Jeanne’s topic tonight was Chakra.  Chakras, “The Goddess You” – Principle Seven, are energy centers within your body.
What are you holding in?  Breathing and your journal can be great tools to help open up and release energy.  Jeanne offers a free download to help clear your energy, visit for yours now!  Jeanne covered the chakras in between calls.  First – Root or Base, prime function grounding and security.  Second – Sacral, intimacy, letting go, emotional needs.  Third – Solar Plexus, gut instinct, intuition, vital energy.  Fourth – Heart (God-spark), center of giving and receiving love, balance, forgiveness, ego.  Fifth – Throat, communication, healing, creativity.  Sixth – Third Eye (center of forehead), intuition, understanding, psychic awareness.  Seventh – Crown (crown of your head), enlightenment, spiritual understanding, connection to higher power.  Jeanne guided three callers tonight.  Dory called to get advice for her daughter Marissa, who is on a path in the entertainment field and was hoping for some input from Spirit.  Jeanne talked about letting her core values guide her, set her intention.  Our second caller, Joanna, was hesitant or as she said superstitious.  Jeanne explained her method is God-based and comes from angels to help guide.  God gave us all free will so we must all make choices.  Joanna had her mother Rita and mother in law Helen come through to say hello.  Billy Mo Buckbee called to see if Elizabeth Harden would come through and offer approval for the upcoming Ghost Hunter intervention.  Billy also had a friend Lauren come through who committed suicide a few months ago.  Billy and friends are working on a Day for Lauren partly because of her love of Harrybrooke park.

Be sure to check out the healing event at Inspirit Healing Studio coming in May at  Speakers include Paulo Fernandez to talk about the Alkaline Diet.

Thanks for joining Angels Don’t Lie Episode 26.

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