Opening Your Intuition

Intuition, your God given gift that your guidance system that’s meant for your well-being.

Let’s first talk about the 99% perception rule that the Angels have taught me.

What exactly is the 99% rule?

It comes down to this… 99% of the time your day is spent living in a vibration of fear. This means your thoughts have a low energetic tone.

Most people aren’t living with love being at the forefront of their day. Instead, they are living with worries, stresses and with the tones of judgment and for some they live with blame, shame and anger.

This is the 99% rule.

99% of the day is spent in that lower energy tone, where only 1% is spent on love, on communion, relationships, compassion and forgiveness.

So only 1% of the time you are able to witness love.

Your intuitions is going to be where the magic happens and the yumminess of your abundance is going to come from.

So when you work with these gems in correlation with prayer and gratitude, that’s the miracle moment. That’s when everything begins to shift.

By replacing that 99% rule with what I to refer to as the fabulous 4!


These are going to be your connection to truth and change!

I hope you enjoy this series!

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xx Jeanne