share messages, guidance & healing channeled from the Divine is my soul’s Holy truth.

I want you to know, in the core of your being that receiving is good! That it is God’s will. And sharing your gifts with others, in the vibration of love, is Holy.

When it comes to aligning to your soul’s truth, you are also aligning to receive love and abundance. You are an infinite being of light able to heal and clear what isn’t working in your life.

For me, it’s a vibrational tone that I connect with in others. When I “feel” that person’s truth, immediately I am cued in to what their soul is speaking and then what they are sharing outloud. We say statements like, “I’m on the same wavelength”,  “I get you” , “I feel you”. This is how we communicate the energy we sense. I know I’m not alone in this, it’s how God designed each of us to connect with energy. 

When we feel we heal. You know when you feel another’s story in your body, well that’s a miracle spark. That one instance can shift you out of a dark moment. 

To heal means you’re saying with your being and your consciousness, YES! I’m aligning to the Holy truth, the beautiful, real me to receive the highest vibration of love available. 

ATTRACT MORE LOVE &  ABUNDANCE is a life changing experience your soul has been craving! Trust me you are meant for MORE, I know because Angels Don’t Lie! 

When we feel, we heal, when we heal we become the truth of our soul. Amen.

I’ve taken the process used throughout my healing work and have selected the most powerful and effective nuggets of love to share with you. The weekly sessions  offer everything you need to create the  results you desire for attaining & aligning with the truth of your soul and the abundance that is meant for you.

Inside this group coaching, I’m holding space for an elite group of like minded souls. You will be guided through a step by step process of how to transcend your pain, blockages, unfavorable habits and old pattern of beliefs that are holding you in the same low vibrational energy pattern. 

Attract more Love & Abundance is now available for you!

I know what it’s like to live life from the place of lack and despair. It’s not fun. It sucks the light right out of you. 

What I am offering you is a Divine and Holy experience. One where I will hold you in the sacredness of your soul truths. Where Heavenly wisdom, guidance and love provide the methods for you, these tones aren’t of this world, they are channeled from the Divine and delivered straight to your heart center. No bullshit, no tricks or methods, just pure LOVE. 

Are you into receiving more Abundance and Love? REGISTER HERE

Have a Blessed Day

Xx Jeanne

How To Know If Fear Is Playing You

This week on my Angels Don’t Lie show, I sat down with Dorian Madreperla.

Dorian is such a beautiful soul and light.

She is the founder of Sphericality Wellness Center for Women and The Limitless Lifestyle Academy. I’m fortunate to have worked with Dorian inside her amazing program that is designed to support women. Especially women going through or on the other side of menopause.

Hey look I know that this is not a topic we like to chat about. But, I feel it is a must for us to lean into, so we thrive during the challenges we face as our bodies are shifting.

Listen to the show and let me know your biggest take aways in the comment section!

And, be sure to accept your gift from Dorian … CLICK HERE

I have a little more for you today, I recorded a Vlog for you!

How to know if fear is playing you?

It’s so easy to pick up fear based energy without realizing it. Once we know how to discern fears tones we can shift ourselves to love instantaneously! Sponged up Fear looks like…. All of a sudden, without warning, our reactions are bigger than we are. Our feelings and emotions get con-jumbled up. In come frustrations that slowly morph into judgments; then manipulation comes into play. Manipulation tugs at us to help prove our point and stand our ground.

Maybe even a little anger floats in and fires us up, and we end up responding in a fearful, mean tone.

Or maybe denial comes in. We deny love, and in doing that, we deny our ability to speak and feel our soul’s truths. Instead, we speak the other person’s fears; we aid them by joining their victimhood, ranting and raving with them over injustices that fear insists are happening.

That’s a whole bunch of crazy going on! Right? And it all happened because fear played us!

Order my newest book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie and get my FREE Angel Workshop!

Have a Blessed Day

Xx Jeanne

The Hard Conversation We All Must Have

By Billy Streets

Talking about race we must first acknowledge and understand the truth of the history of racism in this country – not the whitewashed version we all learned in school.


We have to be willing to have the hard conversations.

We have to be willing to be uncomfortable.

We have to hear from each other – how all of this feels, be willing to answer and ask the questions that weigh on our heart.

We can never stop listening!

Speak up!

We all have to step up with our friends and family.

If someone says something racist or inappropriate about race, sexual preference, religion….

Stop them in their tracks – let them know it’s not ok and let them know why it’s not ok for you.

Educate – Educate – Educate

Educate yourself – read, watch, listen

Educate your children

Join organizations, clubs or activities that will enable you and or your children to have exposure to  different races and backgrounds.

Support – Donate – Volunteer

Support organizations doing work that you think important in support of black and brown people.

Volunteering can be done through your time – your gift or your treasure.

Support minority or black owned businesses.

We have to begin to put our $$ where our hearts are!

This place and time!

I believe we are in this place and time because we need to be

We are exactly where we are meant to be

All of the “stuff” that’s coming to the top has been there for many years

It was just a matter of time before it began to boil over.

But God! Faith, Hope & Love

For me personally, I believe that we have to believe in something – God, Jehovah, Buddah, Allah, Universe, Source….

Whatever brings you closer to a higher power.

The type of transformative change we need will require genuine faith, hope, love, grace, mercy and a whole lot of prayer. 

Recent devotional – God doesn’t have a problem with making possible what we think is impossible.

Matthew 19:26 – “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Patience – It’s going to take time! 

Lasting, progress & change takes time!

It’s not going to happen overnight.

This change and progress will be uncomfortable – it won’t be easy.

There will be many times where it just won’t feel good.

Sometimes we’re going to just have to sit with a lot of questions with seemingly no answers in sight. An early 1900’s Austrian – German Poet wrote – 

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day, into the answer.” – Poet Rainer Maria Rilke

In these times, we need to remember to be gentle and kind with ourselves and each other.

This  is a really important time for us all to be mindful and responsible for our mental, physical and emotional health.

Last but not least!

In such a transformative time in history there’s learning in our leaning in and understanding. Be willing to ask “What can I do? What part can I play in the healing?

We will ultimately have to get past protesting – protesting is a great way of spreading the word but it’s only the beginning. 

We will need to strengthen healthcare systems, education, create and teach economic empowerment in black and brown communities and so much more.

It’s going to be a long hard road but I am hopeful when we get to the other side that the future will be very bright!

We have to lean in to love and trust our inner knowing.

We must come to learn that our differences make us stronger.

 The diversity of color, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation need to be intertwined in our thought, word and deed.

We cannot thrive without each other 

In Zulu there’s a word – Ubuntu

One we in America can definitely learn from, It speaks to the ability to show compassion, love, peace, reciprocity, dignity and humanity to our fellow humans. It’s a spirit of oneness and the interconnectedness of all life.

Desmond Tutu described it as – “My humanity is inextricably bound up in yours.’ We belong in a bundle of life.”

Ubuntu says,” I am Because we are”!

This year has taken us on a journey of finding new ways to work, connect and of letting go of what we felt like we had control over. 

I’ve had so many people on the Angel Healer training waitlist interested that I’ve been guided by my Spiritual team to launch the digital sessions along with a live virtual experience. 

My team and I have put together the Angel Healer online portal with Level 1 and Level 2 training videos that are awaiting you to love your gifts wide open. 

Enrollment is now open for this first time ever Angel Healer Level 1 & 2 experience,

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Journey To Self Acceptance

I have struggled with self acceptance. 

Maybe you have as well? 

Or, you believe that’s not something I experienced. 

What I found in this powerful Angels Don’t Lie session is through the listening to the journey of another, while opening my heart to feel then answer the questions she posed, brought me deeper into my Divine self.

http://carmellclark.comI highly recommend you take the time to listen to this weeks with master coach Carmell Clark, and lean in a little further than you may have gone in the past.

I don’t want to say too much, before you listen because I want you to absorb the amazing energy and guidance that Carmell brought to this powerful Angels Don’t Lie session. What I will say is, grab your journal and pen and get ready to do some “you work”! 

Carmell takes you on a guided journey through a wake up call assessment with yourself by reflecting on 5 insightful concepts.

  1. Am I first with myself? There is no one else living your life. Are you living your life for yourself, or for others?
  2. Acceptance of self.- the wake up call is that you are either living on purpose or you’re not.
  3. How you show up in your life shows you who you think you really are. This causes a recurrent wake up call- How do you show up to yourself?
  4. Is it your life that you are living right now? Or, is it a life that is meeting other people’s needs or expectations? Your job, your responsibility at the deepest level of your being is to live YOUR life. 
  5. You and I have our own purpose. This purpose has been working behind the scenes since the day you were born. Our journey of accepting ourselves is the direct path to our unique power and purpose on this planet. It moves us. It is the essence of who we are- we can’t not do or be it.

“Make no mistake, our purpose is resident in us. It is already there. We are already fulfilling it. The journey to accepting myself is the path to my purpose. Choose somebody else? Or, choose yourself.” 

Join Carmell for her 7 Day FREE Self Acceptance Meditation Challenge. Click Here To Register.

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