Divinity Codes

Expansion Series For Spiritual Leaders

Harmonizing your physical & etheric bodies for soul aligned expansion

April 5, 2021 thru April 9, 2021

Imagine . . .

Feeling  joyfully lite-up as you are fully seen & heard in all areas of your life.

Feeling the full embodiment of God’s love as you are completely and unconditionally supported in all areas of your life.

Feeling safe to BE you, while every soul aligned desire has come to be.

Activate ~ Awaken ~ Align ~ Attune ~ Amplify

Harmonizing your physical & etheric bodies for soul aligned expansion

In this powerful life affirming Divinity Codes Series, I will gently and lovingly be your guide as we venture to the Heavenly realm where I will share transmissions of channeled healing and Divinity Codes into your etheric being. This experience is beyond words and can be expressed as an immersion of Holy healing light merging with your soul.

You are here to support others to heal. You’ve been called to serve, lead and support others on a larger scale. You’re ready to claim your soul’s expansiveness, to share the seeds of wisdoms, soul truth’s and create a movement that is soul infused and Divinely led. 

Sharing your light while motivating others isn’t something you have to try to do, it is YOU. 

The outcome of receiving the Divinity Codes are:

Healing on a cellular level.

Heightened level of consciousness with the Divine.

Receiving Divine transmissions and Holy wisdoms from Spirit.

Embodiment of unconditional love & abundance.

I  Believe  . . .

In your light, in your soul’s work.

You my lovely friend are meant to be here in this incredible life.

The only thing that stops you from experiencing the wealth, health and happiness you desire can and will be reprogrammed and healed with the Divinity Codes!

Inside the Divinity Codes Series

Over the course of 5 days you will receive:

  • Daily Channeled Transmissions
  • Divinity Code Mantra
  • Guided Healing & Restorative Meditation
  • Divinity Code Attunement
  • Divinity Code PDF guide
  • Divinity Code Facebook Community

Illuminate Your Light 

Hi, I’m Jeanne Street, I have been called to share the Divinity Codes with you and others for the expansion of love on our planet. The gift is in receiving. And, in sharing the Divinity Codes with you, your light will illuminate fully as you share your amazing offerings with the world they will be received with LOVE. It is then that LOVE will unite us and heal humanity.

Fun fact… you believe in Angels, and so do I!

Inside the Divinity Codes Series God’s Angels will unite us with vibrational frequencies that attune and heal your mind, body and soul. They repair cellular memory and expand consciousness creating the foundation of love to appear in every area of your physical existence. 

A little about me… I came into this life fully awakened to the Heaven realm. I used to be terrified of this ability and was afraid to speak about the Holy figures I encountered. One day I woke up and made a conscious decision to surrender the earthly fear and embody my soul’s Divinity. With God, Jesus, Angels and the Heavenly realm I’ve leaned fully into my role as a God- based Medium, Healer & Leader. Today, I share the wisdoms, messages and guidance from the Heavenly realm with the collective to support individuals as they align with their soul’s truth and God’s plan for their expansive life.

I embody this truth: The Divinity Codes will improve your life, unify your work with Divine Love and support you in fulfilling your soul’s legacy.

We are living in the Age of the Healer, it’s your Divine time to Shine fully!