How To De-Stress

How To Create A Sacred Space – And Why You Need One

There’s a reason we like to have our favorite things around us – why our drink tastes better when we use our special mug, or we’re more relaxed when we sit in a particular chair. These are the things that ground us, that comfort and calm us.

A familiar environment allows us to quickly ‘get in the zone’.

And this is what setting a sacred space will do for you. By creating a sacred space, you are creating the right environment for you to do your ‘you work’ – all of that spiritual growth: meditation, yoga, journaling, even reading a book.

The other great thing about setting up sacred space is that it’s there for you whenever you’re ready. It reduces your stress and worrying that you don’t have time to meditate, for example, and reminds you to carry out your daily practice. It’s about giving yourself the love that you’ve always wanted.


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