Intuition and Alignment, Sound Healing – singing bowl, Sage, Callers!

Sep 25, 2018

Jeanne’s message tonight is about intuition and knowing when to trust it. Being in your alignment will help you sort out the messages. Jeanne also explains the benefits of sound healing. You will melt to the sound of the rose quartz singing bowl. Find out how to get your free workbook! It is not too late to participate this Saturday at the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury 8th Annual Safe Walk – get more info at

Callers – Mary, FL, had a family member pass and is looking for messages, Jeanne connects with her mother to help with her grief; Mary Ann and Kitty, CT, smelling the cigarette smoke again and is brother feeling changes in the universe, Jeanne confirms Gene is reaching out and has an interesting message; Kathy, FL, first sends a message in the Angels Don’t Lie group, Jeanne asks her to call and she does! Hear about some divine intervention.

Wellness tip – sage – herb, who knew? – Sage is not only for clearings and smudges. It can help your body, did Jeanne say it helps with menopause?  Jeanne lists all the benefits.

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Listen to Jeanne explain what the 12 principles will do for you.

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