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Keep Calm During The Holidays


Ah, the holidays! We spend all year looking forward to them – and then six weeks running around like crazy, shopping, cleaning, wrapping, cooking, organising. It’s not surprising that we get to the end of our tether and start hitting the sherry and/or yelling at our nearest and dearest!


We often see ‘woman stressed out by Christmas’ in sitcoms and movies – but when it happens to us, it’s not funny. When your world is rocked by all the craziness, you begin to lose ‘you’ – so, how do we get our balance back when everything around us seems so chaotic, and we’re feeling angry and frustrated?


I’ve got some great tips for you!


When you’re feeling like this – when it’s all too much, what you really need is balance (not a large glass of wine!). You need to center and ground yourself and your energy. The best way to do this is through connecting to your Root Chakra.


You’ll also find that doing some cycle breathing will help you to calm down. And if you need some extra help getting things under control, connecting to your Heart Chakra while doing your breathing cycles will enhance the effect.


And finally, some light tapping over your heart center will bring positive energy, allow your breath to connect and remind your heart center to open – to give and receive love, because the first thing we do when we’re stressed is to close off our heart, which means we start to feel frustrated, worried and scared.


That’s when fear arises, so, when we open our heart and let love in, fear can leave. And that’s our goal. The number one thing is to return to love whenever we’re feeling that crazy energy start to take over.

To discover how to connect to your Root Chakra and learn more about cycle breathing and tapping, watch my video below and don’t forget to download the accompanying FREE How To Destress  workbook  HERE

I hope these resources help you keep your calm during your stressful times.

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