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The Spiritually Aligned Author Program

If  you are willing to work with me for 8 weeks you will be manuscript ready!

Having God as the center focus is an uncommon and non traditional way of teaching you and others how share your work with the world. And, honestly I am proud to say this because God has great plans for your words and for them to reach the vibration in which He has intended. For this to happen there are important steps you must take before you begin as you learned during our time together.

My Spiritually Aligned Author Program is out of this world … it’s a Heavenly experience!


You won’t find this type of training anywhere! 


I believe writing is more than just the act of getting your thoughts down on paper. It’s about first connecting to your feelings and then emoting them out of you through a writing process, think of it as a written recorded conversation between the Divine and your soul self.

Writing is healing and expressive, creative energy that flows from within you and through you as an outward expression of your soul.

Writing creates experiences for others. It offers hope, reflection, connection and an opportunity to feel what the author is intending. Then the reader is given the opportunity to absorb and transfer all that they receive into their own belief system in a way that it relates to their life where it can be processed and understood at a deeper level. 


Writing a book is a cathartic and Holy expression of your life and soul. 


If the longing to be an author is in you it’s because God put it there. 

Denying it with falsehoods thoughts and beliefs of; you don’t know how, you didn’t go to college, you can’t spell or you have dyslexia, are all lies that Shmego (fear) has fed you.

The honest truth is that writing a book is hard in some ways and not in others. If it were easy we wouldn’t continue dreaming about it!  And guess what…the hard parts are what inspire our growth… and our growth is what calls forth our Divine essence, like a hill full of daffodils on a warm spring day, bright, bold and graceful, full of God’s wonder. 


Deep down inside . . . 

You like words. 

And guess what?

Words like you. 

If you’re like me you’ve dreamt about writing. 

You’ve envisioned your book in the hands of readers.


If you are excited about the prospect of finally bringing that vision to fruition and finally feel a sense of being seen and understood as you are reading this, it’s time to push that resistance aside, put on your best smile and live your truth! You get to decide my love. 


Okay, now that we’ve established that your soul’s desires are always clues leading you down the path that is meant for you, what exactly am I offering?  


I am offering my support and guidance to you using my super hero ability of connecting to Spirit so that you will birth your book and put it into the hands of those who are waiting for your unique message!

I will demystify the self-publishing experience with the same step by step method I used to publish my own books.

I will provide a virtual sacred writing space for you to work alongside really cool, spiritually aligned people who are being called to serve and share their message just like you are. 

I will gently hold you accountable with love, respect and Divine guidance that will inspire you to go further than you’ve gone before.


Who doesn’t love a fun quiz!? Check the ones that best describe you…

Writing your book freaks you the fuck out, but you still long to do it.

You have several excuses as to why you can’t write your book.

You’ve tried and failed at writing.

Someone once told you that you’re not a writer.

You write, delete, write, delete and on and on.

You have a manuscript but don’t know what to do with it.

You don’t have a large following and doubt anyone would read your book

Not to worry if you’ve checked more than one, I’ve been there too, it means that Shmego guy a.k.a. fear has you believing that yuck. 


It’s time to turn the page and write the life you want to have!

Write this in your journal: Hey fear (use your stern voice) you don’t own me! I am a child of God and my dreams are heaven sent, meant for me and I am worthy of them, so f$&k off! 


I believe in you!

Your message and the fact that your book is needed now more than ever, especially while facing our current world crises.The Angels have shared with me that this time we are now living in is all about the rise of love and the fall of fear, are you ready to be the LOVE?! 


In our 4 month journey together you will build your vision, compose your book and create your self-publishing plan with the guidance of the Heavenly realm.

This includes:

8 – 90 minute weekly inspiring group tutorials  

8- 45 minute weekly group sacred writing sessions

4- 30 minute group check in with Spirit sessions

These sessions will be recored and replays will be available!

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Share Your Light 

Hi, I’m Jeanne Street, I’m overjoyed that you’re here!

You are here because you have been called to share your book with the world for the expansion of love on our planet. Your life is a gift. And, in sharing your words with other, your light will illuminate fully. It is then that LOVE will unite us and heal humanity.

Fun fact… you believe in Angels, and so do I!

A little about me… I came into this life fully awakened to the Heaven realm. I used to be terrified of this ability and was afraid to speak about the Holy figures I encountered. One day I woke up and made a conscious decision to surrender the earthly fear and embody my soul’s Divinity. With God, Jesus, Angels and the Heavenly realm I’ve leaned fully into my role as a God- based Medium, Healer & Leader. Today, I share the wisdoms, messages and guidance from the Heavenly realm with the collective to support individuals as they align with their soul’s truth and God’s plan for their expansive life.

I embody this truth: Sharing your book with the world will improve your life, unify your life’s purpose with Divine Love and support you in fulfilling your soul’s legacy.

We are living in the Age of the Healer, it’s your Divine time to Shine fully!