Parent Empowerment

Martina Caviezel and Mooniek Seebregts owners of Great Parents Empower are happy to present The Parent Empowerment Master Class!

Martina & Mooniek have been master coaches since 2001. Next to having been master coaches for more than 16 years, they are also moms. Together they have been conscious parents for almost 40 years! They’ve learned what works, and what does not, making for a clear understanding of how to create a parent manual that fits your unique family.They co-created the course Great Parents Empower just for that purpose.

So how can you be ready to become a great parent? It is a journey, truthfully, it requires daily practice. You might make the same mistakes over and over, however it is important to have some basic skills and basic ways of thinking and basic knowledge in order to make great choices you know will work for you and your family. Basic skills help you to stay on the track.

And….It is very important that you have love, compassion and understanding for yourself, always.

In the Parent Empowerment Master Class Martina and Mooniek will be your guides as you master the skills of

Willingness, Awareness & Assessment.

We hope that your enjoy this Master Class, and are extending a Member Club discount for our Great Parent Empower course.

What you’ll learn in our 7-class course Great Parents Empower: the 7-class Great Parents Empower course is not about parenting! This course helps you, the parent, to develop a strong inner foundation so you can:

  • Effectively deal with guilt and shame
  • Find satisfaction with who you are and how you parent
  • Know how to feel proud, worthy, valued, and confident no matter what happens
  • Understand how to get connected to your kids, time and time again
  • Know how to be the steady ‘rock or tree’ (guide or role model) in the lives of your children, in your family

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I hope you enjoy the Parent Empowerment Master Class that Martina and Mooniek have shared with all of us within the  Goddess Youniversity Member Club!


xx Jeanne

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