Crohn Disease, Tumeric, Smiling! Callers!!

What a night!  Jeanne and Casey were plagued by a Skype upgrade! There were issues connecting to callers but we managed to get two calls completed and Jeanne shared wellness tips.  She covers information and solutions about Crohn Disease and other digestive type issues.

Callers! Susan has a lot of anxiety about her move and wondered if her husband had any advice.  Jen called and she is experiencing multiple symptoms and Jeanne asked her is she if feeling suicidal.  Send prayers out for both Jen and Susan.  Cassandra tried to call and we tried to call her but will have to catch up to her next week.  BONUS – added on to the end of tonight’s call is FIVE calls from 2017 which you will find interesting – Lisa, Jillian, Lucky, Meredith and Vera.

Wellness tip –  Smiling!  Jeanne explains how this simple little item can literally save your life!

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