Healing Your Grief

Healing Your Grief… the journey from pain to love.

Going behind the scenes of grief to help you heal your pain.

In this video series I will share the steps you can take for healing pain caused by grief.  I will also show you how to release your suffering and align with love.

Some believe that grief is limited to the experience of death of a loved one, the truth is that a grief, pain, sorrow or misery often comes from a loss of a loved one but also from the loss of love in one’s life.

Queen Elizabeth the second said. “Grief is the price we pay for love.”

We live here on earth and have the experience of the life in human form. Our departed loved ones live in Heaven the place of eternal life. The bridge for the two realms of life is love.

Grief is a reminder of our connection to both the physical and eternal life.

What happens when we encounter a trauma, or painful event in our lives is that we separate from the comfort of love’s support.

We then end up experiencing effects of  separation from love, also known to us as grief.

Grief can be the stopping point in our lives and the cause of continued pain and suffering.


xx Jeanne

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