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Through the miracle of mediumship

I tap into the infinite and give you the gift of unconditional love. This energy supports your finding the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, your healing in places you didn’t even realize that you needed, and the gift of knowing and experiencing the unconditional love that is your birthright.

If you’re looking for peace, comfort and clarity with God in the forefront, then you’re in the right place.


Through and with unconditional love, miracles are possible. 
Doors open, circumstances shift, healing happens.

Free Gift

I’d love to support you in making a Holy shift in your life to connect and integrate fully with the gifts God has bestowed within you....
so that you can stand confidently in your soul’s truth with purpose, passion and clarity and share your unique abilities with ease and grace.

You are the light.

But maybe you mistrust your intuition and doubt yourself?'

Don’t worry this isn’t your truth, it’s just fear holding you in sameness.

The truth is that you have come to this life with distinctive extrasensory gifts woven into your physical being.

And you have the pure potential and ability to awaken and align your gifts with the Divine and connect with your Angels, guides, departed loved ones and Holy figures, who are waiting to assist and guide you.

I know you can do this. Zero doubt. And it will change your life.

If you are a possibility-driven woman looking to be guided by and expand through the frequency of love…

If you are a teacher or guide wanting to deepen your work with your clients…

My Awakening Coaching was created for you!

Truth Nugget

You have a knowing within and the God given ability to be a conduit and channel for healing energy.

When you experience your soul’s true Divinity and align with God’s plan for your life, you can serve and impact others in a loving and profound way.

Regardless of the work you choose to do, when you are in alignment with your Divinely given purpose and gifts, the resulting expansion and ascension of your vibration will increase your influence in your career. This will support you in making the greatest impact, with Love— for yourself and all who you come into contact with.

Inside my books I will hold you in a sacred embrace as I guide, teach and support you in opening and exploring the depths of your gifts.

I Believe…..

That it is possible to live, lead and heal with and through the energy of love.

It is this energy that facilitates the miracles, synchronicities and deep connections we seek..

TSo many of the answers you desire are already within you, waiting to be discovered. Allow for the Miracle.

I believe in you and trust in your abilities.

I’ll reveal how YOU can trust and believe in you!

I support and inspire …

possibility-driven women looking to be guided by and expand through the frequency of love

women experiencing loss or grief of some kind

teachers + guides wanting to deepen their work with their clients becoming God-based leaders

I’m committed to God and excited to share with you the most enlightening and God-based method for safely connecting with the Divine and channeling healing energy.

What I know to be true...

We are here on this planet to leave a legacy of love.

Every soul is intuitive and has gifts of the Spirit bestowed to them.

I’ve had the gift of communicating with the Holy realm my entire life. And, I’ve ALWAYS shared the nuggets of love I receive with others.

In my life thus far, I’ve not met a soul who isn’t gifted or intuitive. I HAVE met many who are closed off and deny their truth and knowing.

We come into this life pure of love and filled with Divine light. As soon as we are born our conditioning to this world begins. The pain, sorrows and turmoil of our surroundings begin to transform our purity, leaving us with a fear imprint that shapes our future.

If you’ve landed on this page, I know the circumstances of life have caused you to dim your light, and lower your vibration in order to fit the description of who the outside world has told you you are.

But now is your time to shine as bright as you were born to.

For most of my life I’ve guided and supported people to heal their greatest pain, loss and their separation from themselves

I’ve witnessed, the profound affect:

~ That a channeled message from a departed loved one offers and how it is a miraculous healing.
~ Of a person receiving validation for their pain for the first time.
~ Of a person awakening and remembering who they really are.

I support people

To heal and release their fears. To strengthen and lean into their God-fidence. And to nurture their soul’s truth into fruition and attract more joy, abundance and love into their life.

By guiding and connecting them to their soul’s truth while holding them in a sacred space of Divine healing love. They can then utilize their senses and understand their soul’s purpose.

I believe we are all healers and that when people are reminded of who they really are they become empowered leaders.

I’d love to be your guide!



Work Your Light

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