Energy clearing and a Reiki session, Pau D’arco tea benefits, Grieving Caller

Jeanne’s energy was high tonight. She was still riding high from the great live event on Saturday. Some details are leaked for our rebroadcast while Jeanne is traveling.

Some of the things discussed during the event included – being an empath, addiction and cleaning up your energy. Jeanne takes us through a short Reiki energy session. Reiki – simply put is channeling energy of love. If you have trouble connecting, Jeanne asks – What are you eating?

Announcements! Laughs and Loved Ones, September 16th, a fundraiser for – Team Cultec, Vanishing White Matter Disease. Upcoming events including a free Reiki class and many other exciting classes – register at

Callers! Karen, grieving due to the loss of her brother; Popover Patti – feeling a little upside down; K’Rina – looking for direction
Nutrition Tip – Pau D’arco tea is loaded with health benefits. It fights candida, cancer and inflammation, and does so much more. It has many uses and applications as well.

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