Intuition, Super Powers, Solar Plexus Chakra, Silver healing benefits

May 1, 2018

Jeanne has an awesome free offer for you tonight

Jeanne has a great show – intuition and your super powers. She talks about how to be you, how to follow your intuition (this is how God talks to us) and use your super powers. Jeanne explains the 99% Production Rule. We can all learn from the rule. Jeanne explains how we can open our Solar Plexus chakra and get our real truth, follow our intuition. Jeanne has a guest, Lindsay, in the studio for a reading. Lindsay is a sensitive soul and artistic person. Jeanne connects to her mother and it very emotional reading. Her mother offers her apology. Tissue alert! Jeanne reveals her favorite Netflix show! Angels Don’t Lie group challenge – post something most people don’t know about you.

Callers-Randi, MA, looking for messages from her angels (too busy?) and boyfriend status update, great reading!; Vanessa, CT, heaping praise on Jeanne for what she learned in the recent empath class, listen and hear what she has to say!

Wellness tip-Sterling Silver-WOW! You won’t believe the long list Jeanne has for this amazing metal. Reflect electromagnetic waves (WIFI, cell signals) is only one of the many properties.

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Principle 4 – Energy Basics – Light up your life!

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