Energy levels, Clearing, Smudge, Iodine, Messages

Jeanne is back in the studio and she is on fire! Traveling this summer? Jeanne has tips to help keep you in top form. She explains how to stay in your alignment and set your intention for smooth sailing. Listen how coconut and trail mix can help. Jeanne also talks about her messages, explains where they come from and why they are being delivered to the person. Have you cleared your space lately? Find out about how it will help release blocks. Smudge – why? how? What type – palo santo “holy wood”, sage or sweetgrass?
Healing tip – iodine – listen as Jeanne explains how it is something your body must have and how to get it naturally (hint – not salt!).
Lots of information about Inspirit Healing Studio,, work on her new book and more! Don’t miss it!
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