July 21


09:30 am - 11:30 am

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Jeanne Street


Heaven Now – virtual group reading.

Tuesday July 21st

Inside this two hour healing experience Jeanne Street, God-based Medium & Healer will deliver profound messages from departed souls, guidance and healing energy from God.

Each attendee will receive personal messages from departed loved ones, supportive guidance and healing energy from Heaven.

WHEN: July 21st

TIME: 9:30 am ET – 11:30 am ET


Messages of love and healing that are gained from being present and witnessing other participants’ readings will open your heart and bless your life.

This includes Jeanne’s signature guided meditations, messages, Divine healing transmissions, a closing prayer,

These events are far more than a typical group reading event, they are Holy experiences filled with bountiful love and miracles. The truth is, this collective gathering provides the opportunity for healing that is much 

more expansive. Often when left to our own devices we tend to hide our pain, judge it as wrong or weak, we push past it and mask our feelings inside the business of life, or other forms of avoidance or addictions. By letting down our protective guard in the presence of others who are also seeking healing we can open ourselves up to opportunities that we may not have previously thought of. Together we offer a place for connection, for honesty, for bravery, – together we heal. We heal ourselves and we heal each other.

When you attend you will receive!

Your vibrational energy will return to your soul’s natural rhythm. Thus healing voids, pain and any interferences in your energetic system.

The best part is, you don’t have to DO anything other than to be present. I’m so looking forward to channeling Divine messages for you!

*Please note: Tickets to this group are non exchangeable. Refunds are not available